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5 Clothes To Impress Your Potential Beau On The First Date

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Hello, the beautravelers!

By now, for those who occasionally visit my blog, I suppose you’re probably familiar with the three topics that I mainly write about: beau-beauty-travel.

Right now, I’m so glad to announce that starting today until the next couple of days, I am collaborating with Zaful to write specifically about fashion related to those three topics. Not only am I aiming to introduce Zaful store to those who probably have never heard it before, but also to give you some ideas in case you’re going through the same situation.

And just like the classy lady as you are, more often than not, you usually feel like you have nothing to wear despite there’s so many clothes to wear in your closet. 😛

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Dating ‘The Nice Guy’ vs ‘The Bad Boy’ In Your 20s

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Okay, now you all know that I’m a serial dater, you may be curious about the difference between dating the nice guy and the bad boy… And if you’re not curious, then it’s fine because I’m gonna write about this topic anyway. 😛

I only started dating since I was in the 12th year of high school, but ever since then, I’ve pretty much dated most types of the guy. Started by an asshole who cheated on me with 2 other girls, to some good guy whom my mom loved so much to the point she kept wondering what was actually wrong in our relationship.

Looking at the fact that I’m single, of course we all know that I’m not an expert at dating. But experience-wise, at least I could tell you all the differences between dating what society considers ‘nice guy’ and ‘bad boy’ in our 20s.

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4 Times When I Question Myself Whether I Am Actually Happy Being Single

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Okay, so yesterday my sister went to spend her weekend for trekking and I was left home alone all night long.

The downside part of this event that I eventually felt a little lonely, even though I am one of those people who would find it glorious to have the apartment all by myself. And for exactly the same reason, came an idea to write this piece as in I want to talk about some times that make me question myself whether I actually am happy being single.

As you may already know, I often install and delete some dating apps on my phone only to reinstall it some time later because that’s how sucky my dating life has been in the past few years. Some date, it went alright while some others went pretty disappointing as well, but anyway…

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