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Around The World With The Beauties! – (Australia) Lucas Papaw Ointment & (Canada) Lise Watier Lip Pencil

Hello beautravelers!

First of all, I would like to truly apologize that I was in hiatus for Around The World With The Beauties for a couple of weeks without any notification. 🙁

The thing is that I really thought that I would have some spare time before I actually started volunteering for Asian Games Invitation Tournament in Jakarta.

Earlier this month, I was totally in a rush as the committee wanted us to start working pronto without notifying us in advance. So, now that the event has finished earlier this week, I’m glad that I’m back here to share with the local beauty products around the world, thanks to all the collaborators that help me to make it happen! 😀

Anyway, in this opportunity, after 2 weeks without Around The World With The Beauties, I hope you’re still as excited as I am to get more information about 2 local beauty products from 2 different (yet similar) countries this week. And this time, it’s Australia and Canada!

I’m excited to introduce you to Australia’s Kate Reid from kateyadventures to talk about Lucas Papaw Ointments and Canada’s Sophie from This Is Where We Meet who would like to recommend Lise Watier Lip Pencil.

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