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Ice Cream Around the World You Should Stop By and Try

Hi everyone! 

Do you know that the 19th of July is actually celebrated as Ice Cream’s Day in the United States, thanks to their 40th president Ronald Reagan?

Well, I wasn’t aware of such a celebration day either until last month when I planned out my content calendar and found out this fun fact. As a result, I decided to invite some fellow bloggers to contribute their piece about their favorite ice cream around the world since my last collab post about instant noodles was quite a success!

It’s summer in most parts of the world, and ice cream always sounds like a great idea under the heat. But then again, who am I kidding? It’s still a good idea to enjoy in the winter too, so why don’t we start talking about ice cream around the world now on Ice Cream’s Day?

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What You Could Get in Jerusalem for $10 – Enjoy the Delightful Israeli Traditional Food in the Not-So-Cheap City to Travel

After covering Tel Aviv last year, Melissa from The Family Voyage is now back again in the series… Yayyy!

Still covering another city in Israel, this time she’s gonna talk about the capital city Jerusalem. The city is known as one of the oldest cities in the world, whereby it is also considered holy for the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam.

From history’s point of view, it’s not necessary to debate whether the city is worth visiting. But what about from the budget’s point of view? How far could you get in Jerusalem for $10 USD there? Let’s go find out! 🙂

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