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7 Breakup Songs That You’d Probably Need to Listen Right Now

I’ve got a confession to make today: I’m back to the single world again. I recently broke up, it was around last week when we decided to part our ways for our own good. No drama whatsoever, I guess at this point it was our decision as two adults who just happened to be together for a few months. At some point, we realized that maybe it wasn’t a good idea that way. So we liberated each other through a breakup.

Pretty much like many other breakups, it wasn’t pretty either. There was some disappointment along the way, the thought of so many what ifs. But I think one of the good things about dating in our 30s is that we know when we need to take separate ways, it’s only for the betterment of one and the other.

I didn’t even cry when we eventually decided to end our relationship. As I said, this is probably the best for us. But hey, still it doesn’t stop me from listening to some breakup songs to pour my emotion.

Because of this, I decided to make a playlist of some breakup songs that might be useful for you. Especially for those of you who probably need to listen to some of them. Not to make the condition even worse, just to ensure yourself that everything is going to be alright.

It is, even though it sucks right now.

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7 Country Songs From Women For Women To Make Them Feel Good About Themselves

Hi everyone! 😀

I suppose some of you may already know that I’m a weird Indonesian girl who mostly listens to country songs. Like, seriously, I barely have any other kind of music on my playlist. So, since I have already shared with you 8 country songs to listen to whenever you travel, I feel like sharing with you some other country songs that I love.

This time, I think I would share with you the list of the songs that could make you feel good about yourself as a woman. I mean, there are times when our estrogen is acting up and you feel so low and demotivated. Maybe you get upset over something that happened recently. Or maybe you’re just in the bad mood for no reason.

And I remember one scene from my favorite sitcom That 70s Show when Hyde, the most rock and roll guy on the show, had his heart broken and he listened to Anne Murray. And yes, sometimes when you feel so bad, the only way to do is to listen to some sad songs. More often than not, country songs are some good way to go!

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