What You Could Get in Malaga for $10 – 4 Alternative Budget-Friendly Things Around Costa del Sol

On this week’s $10 series, we’re going back to Spain after covering cities like Madrid and Seville the other day. This time, we’re going to Malaga and see what else you could get for $10 or less around the city.

This time, we have Cristina from My Little World of Travelling to share a few budget-friendly things you can do around Malaga.

So, what could you get in Malaga for $10?

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What You Could Get in Malaga for $10 – 5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss While Traveling in the City

Hi everyone!

As a football fan, there are some things I know about La Liga. Some derbies between the football teams, from the infamous El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona to Eastern Andalucia’s derby between Malaga FC and Granada.

So this week, after covering Seville last year, Paulina of Visit Southern Spain is back to talk about how to travel on the budget in another city in Andalucia. And this time, we’re going to cover Malaga!

So, what could you get in Malaga for $10?

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The Most Romantic Destinations in Europe to Travel

Are you looking for a perfect romantic escape? We have got you covered. In this article, we will let you know about the most romantic destinations in Europe to travel to, where you can spend some quality time with your companion.

It is indeed going to be mystical to start a fairy-tale with your loved one in one of the most delightful destinations mentioned below.

Whether you want to travel light with the best carry-on luggage for Europe through cheap flights around the continent or even drive a campervan through Europe, it will be as memorable for a quality time with your beloved one. Besides, do not forget to click as many pictures to show off your love to the world. Let’s begin!

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The 5 Best Countries for Retirement

A lot of us envision a life outside of our home country when we finally call time on our working life. After decades of toil and with the kids now all grown up, it makes sense to live out your autumn years in a land you’ve always dreamed of exploring.

When it comes to moving to distant lands to enjoy our retirement, however, it’s not always a case of wishes coming true. Unless money is no object, you have to balance the deep-seated desire with some reality.

What this means is we need to be practical when choosing places to retire because the best doesn’t necessarily equal ideal, especially when factoring in the overall cost of putting down roots.

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Top Places to See on a Walking Tour of Barcelona

The Capital of Catalonia. The City of Counts. Barcelona has many names because it’s famous for many reasons. One of the reasons behind Barcelona’s popularity is its size; Barcelona is the second largest in all of Spain and the largest city in Catalonia. Big cities always have plenty of things to see, do, wear, hear, and eat, and Barcelona is no exception. From the popular spots to some of the hidden gems in Spain, you can easily explore the city!

When you visit Barcelona, expect your schedule to fill up insanely fast; between annual festivals, live concerts, and street fairs, Barcelona is sure to keep you busy. This is doubly true if you’re a football fan. This city is the home of the world-famous FC Barcelona club after all!

A trip to Barcelona is definitely a trip to remember. You could cruise through the city in a car or on a bus… or you could take a walking tour of Barcelona. When on foot, you get to savor every sight and make the most of every moment.

Drop your heavy bags at a Barcelona luggage storage spot and start walking! Here are some of Barcelona’s best attractions that you can only experience on a walking tour of the city.

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