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Why You Should Visit Europe in Autumn

Europe. Wherever you are right now in the world, I can guarantee you that Europe is on your travel bucket list – because it’s not just one place.

It’s London monuments and French rivieras, Spanish tapas and Italian churches. It’s Bavarian fruitcakes and Belgian chocolates, Greek plate-smashing and Icelandic ice baths.

Europe is stuffed with cities, country towns, beaches and baths, spas and pools and theaters and museums. Europe is dripping in history, culture, spectacular art, amazing beer and some of the finest and most authentic food you’ll ever taste in your life.

If Europe isn’t on your bucket list, you’re not writing the right bucket list!

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What You Could Get in Haarlem for $10 – Experience the Real Dutch Culture in the Less Touristy City

Hi everyone!

Here’s the thing, I’ve got a plan to finally go to Europe maybe next year. In fact, I’ve been saving up for this since enough money in my bank account is necessary in order to get the Schengen visa. You know, Indonesian passport holder problem.

Speaking of which, I heard the easiest way to apply for Schengen visa in Indonesia is through the Dutch embassy. I don’t have any plan yet to stop by the Netherlands quite yet, but I’m considering it. And just when I’m considering it, Lisa from Flip Flop Globetrotters reached out to cover the first city in the Netherlands for our very own $10 series.

Not Amsterdam, but it is definitely not so far from the capital city… It’s Haarlem.

Or as my friend Keshia said sarcastically, “It’s a city close to that Amsterdam country.” And it is due to the ignorance of some people who think the Netherlands is only Amsterdam. 😛

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