3 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas in Europe

Nothing beats a good holiday; the weather, new cuisines, cultures and lots of beautiful photos to take!

The problem is we’ll often end up really blowing the budget. Though you’ll have lots of fun, plenty of us would prefer the fun times without the huge price tags.

If you’ve still got some holiday time, and you’re looking for some inexpensive destinations, try one of these reasonably priced European spots. 

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Hotel vs Airbnb: Which One is a Better Accommodation?

There’s some mixed opinion about which one is better for accommodation: hotel vs Airbnb. I know some of my friends who would strongly recommend Airbnb for many reasons. Some even make their side income as the landlord to rent their property through the platform.

I also know some other people who would still go for the conventional way to book a hotel room. Their reasons could vary, from being blatantly skeptical about staying at some random stranger’s property to just taking the easy way to choose an accommodation.

In this post, I’m going to share the pros and cons of choosing one over the other. After traveling for both short-term and long-term trips in the past few years, I think it’s time for me to update my experiences both ways.

Whether you choose to book a hotel or accommodation through Airbnb, I think each has its own advantage depending on your preferred way to travel. Here are some intakes from me regarding hotel vs Airbnb!

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First Time Staying at an Airbnb in Brunei: EZ Lodgings, Bandar Seri Begawan

So, in case you haven’t read my previous post on my last Borneo trip, my main destination for the trip is actually Brunei Darussalam. Not only that I wanted to go to Brunei as I have to tick off this country from my bucket list, but also because I’ve got an old friend there to visit. 😉

My first time in Brunei became the first thing for me to do something else: staying at an Airbnb.

I know, some of you might wonder where I have been all the time that I never used the platform before as I’ve traveled. However, despite creating my account in the platform a long time ago, my first experience staying at Airbnb was on the trip to Brunei.

In Brunei, I stayed at EZ Lodgings, located around 15 minutes drive from the city center in Bandar Seri Begawan. For this, I got recommended by Suzie ever since we started talking about my plan to visit her in Brunei.

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