Please Stay Single If You Can’t Be Open and Honest to Your Partner!

If there’s an event in my life that I wish I could just skip, I suppose that would be the part when I got cheated on. Back when I was in high school. Funny how it’s been years since it happened, yet I still find it hard to forget the feeling of getting betrayed by the person I trusted back in the days.

Fast forward to today, I’m 30 and not as naive as my 15-year-old self. These days, I often think that monogamy is overrated. But still, I think cheating is still unforgivable.

After all, I still think that an ugly truth is still way better than a beautiful lie.

Why Bother Committing to Someone When You Just Want to Hide Things from Them?

Commitment sounds like a terrifying thing. And it is indeed terrifying.

How could you guarantee someone would commit to for a lifetime? It’s like, commitment sounds like an easy thing to say. But definitely not something that could be easily done.

Back when I was in high school, I felt hurt when I got cheated on. But you know what? The older I get, the more I understand how it sounds like a simple thing compared to other things that could happen in the real world.

I’m only 30, and the number of people I know that cheat on their spouse is so many that I start wondering whether marriage actually matters. Do you know how many husbands get into mistress dating, simply because they’re not satisfied with what they have at home? Plenty, and it worries me.

But you know what? This kind of dishonesty could be prevented, if only you could be honest and open to your partner. But then again, life isn’t as easy as it is in the paper.

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1. Share Your Wildest Fantasy with Your Partner.

You know what? Here’s some newsflash for you… Everybody has their own quirks. And when it comes to sexuality, one can’t just judge another based on how they look like.

And it’s important to share your wildest fantasy with your partner, when you start considering the future with them. Sure, everyone changes with time. But there’s always one thing or two that has been there all along. The only thing is whether they share it with you or keep it to themselves.

So, here’s the thing to spice things up: share your wildest fantasy with them.

It could be an ugly truth that you gotta face. Maybe he looks way too angelic to think about a threesome. Or maybe you’d get surprised by the fact that she actually wants to get into Subs and Doms relationship, when deep down inside you’re craving for it too?

There are only two possibilities that could happen when you try to be honest with them. You either try to get understanding and level up the way of your relationship, or you leave and move on to find the better one for you. If anything, they could only lead you to a betterment, no?

2. Stop Pretending to be Something that You’re Not.

The right person would accept you, no matter how bad you are. Of course, you could always try to be a better man for them. But most importantly, you should try to be a better person for yourself.

Just because all romantic comedies tell you to be romantic to get the girl of your dream, it doesn’t mean you must be romantic too. And just because the magazine tells you that being skinny with tanned skin is the definition of beauty, don’t starve yourself to death just so you could get a date.

The right person would get attracted by your quirks. They will question something weird that they never found in anyone. And guess what? That’s how communication goes. Which really is a good thing.

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3. If Nothing Seems to Work, I Condemn You to Stay Single.

Like, seriously dude… If you don’t think being honest is a way in order to commit to someone, then I’d suggest you to just leave and have a good time being single. Live your life to the fullest, get some friends with benefits all at once. Enjoy it while it last.

No commitment. No boyfriend to worry about. Just don’t start complaining about how you’ll be forever alone when it solely happens by choice.

I mean, when you decide to get into a commitment with someone, trust and honesty are essential. Without them, you better off alone. And for a good reason.

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Are You Ready to Get Honest With Your Partner or Are You Happy Being Alone?

The choice is yours. You’re entitled to your choice to live your life the way you want to. Just don’t lie to the point you have to hurt someone that you care about as the result.

If you care about them that much, you won’t sneak behind their back. And if you sacrifice the truth to be with them, then maybe question yourself. Maybe you’re only in their life for a lesson. And that’s okay.

After all, the ugly truth seems like a better option compared to the beautiful lie.

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