Some Common Hypes That I Can’t Simply Relate

I'm not gonna claim myself as anti-mainstream since despite the fact that I've been supporting Croatian National Team years ago, I still listen to Taylor Swift in my daily basis.

No matter how much hatred you've thrown to Ms. Swift, I actually could relate with her at some point. Maybe it's because we come from the same generation. Like, she basically released the song about someone breaking up with her over text when the same thing also happened to me years ago.

But nope, I'm not going to write some random things about Taylor Swift on this post. Rather, I've got an idea to write about some hypes that I simply can't relate.

Maybe it's due to my personality, or maybe I just feel like it doesn't match what I need.

Some Common Hypes that I Can't Simply Relate - The BeauTraveler

Honestly, Everything Has Its Hype Nowadays!

I think thanks to social media, everything could gain their popularity in a second for various reasons. Maybe it's that charcoal whitening toothpaste, or maybe it's that Indomie donut that when I first tried it I felt like it was too overrated.

I tell you what, I've lost count when it comes to the coffee shops in Jakarta ever since Starbucks made their first appearance in Indonesia. You can find coffee shop everywhere in various price range. Literally!

It also applies to the behavior of the people. From going to the gym for the #bodygoal or simply just to take a pic just so people would appreciate your effort to stay in shape so they could give you likes on the ‘gram. 😛

But now that I think about it, thee are some hypes that I simply can't relate. So here, I'm going to share what kind of hypes that I just don't bother to follow. Let me know if you have something like this too later in the comment!

1. Taking A Pic of My Meals

Source: Pexels

There are some reasons why I just don't take a pic of my meals. The main reason would be simply because I always forget.

I love to eat, okay? And once I get my food, I never really bother to take a snapshot of what I eat because I just eat it. A friend of mine told me that I should be a foodie, since I know where to go for some good food. But then again, I can't be a foodie in the era of visual content like Instagram nowadays.

Also not to mention that I don't really cook so I know nothing about sugar, spice, or everything nice in the food. I only know whether it's edible or not. Quite a hopeless skill to be a foodie, no?! 😛

2. Karaoke

Source: Pexels

Nope, my horrible voice is not the main reason why I don't like karaoke. Because honestly, I couldn't care less about my voice when I sing my favorite songs.

The thing is, going for a karaoke alone sounds sad. And expensive.

But then when I go for a karaoke with a bunch of friends that I actually love, I can't ignore the gap between our music taste that exists. Like, I barely listen to Adele, and all they want to sing is Adele. When it's my turn to sing Carrie Underwood, they have no idea about the song, or even the singer.

It simply doesn't match. Full stop.

3. Macaroons and Some Other Sugary Hype

Source: Pexels

Remember that time when macaroons are so overhyped? Believe it or not, even until now, I've never really tried macaroons. Neither I am interested to try this dessert.

There are some other desserts that gain their popularity just because, like red velvet, carrot cake etc. And honestly, I never really got into the hype. When it comes to dessert, I'm a bit picky. Like I'm literally just a chocolate or cheesecake kind of person.

I don't really play around desserts, especially things like macaroons because it's expensive and I'm a bit skeptical if I'll like it when I try. I feel like if I try, it's gonna be just a waste of money. #brokegirlproblem

4. Netflix

Source: Pexels

Back during my university years, I was so big at binge-watching. It was long before Netflix and chill era. I mean, back then I was quite happy with watching movies after downloading them through Torrents. I always thought that I could do this forever, but bam!

Nowadays, I couldn't care less about the new movies in the theatre. Also, I figure I just can't stand watching a video longer than 15 minutes.

Everyone looks through Youtube to find various kinds of tutorial, but not me. I prefer reading steps by steps to apply it myself. And I'd rather see people's blogs rather than watching them through Youtube.

That's probably the main reason why I'm focusing more on my blog. That's the platform that interests me the most, at least personally.

5. K-Pop

Source: Pexels

If there's one thing that I've learned from participating with the last Asian Games in Jakarta, it is the fact of how big the market is for K-Pop in Indonesia. Seriously, college students here are obsessed with K-Pop and I don't understand why!

I barely could name any boyband or girlband from South Korea, and the only Korean actor that I could remember of is just Won Bin.

Well, I could understand the hype of K-beauty, although I'm not a fan of their makeup style. But K-Pop in particular though? Can't relate.

6. Motivational Quotes (and All Kinds of Motivators)

Source: Pexels

This is probably the main reason why I'm not exactly the target market for TED talks. I simply don't bother.

There's a saying that it's not always your successful friends who post motivational quotes on Facebook. Well, like it or hate it, it's true.

Honestly, the motivator business nowadays grows vastly. Frankly speaking, I see the patterns of all those motivators as they motivate you to be always positive and all good things in life. Here's an unpopular opinion, life is not always sugar and glitter.

Sometimes, the negativity that happens in life is what makes you who you are today. What doesn't kill you make you stronger. When they say stronger, it's not always surrounded by positive vibes because sometimes getting stronger also means bitterness.

But hey, that's what life is all about bitches! 😐

You Don't Always Have to Follow the Hype, and That's Alright!

Some people think I'm the kind of person who plays it safe as I don't really follow the hype. But then again, I suppose why would I if I'm quite content the way it already?

So, do you always follow the hype? Is there anything hype that you don't seem to bother to try? What is it?!

Share in the comment section and cheerio! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Some Common Hypes That I Can’t Simply Relate”

  1. I am not gonna lie I loooooooove Netflix & couldn’t live without it but I agree – things can get so out of control following the hype & trends – as i’ve aged & matured i’ve realized its just so much easier to be yourself!

  2. There are some hypes that I also don’t follow, like Netflix, for instance. Nobody in my family, even my brother, who lives about 1,000 miles from me, even subscribes to Netflix, let alone watches anything on it! Not only don’t I subscribe to Netlfix, I rarely watch television, because, like you, I do not have patience to sit two hours in front of a screen idly anymore! I often can’t even stay in the break room for my full hour lunch! After I eat, I always have to walk around. I also, honestly, do not really listen to popular music anymore, as it does not usually uplift me. OK, I do listen to love songs occasionally when thinking about special people, but what usually keeps me motivated musically are contemporary Christian songs or hymns that I sing at church.

  3. The hype is just like a fad, it passes. I happen to LOVE the motivational quotes hype. It changes my mindset immediately. I don’t take pics of food, do karaoke or binge watch on Netflix. I just don’t got the time for that…lol. This too shall pass and there will be other hypes to obsess over.

  4. haha, I loved this. I could relate to some of it(though I love Netflix and motivational quotes) but the rest was totally me! Especially the macaroons and taking food pictures. Why can’t we just eat in peace?!

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