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$10 in edinburgh

What You Could Get in Edinburgh for $10 – 4 Thrifty Ways to Explore Scotland’s Capital City

It wasn’t my intention to cover Edinburgh for my $10 series just a couple of weeks after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passed away and only a few days after his funeral… And also on the Queen’s birthday! My heart goes to the Queen and the Royal Family. May he rest in peace.

And yes, I’ve been planning to publish Elina of Empnefsys & Travel‘s piece to talk about how far you could get for $10 in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

How do you stretch the budget there? Is it possible to make the best out of your trip for only $10 in Edinburgh? Check this out! 🙂

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Top 4 Instagrammable Places for Adventure Seekers

The current traveling trends revolve around the opportunity to click stunning shots that are Instagram-worthy. Spots with amazing backdrops like deep snow-clad valleys, stunning waterfalls, are fast gaining traction among tourists.

So here are a few best Instagrammable places for thrill-seekers. Check these out!

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4 Unsung Spots You Should Visit in the UK

As wonderful as it can be to travel to a far-off destination overseas and experience new cultures, different languages and another climate altogether, there is no doubt that sometimes, a trip closer to home is what you want.

As surprising as it may be to learn, the UK itself has plenty of attractions that will make a perfect holiday – and will be perfect for those occasions when you don’t have the time or the money spare to take a longer trip. 

Of course, we all know about the bigger cities and the famous tourist resorts, so for this post we’re going to look beyond the obvious and find, for each part of Britain (and Northern Ireland), a place that you should be penciling into your plans for a future holiday. Rest assured, each of these destinations is well worth your time…

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Christmas Travels: The Best Places for You to Spend the Holidays

In recent years, Christmas has become a global celebration, regardless of location or religion. Because of this, more people, including families, couples, and solo travelers alike, are choosing to spend the holidays away from home and somewhere new in the world.

The only issue with this plan is deciding on a destination. With so many beautiful towns and cities out there, all with their own traditions, events, and decorations, narrowing down your options can be tricky. 

Europe has become a popular destination to visit during Christmas for so many reasons. Starting with traditional Christmas markets with plenty of things to offer, to the idea where you could stop by several countries all at once with some easy packing list for Europe during winter.

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The Benefits of Celebrating Winter Holidays in a Hot Tub

Going on a holiday is a wonderful experience for you and your family. You get to go away for a while, relax and just enjoy yourselves. People mostly choose to go on a summer holiday than on a winter one. The roads could get especially tricky if it is a harsh and freezing winter. You can never predict these things. So, you have to be extremely careful when choosing where to go over the winter.

There are some people who enjoy going on a winter getaway. Some do this for winter sports. They enjoy skiing and skateboarding. Others like to get into a hot tub and enjoy it.

A winter getaway with this feature is ideal for some. They just like to sit and enjoy the warm water. If you’re a fan, you could search online and see where you can get this experience. There are many choices for you. You’ll get to enjoy the health benefits of the hot tub. You could learn how safe they are here.

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