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When You Barely Have Any Sense of Art at National Gallery Singapore

If there’s anything that I lack, I think it’s my sense of art. I mean, I don’t know though, I used to be really good at drawing and painting but then the talent had long gone ever since I hit the age of 5.

But then when I saw some of my friends’ pictures taken at National Gallery Singapore, I knew for sure that I wanted to visit the gallery for the sake of art. No matter how much sense of art that has gone before me. 😛

So then in my last visit, I told my brother that the only paid ticket that we’d pay for our visit in Singapore was only for National Gallery Singapore and nothing else. And being the first timer in Singapore, my brother was kind of shocked with the price in Singapore that he totally agreed with me.

The next thing we did was that we came to National Gallery after we spent some time at Merlion Park and Esplanade in the freaking afternoon. I mean, it was always sunny in Singapore. At least, it had always been whenever I paid for a visit to this city-state and we all know the city-state is so family-friendly to visit.

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