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May Day: Some International Workers Sharing Their Stories on International Workers’ Day

It’s May Day, so for those of you who could actually relate… Happy International Workers’ Day on the first of May! 😀

Anyway, I know some countries celebrate Labors’ Day on some other day, but in case you don’t know… May Day is dedicated to all workers. And it’s there to celebrate laborers and working class in general.

That’s why I initiated a collaboration with some fellow bloggers who are also workers with various backgrounds. With the world that is claimed as almost ‘borderless’ nowadays, so many workers have different stories about their job.

Some have to relocate and deal with culture shock for a bit. Some have to struggle with the art of commuting. Some probably have the luxury of working remotely with some different difficulties along the way too.

So, here I present you the stories of international workers on this very International Workers’ Day!

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3 Tips for Getting By in a Foreign Country

If you’re interested in living an adventurous life, hitting the open road, and seeing a bit of the world, it’s probably a good idea to figure out a few basic and effective strategies for actually getting by in a foreign country.

These days, more of us than ever before are booking flights to exotic distant locales, or strolling around ancient and world-famous cultural capitals, and are collecting the Instagram photos to prove it.

Due to the ever-increasing rate of tourism to certain locations, it’s often the case that tourists can make themselves understood, and get by, in all sorts of places that aren’t their home country, without too much trouble.

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