What You Could Get in Poznan for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the 5th Largest City in Poland

Hi everyone!

It’s Wednesday again, and it means that it’s the day for another $10 series this week! Poland, by far, has become one of the countries with the most cities covered for the series… And this week, we’re going to talk about another city in Poland!

Charlie from Nonchalant Navigator will share how to travel on the budget in one of the country’s hidden gems. So, after we covered myriad cities in Poland, from Krakow to Lublin, it’s time for us to hear what you could do under $10 USD in Poland’s 5th largest city: Poznan.

In case you forget, that’s where my favorite national football team, Croatia, beat the Republic of Ireland 3-1 in Euro 2012.

So, what could you get in Poznan for $10? Check this one out!

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What You Could Get in Lublin for $10 – How to Get the Most Out of the Tourist Card and Beyond!

Christmas around the corner, and I suppose some of us miss Christmas markets’ festivity during this time of the year, something that would probably be different this year.

And speaking of the Christmas market, I think Poland is one of the European countries you shouldn’t miss if you get a chance to get there during Christmas days. It is one of the most devoutly religious countries on the continent, with over 80% of the population identified themselves as Catholic.

So, it feels like a right time to talk about a city in Poland during this time of the year… Thanks to Karolina of Travel Poland Tours, today we’re going to find out about how far you could get with $10 in Lublin.

Now, after we know what we could get in the city like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk… What does make Lublin unique compared to other Polish cities?!

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Top 10 Amusement Parks in Europe

For those of you who love an adrenaline rush or those who want to reconnect with their inner child, make sure you add one of these parks to your itinerary when travelling in Europe.

There are many different amusement parks all over the continent and they are suitable for all the family, little ones and big kids alike!

Whether it’s the thrill of a roller coaster or the sudden splash of a water ride you prefer, Europe really has a lot to offer. There are also theme parks with whimsical characters, shows and parades. It was difficult to narrow it down to a top ten, but here you go. 

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What You Could Get in Wroclaw for $10 – 6 Must-Do in the City on a Budget

Hi everyone!

After we covered Warsaw and Gdansk, let’s find out how else you could spend your $10 bill in the other city in Poland… And on this occasion, we’ve got Marta and Milosz from Backpackers Wro to talk about Wroclaw and how you could enjoy traveling on the budget in the city.

So, are you planning to stop by Poland as a part of your Europe trip? Are you interested in visiting other cities in Poland? Say no more, because we’ve got you covered! 😉

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What You Could Get in Gdansk for $10 – Some Options to Spend Your Zloty in the City

When Joanna from Overhere told me that she wanted to cover Gdansk for $10 series, there was one thing that came in mind about the city: Euro 2012. Yup, after covering Warsaw and Krakow, this time we’re gonna talk about the third city in Poland!

For those who don’t know yet, I’ve been a big supporter of Croatian National Team since as long as I could remember. Yep, not because of their great performance in the last World Cup. But anyway, Gdansk was the venue when Spain with Jesus Navas scored a last-minute goal against Croatia in UEFA Euro 2012.

Apart from that, I’m still interested to find out more about Gdansk in general though… So, thanks to Joanna, now we’re going to cover the city and what you could get there with your $10 USD!

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