The Face of Your Soulmate Sketch From Relationship Psychic: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Before I start writing and you start judging, I know that it sounds desperate for me to spend over $20 USD for a soulmate sketch from an online psychic. Believe me, I don't usually spend that much money for some random shit like it. I mean, I do, but normally it is for some more useful stuff like clothes that I barely wear because I never leave the house.

So, why did I even spend $40 USD to get the hints of how my soulmate looks like and some random readings to get the leads to find him or whatever? The reason is that I got a refund from Barry Lewis after he decided to discontinue his pizzeria project.

A few months ago, my friend Jay told me about how he spent £90 GBP to back his favorite influencer, Barry Lewis, as he planned to open a pizzeria somewhere in the UK. Now, know that I never heard or saw any video of Barry on Youtube before, but when I checked out the campaign, I was interested.

Why? Because for the minimum of £30 GBP, Barry offered us the benefit of having our name written on the “founders” wall at his future pizzeria. Jay is a big fan of his, so he spent extra for a meet-and-greet and a chance to watch Star Wars or something with Barry. I spent £30 GBP because of my ego to want to have my name written somewhere in the UK.

But then recently, we got the project update, and he decided that it's safer to just cancel the plan for the time being and he reached out to all 60,000++ backers that he would refund all the money received for the campaign. So, I got the refund and then I couldn't be trusted with extra money in my hand! LOL.

psychic reader
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I figured since it's been so long since the last time I published an organic blog post here, and honestly it's been forever since the last post I wrote about dating. I suppose it would be fun to use the money to get the sketch of my “soulmate” face to give me some hope about not going to die alone and write something about it.

So, the face of your soulmate sketch… Is it legit or just another psychic scam?

Soulmate Sketch From Relationship Psychic

It's actually pretty funny, because the ad about this soulmate sketch came out not so long after receiving the refund from Barry on my Paypal account. This time, an ad from Relationship Psychic.

It was embarrassing that it didn't take long for me to decide that I was going to spend my money on the soulmate sketch because (1) I've been feeling lonely lately and (2) I didn't have time to write a new blog post in the past few weeks but now that I do have some free time, my creativity juice is run out. So I thought, why not writing about it?

At first, I was hesitant to actually pay for it, but then the first email I received when I subscribed to their mailing list was the 20% discount for the service. Well, the standard price is $29.9 USD and as a result, I got $23.9 USD for the sketch. And I paid extra for the further readings.

Okay, you can judge me now. As the great Michael Scott said, I'm not superstitious. I'm just a little stitious. LOL.

Delivery Period

After the payment was received, I got an email notifying me that I'd see the result between 1 to 3 days so I didn't expect that I actually got the result by the time I woke up the next day…. But I did.

I told Jay the stupid thing I used the refund for, but he said it was actually genius to write something about it, so others don't have to. LOL.

So in this post, I'm going to write some kind of a review about their service and how it's relevant to my life or anything in general. I will write their email verbatim just to see if someone who used their service actually got the same result. If that's the case, then maybe it's a scam after all.

But so far, how's the result? Let's find out!

My “Soulmate” Sketch and How My Reading Says

You see, I'm not exactly someone who could call myself superstitious even though I kinda believe in astrology.

But other than that, I couldn't care less about crystals or anything psychic really. I kinda like tarot readings for the fun of it, but that's all. I don't think I'm not the kind of person who would believe in some psychic readings to the point I manifest it into my life.

Although, at this point since I haven't met my “soulmate” yet, I don't have the answer to whether or not this Relationship Psychic is legit or just another scam. But I'll probably update it later if it's legit.

Anyway… I got a few sections for my result, and I'll outline this below with a little commentary about how it is or it is not relevant to my current life.

So, how's my result?

tarot reading relationship psychic.
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What I'm Looking For Love and Romance

Now is the time to take the wheel, and make sure you have a clear understanding of what you're looking for in love and romance. Once you know your destination, I urge you to take action. When you take control of your love life, you are very likely to see rewards. Confidence, courage and drive will lead to success.

As you move towards your goals, this can also indicate the need to balance two urges, represented by the two horses in the card. They may pull you in different directions, but steering a clear path ahead means reining each one in so that you stay on the right path. This card can sometimes bring questions of whether the choices that you have made so far are balanced; is your relationship suffering because of long hours at work? Are you so focused on your relationship that you've sacrificed too much of your individuality for it? Ask if you need to take your lives back into our own hands again, and steer with determination.

This is very exciting! I'm feeling strongly that this might be a person who's currently in your life, one that you see on a daily basis. Someone with whom you have a chance to change your relationship, whether it's a new one or taking it to another place.

I gotta say, they had me at this one because well… I can actually see myself within the phrases and sentences. If you ask me what I'm looking for in love and romance, at this point I actually have no idea.

I spent my 20s thinking that I would be married and maybe having a family on my own at this age. But then at the same time, I met some people who abused me emotionally instead to the point that I'm not sure if I even still have some hopes left in love and romance. Now that I said it out loud, it sounds kinda sad, but here we go!

Along the way, I suppose I've come to realize that hoping for love and romance to happen to me is somewhat disappointing. But my job never lets me down. I feel like, I'm good at what I do and while it can be stressful sometimes, the reward is pretty much equivalent to the sacrifice I make to get to where I am. And that doesn't happen in love and romance, not as far as I experience them in my 32 years living in this world.

And what? They said it's someone that's currently in my life… Well, one can only hope. So, fingers crossed for me, I guess?! 😛

The Potential of My Future Relationship

Things are heating up for you!

Your relationship may take on a very sensual character at this moment, and the same holds true of potential romances if you’re single. There may be lots of flirtation and attraction, and even some room for longer lasting relationships should the lust also be accompanied by some kind of spiritual understanding.

If you’re committed, and the passion has since faded, now can be the time when it is revived again. There is a good chance for rekindling the flames, and for the two of you to feel more emotionally connected.

This card makes me so optimistic! Its optimistic energy shines 🙂

I don't know what it's all about, I can't even remember the last time I was in the mood to touch myself. LOL. That's how dry my supposed-to-be very sensual character is at the moment.

Although maybe there are some flirtatious and attractions that may take me further in the relationship section. But with the current condition, I can only hope that these will shed some light instead of just another false hope in my romantic life.

But given the idea it sounds quite optimistic, I mean the reading… I suppose I can only hope for the best! 😉

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My Characteristics and My Soulmate's

This card is often misunderstood. It can often be interpreted as signaling loneliness. I choose to look on the bright side 🙂 To me , it symbolizes that you are very discerning about the people you surround yourself with.

Your intellect is sharp and perceptive, and your determination can be rather intimidating to those that do not know you well. Underneath that shell however, you are loving and loyal. It shows you have a big heart, that people need patience to win, as you do not easily let down your guard. It can also suggest a time when you are looking for both independence and self-sufficiency alongside your partnership valuing your own space and identity. You may have to make some adjustments to create clarity and boundaries in your relationship.

The traits I felt with your soulmate are so sweet. It always brings me such joy to feel pleasant energy from one’s soul. This person will be friendly & welcoming.

They’re extremely open to meeting new people and they certainly make people around them feel warm and comfortable. They’re honest and honorable. Lying pulls energy from their soul; they despise it. They pride themselves in being honest and trustworthy. While they have a kind soul, they are a leader when necessary.

This person has so much confidence and leads from a place of love. Their ego may take over sometimes, but they know how to control it. In times of confrontation, this person is a peacemaker. They’re agreeable unless they’re defending their beliefs. This is most likely why they’re so polite, well-mannered, and respectful to others. Their soul radiates peaceful energy.

They’re a disciplined and methodical person. They’re a true thinker, they think hard about every action before it is made. This comes with great emotional capacity and a giant heart. They’re always sharing this energy with others!

You see, as I haven't met this dreamy soulmate yet, then I can only speak for myself and how they read my character based on their tarot reading… But I almost spilled my coffee by the time I read the part of signaling loneliness, because sometimes I feel that way too. So kudos to you! 😛

And I read on about people perceiving me as intimidating and how it takes some time for me to let my guards down, and the next thing I knew, I nodded in agreement. Even more at the part about creating clarity and boundaries in relationship!

I'm the kind of person who needs my own space and me time, even when I'm with someone. Relationship would be easier for me if my partner wouldn't demand too much time from me, and things would be a bit harder if he's clingy. Based on my experience, the more clingy they got, the more I wanted to leave the relationship and that's the truth.

If the reading was right, then I guess good for me since it can only mean that my ‘soulmate' is basically the opposite character of myself. I'm far from sweet, and I could only imagine myself being a tiger mom if I had kids or something. So I guess it would be good for my kids if the other parents could sweeten up. Talking about balance, baby! LOL

My Soulmate's Initial and Where We Meet

I see you meeting your soulmate in an area where people are gathering. There's definitely a lot of heart and cheer in this room. I am sensing lots of food and festive energy. No doubt this moment will be at a gathering. It's a good sign that this could be a restaurant or a party.

This will come as a surprise, so continue to leave yourself open for experiences. Go out, and be open to events.

While you’re out there, keep an eye out for a few first and last name initials. I’m seeing a strong connection to the letters J, M, and S for first names and S, B, and H for last names. It’s tough to nail down exactly what combination these may take so keep an eye out for all of them. Focus on manifesting love and light in your life and you’ll connect with your soulmate.

This is the part when I cringed a little and started thinking that maybe I'll just die alone since gathering is the last thing I would think of going these days… Why would I go to a gathering when I could just chill and spend my time with my cats, relaxing? :)))))))

And when I saw the initial, I was like… Are you saying I have hope with Matteo Brighi? LMAO.

soulmate sketch
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How to Manifest Your Soulmate

There are three parts to manifesting love: thought, word, and deed.

Thinking about what you desire is obviously the first part. Imagine the loving relationship you want and visualize your soulmate (you can use this drawing) so that you are clearly communicating with Spirit.

Word means saying it out loud and declaring your desires to the Universe. Deed is doing something about it, which in this case, means taking action.

An excellent way to perform all three tasks with one action is to re- write the description of your perfect partner or relationship. It is quick and a very effective way to help love find you!

Well, since the excellent way to manifest it is by rewriting the description of my perfect partner and relationship, then I guess this is what I'm doing right now… Declaring my desire to the universe, hoping no one would read this piece thinking that I'm lame. LOL.

So, let's start with how my perfect partner would be… He would be understanding. That's probably the first thing he should be because I could be super complicated on my bad days, which is often. Second, he would be kind, because the last thing I want to do is have an abusive relationship. And if he's kind, I sure hope he only has good deeds toward our relationship in general so that means he will be loyal and unlike my former ex, the cheating bastard. 😐

At this point, I think I'm quite ready to settle down if I find the right person. I'm so tired of playing games, and if I find someone who could understand me, while at the same time he's kind, loyal, and attractive inside and out, then I have no reason to do it anyway.

But when I said I'm ready to settle down, I'm still not 100% ready for kids so I suppose we'll probably have to wait for maybe 1-2 years until I'm ready for it. Mentally, my motherly nature comes out for having 5 cats at home. But physically, with all the hormone changes and whatnot… I know I'm not ready at the latter. Financially, at this point, I think I could manage.

So I think I want a relationship that is based on respect and friendship. I'm trying to avoid a relationship with someone who only sees me as a kids machine, because I'm not even sure whether I'm 100% onboard about kids anytime soon.

Speaking of taking action, I know I should go out more often to increase the chance of meeting my prince charming. While I don't do it often now that I'm home, soon enough I'll be traveling so maybe I'll meet him there.

My Soulmate Sketch

So, now the sketch of my ‘soulmate'… I'm going to upload it here so that if you know someone who looks like it, or maybe if you're someone who looks it, then you know what to do. Reach out to me and end my single life! LOL.

soulmate sketch

The first thing I did when I received the sketch, I texted Jay and told him that my soulmate kinda looks like Chamakh even though he insisted that the sketch reminds him of some footballer from Brazil. I mean, I don't mind Kaka, but the sketch doesn't look like him. 🙁

Update: It's been two years since I published this post the first time. I've been in a steady relationship for a year with someone I met online through eHarmony. While I suppose the result was right when they said that the initial would start with S, the sketch doesn't look like my boyfriend at all. I sure hope my current relationship will work, so I'll just hope that it's just a scam. 

Ciwidey tea plantation in Bandung, Indonesia.
Ciwidey tea plantation in Bandung, Indonesia.

Review: Is Relationship Psychic Legit or a Scam?

So yeah… That's how my soulmate would look like, according to Relationship Psychic. Whether I actually believe that, I don't know. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. If he actually looks like it, then great… Otherwise, then it's a fun project anyway. 😛

Is Relationship Psychic legit or just another pyschic scam? Well, I don't know… But just like everything superstitious, sometimes you could relate to it in a way to the point that you manifest it into your life.

I can't tell exactly whether it's legit or just another scam, but at least now I have a proof that it might be just a scam if one day I get married and my husband looks like Chris Evans instead, because according to Cynthia Relationship Psychic, my soulmate shouldn't look like it.

So, it's up to you whether you want to spend your money to get your soulmate sketch. But for me, it's quite fun and it also gives me some kind of hope that's almost gone about finding my Mr. Right! 😀

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  1. I got a Soulmate Reading from The Relationship Psychics. I noticed in my reading that she addressed a man named “Charminder”, instead of me (I am a woman and my name was being to advise me what to do). I knew, right away, that this was a general Reading for anyone, and not just for me. I sent an email, asking for a refund, with proof of the mistake where the name “Charminder” appeared. My emails were all ignored. I never received a refund, even though I asked very nicely for one. It is a TOTAL SCAM. I reported The Relationship Psychics to the BBB as well as a SCAM.

  2. I got a reading and soulmate sketch from the relationship psychics and it was not the same as yours. Plus the sketch she sent me resembles a guy I have been talking to online. We are supposed to meet soon! So I think it’s legit.

    1. Good for you, take it with a grain of salt. Since I wrote this piece, I met a guy and I’ve been in a healthy relationship ever since. He doesn’t look anything like the sketch though, so I personally don’t think it’s legit. 🙂

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