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SC Heritage Hotel Hat Yai, Songkhla in Thailand.

Firsthand Review: Standard & Deluxe Room at SC Heritage Hotel in Hat Yai, Thailand

When I booked the room to stay in Hat Yai, I initially booked it for just three days. I chose SC Heritage Hotel in Hat Yai as the room looked quite decent with a nightly rate that I could afford for my trip. I don’t need much for the accommodation, I only need one with an elevator to easily take around my big bag on my own. 

Initially, I booked the room through Agoda during my stay at Livotel Hotel in Bangkok, I picked the Standard room at the hotel. But when I decided to extend my stay in the city for the other two days, the receptionist told me that the Standard rooms have been booked for the weekend, so I had to book another type of room.

As a result, I got the experience of staying at SC Heritage Hotel in Hat Yai in two different rooms. Both standard and deluxe rooms.

So, if you’re considering SC Heritage Hotel as your accommodation next time you visit Hat Yai, I’ll share my firsthand review of the rooms in this post. Read it on! 🙂

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Songkhla Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Hat Yai, Thailand

Songkhla Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Hat Yai, Thailand

So, a few weeks ago, I shared my experience in taking the second-class train from Bangkok to Hat Yai in Thailand. And as mentioned in the previous post, Hat Yai is probably more famous for Malaysian visitors since it’s only 4 hours by car from Penang.

Keep calm, and I’m trying to catch up with the rest of my last Indochina trip stories even though it takes more than a year to finish everything at this point! And this time, I’m going to write about some things to do around Hat Yai and Songkhla province in general.

Obviously, the city isn’t as popular as Bangkok for travelers. But is Hat Yai worth visiting? And if it is, what are the best things to do in the city? Well, I’ll share my two cents here, so read on!

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