$10 in bogota

What You Could Get in Bogotá for $10 – 3 Frugal Ways to Enjoy the Capital City of Colombia

After covering some fun facts about Colombia back when the FIFA World Cup 2018 was held in Russia, this time we’re going to talk about what you can do under $10 USD in the capital city: Bogotá. 

So yes, after covering other cities like Cartagena and Cali, this time we’re going to talk about how you could live a frugal yet efficient lifestyle in Bogota. 

Thanks to Venaugh, let’s find out how you could get $10 in Bogotá!

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What You Could Get in Cartagena for $10 – Track Down the History of the City to Dance the Night Out? Yes, Please!

Hi everyone!

This post will be the first post in the series after I turned 31 yesterday. So yeay, happy birthday to me! 😛

So anyway, by the time this post is published, I’ll be on my way to Chiang Rai from Luang Prabang as a part of my Indochina trip this year. But instead of talking about a city in Southeast Asia, we’ll be covering one located in South America instead.

After we covered Cali last year, thanks to Adam from Cartagena Explorer… We’re going to talk about our second city in Colombia covered in the series: Cartagena!

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New Year’s Bucket List: Places to Visit in the Second Half of 2020

Hi everyone!

In case you’ve missed the first part of the series with some recommended places to visit in the first half of 2020, you should probably read it first before moving on to this one… But, if you’re actually looking for some holiday inspiration for the second half of the year starting in July, you’re on the right track!

I mean, of course… July and August seem to be the peak holiday seasons in some places. And maybe you’re a parent who needs to travel with kids during the school holiday. Or maybe you just love summer that you simply don’t want to miss the season to enjoy the heat and the sun.

Are you curious on which places that have been recommended by other fellow travel bloggers in the second half of 2020? Carry on!

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What You Could Get in Cali for $10 – Experience the Most Out of Your Dollar in the Cheapest Big City in Colombia

Hi everyone! 😀

It’s been a while since the last time we covered anything about the original country of Shakira. You’ve probably read some piece of fun facts about Colombia, but what about the average budget to travel around the country?

Well, in this week’s $10 series, Mitch from Project Untethered will help us showcasing how far $10 could get you in one of the cities in Colombia. To be more specific, we’re now going to Cali in Colombia to see how much you could get in the city known for its signature dance: salsa!

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11 Random Facts About the Countries in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and Some Smartass Prediction: Group G & H

Hi everyone!

So, the series of random facts and some smartass prediction for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is coming to an end with the last post of the series… This one. 😀

How do you find the series so far? I hope it’s entertaining if it helps you to gain a knowledge or two about some particular country that you may be interested in. And meanwhile, please bear with me because I’ve still got the last 2 groups in the competition to talk about in this post.

I’m so excited to wait for the opening ceremony in Moscow, and I hope you two are as excited as I am. 🙂 

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