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So here’s my confession for this week’s The Wander Lover Series: if normally I scheduled the content a few weeks prior to the publishing date, today I’m actually making it impromptu due to my hectic schedule lately.

And now that I’m home, I’ve finally got a rather decent internet connection. 🙂

Okay, so we all know that everyone loves traveling nowadays. But, how many of you actually care about the importance of eco-tourism, one where no animals get abused or no ecosystem is ruined in the process?

Also on this week’s The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. I am happy to introduce you to Deborah Regen, the woman behind EcoTourLinq. Here’s for you travelers who travel responsibly! 😀

Deborah Regen and EcoTourLinq, the answer for your ecotourism curiosity!

Produced by Deborah Regen, a native of Florida in the United States who’s also an award-winning multimedia journalist and marketing expert who promotes ecotourism worldwide. 

And just like her background, her blog EcoTourLinq has also got the same purpose as what she does for her work in journalism: to ‘link’ eco-friendly travelers with responsible and sustainable tour companies.

The name of EcoTourLinQ was also inspired from the purpose with substitution of ‘K’ in the ‘link’ with a ‘Q’. 🙂

For this, when asked about her traveling style, she was firm to answer that she’s into “green” travel, as in she even prefers to stay in an eco-certified B&B or small guest home if not eco-lodge.

She has always enjoyed nature. Her childhood along the Gulf of Mexico was enriched by the natural beauty of nature, whereby the concern for the environment was an emerging social cause back then.

She always remembers the first internationally celebrated Earth Day, when she owned a pair of “Earth shoes.” All of these influences stay with her until this very day. Hence, the creation of EcoTourLinq.

When you can’t get any information you want, then be the one that provides it. That’s the mantra. 

The initial reason why she eventually started EcoTourLinq was she wanted to create a directory of eco-tour companies because it was difficult to find one online.

According to her, TripAdvisor is surprisingly not that helpful to the eco-minded traveler. The blog section of her site came some months later after she got the directory going.

As her vision is to connect the travelers with eco-friendly tour companies, her target readers are the travelers that are interested in booking tours with responsible companies committed to protecting wildlife and the environment.

For those who are in need for such information, Deborah is confident that they will find her site useful. 🙂

From altitude sickness to seeing child beggar, don’t be discouraged by the problem you may see during your travel!

When asked about what she would worry the most whenever she plans to go somewhere new, Deborah said that it’s possibly altitude sickness if the destination she’s aiming for is the somewhere with high altitude.

Her tips to handle it is to spend the first few days relaxing in the hotel or at basecamp to get acclimated.

That’s the personal worry that she often faces when she travels, but other than that, there’s also an actual problem and shortcoming that she and probably you have to see when you travel.

For instance, it is very hard when you are visiting a poor country and young children are begging you for food and money. Of course, you will feel like a monster if you say no.

But, Debora added, she has learned there are much better ways to help and there are some reputable organizations that you can give donations to in which they will get the right help to those truly in need. Such as cooking appliances, clothes, blankets, toys, or school supplies.

When you hand money directly to a child, you do not know where it will end up, and in some cases it may even go to adults involved in criminal activities like human trafficking or illegal drug smuggling.

One word that sums up what travel means to Deborah: KNOWLEDGE

For this, I agree!

I’m coming from Indonesia where a lot of children get exploited to beg and I am sceptical about where the money goes when we give it to them. My own principle is to say no when they solely beg for money. However, if they actually sell something like tissue or even just some snack, I am more happy to buy them. 🙂

What’s recommended for eco-friendly travel then? 

Personally, Deborah has the most memorable traveling experience when it was the first time she saw and experienced the Grand Canyon in Arizona. According to her, everything about it is amazing. 😀

However, if she had to recommend some places to visit, that would be Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

It is such a beautiful and natural place, especially in the summer months or early fall. You can stay in a cabin or go camping, spend days hiking through tall pine forests and look for birds like owls and eagles, or animals like deer and black bears.

Apart from that, you can also go sea kayaking close to the shore line and spot orcas and whales. Even just the fresh cool air and smell of the pines makes you happy to be alive. 🙂

I gotta say, I’ve seen a lot of pictures taken by some acquaintances on Facebook, and they all look great. I personally love some picture my friend with benefits took in Alberta, and the view is amazing!

So, what’s next for Deborah? 

Romania. It is one of the lesser-visited countries but is becoming more popular as time goes by, especially among Western Europeans.

According to her, for a long time, Romania was behind “The Iron Curtain” as a Soviet satellite nation and also suffered under a dictatorship, but today that is all in the past.

She will start with Bucharest, the capital city, that is the usual in-point, but then she plans to visit some of the charming “old world” rural villages and go on hikes in the Carpathian Mountains and national parks.

Okay, now since Deborah is planning to go to Romania, here’s my special tips for you, in case you’re in need of deodorant, you can always get one from Farmec that is totally recommended by the local there! 😉

The BeauTraveler on EcoTourLinq

The first time I landed on the homepage of EcoTourLinq, I was amazed by the information about travel-themed giveaways including trips that Deborah offers to her readers and subscribers. Oh, what a life to be a freeloader! 😛 

Apparently, EcoTourLinq has been awarded top 75 Travel Lifestyle Blog in which you can check out the complete list here.

EcoTourLinq not only offers heaps of information on her blog section, but you can also buy some reliable traveling products on her shop section. 😀

When I checked the blog section, I’ve seen some interview feature with some travel companies, as well as some useful tips like makeup for travel as it is one of my favorite and relatable content. 😉

And if you think it’s only that, then hang in there because there’s something else that may interests you foodies or simply food lover like I am… The feature about traditional foods from various countries!

I mean, what is traveling all about if you don’t even try the traditional food of the country you visit, right?! 😀

However, I think Deborah can improve the layout of her blog section as I think the full version of the post shown in the whole section makes it look like there’s a bit too much information in one section. The good thing is that the search option is quite helpful to find the information needed. 🙂

As someone from Indonesia, I know that there are still so many people who are not aware of the essential of eco-friendly travel. No kidding, I’m not even sure if there’s any tour agency that actually offers ecotourism around here. But thanks to EcoTourLinq, I can find a complete information about it here.

So, are you planning to travel somewhere and support ecotourism at the most and looking for reliable information about it? Why not check out EcoTourLinq to see if you can find something that attracts you?

Okay, so maybe that’s it for The Wander Lover Series this week… Thank you for reading, and TGIF! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Support Ecotourism With The Reliable Source, EcoTourLinq!

  1. Good on you for meeting your publication deadlines with spotty internet. That’s a sign of a true professional to overcome difficulties and keep the presses rolling. I love ecotourism and will definitely be checking Ecotourlinq out. They seem like our kind of peeps.

    1. thank you so much, jenn and ed… yes, it’s because i was a little behind the schedule because of some work i had to do. but i’m glad that i’ve made it finally. 🙂

      and yes, i’m sure the directory would be useful for all of us, especially if we start to concern about the importance of ecotourism. a great way to find more information about it. 😀

  2. Ecotourlinq sounds like they are the guys leading the way with supporting eco-tourism. Really havent done much in this field but looking into it more every week about supporting eco-tourism.

    1. yeah, i think some of us have to look into it deeply to understand ecotourism in the first place. but i’m sure you can find the information quite useful and probably gain your knowledge about it too. 🙂

  3. That’s a great idea! And I too highly recommend visiting Vancouver Island, there are so many opportunities to get out into nature there and the scenery is heart stoppingly beautiful. I never know where to look for eco-friendly resources and now I have this to check into so thanks!

    1. yessss, not so long after connected with ecotourlinq, actually i came across to some blog that is talking about what we could visit in vancouver and the nature there looks amazing. the river, the waterfall, the forest… everything looks so serene and exciting to explore so i can really put two and two together! 😀

  4. “I mean, what is travelling all about if you don’t even try the traditional food of the country you visit, right?! ”

    Oh man, this hits the nail on the head for me! I am always so depressed when I travel to continental/Mediterranean countries and seeing places offering traditional UK/Irish cooked breakfasts etc… Try something new people, you might like it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post about EcoTourLinq, it sounds like a great site, I must go check it out. I would really like to visit Romania too, I think it would be really cool.

  6. This post is very timely as I am currently compiling reliable resources/database for companies offering ecotours and upholding responsible travel. My work is in environmental management and to be honest, practicing what you preach is sometimes difficult when the word “convenience” takes into the scene. Thanks for this post!

  7. Eco-friendly travel is need of the time. To get a list of all the eco-tour companies in a single place is an amazing job. Vancouver Island is high on our list for all the nature and scenic landscapes it offers, can’t wait to visit sometime soon.

  8. A client of mine, who I went to work with on site, got me into ecotourism and it’s wonderful to see such a well-written interview like this promoting it. I also know how heartbreaking it is not to give money to children, but as stated, you don’t know what kind of organisation you’re giving money too. Thanks for posting this.

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