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What You Could Get in Kochi for $10 – Explore the Multicultural Vibes in Kerala

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, we covered Hyderabad in our $10 series, and this week, we’re going back to India to talk about the other city. This time, we’re going to Kerala to find out how far you could get on the budget in Kochi

Kochi in Kerala, a city with myriad cultures in its surroundings. Nishu of Tanned Travel Girl will take us there to see things you can explore around the west coast of India.

So, what could you get in Kochi?

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Unexplored Destinations in Kochi That Are Too Good to be True

So far, I am still yet to plan for a visit to India. Although I’ve been to Delhi for 12 hours back in my flying days, there are some places in India that are on my bucket list. From the big city of Mumbai, the Asian Silicon Valley of Bangalore to the colorful Rajashtan, I want to visit all of them.

My ex-boss in the previous company that I worked for, Deepak, is from a city in Kerala and now that he briefly introduced me to her hometown, the list of the places in India that I want to visit has been added.

Kerala, known as the God’s own country is definitely known for its amazing untouched and beautiful nature. You could spend a week in Kerala without getting bored. But are you aware of the other things, or rather, places, that this state in India is famous for?!

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