Some Social Media Influencers that I Don’t Bother to Follow (and Some Others that I Do)

What’s the first thing that comes in mind whenever you hear the term ‘social media influencer’?

You’re probably familiar with the case of Elle Darby vs The White Moose Cafe earlier this year. It’s not really surprising to meet some people who also look down to social media influencer as they often act rather like a freeloader.

All social media influencers have their own industry that they focus on, and they also have their own audience that make their existence on social media significant.

Some Social Media Influencers that I Don't Bother to Follow (and Some Others that I Do) - The BeauTraveler

Social Media Influencers

So, what’s exactly social media influencer?

A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

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Well, since the existence of influencers is a trend, nowadays they even split it into both micro and macro, usually depends on the number of followers they’ve got.

I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite or overproud myself, but even I am considered as a micro-influencers with a number of followers and this blog that I run. But now that I’m in the mood of being supportive and salty, I decided to write about some macro-influencers with their viral contents and they either inspire or not at all interest me.

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Some Social Media Influencers that I Don’t Bother to Follow

Please note that I’m not being a hater on this post as I completely understand that each influencer has their own target audience, and sometimes I’m just not one of them.

Yes, even though I’m basically interested in their niche. Be it something funny, something related to traveling or other things. After all, the decision to either follow or unfollow those accounts is on my hand so…

1. Der Schulte

Honestly, since the first time I watched this guy’s video, I find it annoying. But I kinda think that it’s the whole point of his creation. You know, to annoy people to the point they can’t help but watch.

I mean, even since day 1 watching his video, I literally hate his guts for everything he’s done in the video. It’s exaggerating, pointless, and definitely something that I don’t want to see more on my timeline. 😐

Despite everything, hats off for the strategy to gain followers though. Because I believe, the most effective way to get someone talk about you is to do something that people consider unpleasant. For whatever reason.

2. Drew Binsky

I really thought I wouldn’t be the typical Indonesian who would get butthurt for not seeing their country on a video compared to the neighboring countries. That, until I saw this video on my timeline.

I mean, it was no surprise that he got some backlash for not including Indonesia on the list, thanks to those hardcore Indonesian netizens. But what made me kind of lose my interest was his defense about how he’s been to Bali and several islands.

Sorry I’m not sorry, but I slightly think that he’s the kind of person who would count how many countries he’s visited and he’d count it as one although it was only for a transit at the airport. 😛

3. Mila/Katie Stauffer

When I watched her video ranting the first time, I actually laughed because it was funny as she was so cute with her sassy attitude and all that. But the more I see her videos, I get to the point where I think I’m getting tired of it.

Like, I understand that this kid has some kind of attitude and it’s such a fresh air to see her in her ‘wild’ side. But then when every video is her ranting about some various stuff, even those that kids don’t normally talk about, I think enough is enough.

On the bright side, I gotta say Mila would make a really good actress as I heard everything is staged with the script and everything. So, well done! 🙂

Some Social Media Influencers that I Follow

Just like you, I’ve followed the whole lot of influencers too. From the macro-influencers who has millions of follower to even some that just started to get their blog or channel.

Some, I even do it for years!

1. Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)

If there’s any Youtube channel that I’ve followed literally for years, this one is!

I’ve never really been into Youtube, to be honest. The only way I opened Youtube back when I was a student was only to check out some football match. Also, some interview with Matteo Brighi just so I could watch him all the time.

That, until I saw Charlie’s GIF on Tumblr. I remember it was about one being a Hufflepuff, and I’ve followed him on Youtube ever since. Fairly speaking, I’ve spent most of my college time watching his Youtube videos.

It had been awhile since the last time I watched his video as I rarely check on Youtube. But when I got an idea to curate this post, I’m glad that I did so I could reminisce the good ol’ days watching his random but interesting videos. 🙂

2. Sacha Stevenson

The majority of her target market is actually Indonesian citizens as her videos consist of parodies about Indonesia in general. Bonus point, as she could speak Indonesian fluently, as well as Sundanese since she’s married to a Sundanese guy.

Her videos are mostly slapstick with some sarcasm flavors that I particularly like. She’s done a really good job when it comes to making fun of Indonesia and Indonesian people in general as it’s so on point!

So far, I couldn’t get any other reference to show you the bad worst part of Indonesia and its people from foreigner’s point of view except for her. Any plan to visit Indonesia to understand our culture? Spend some time to watch her channel! 😛

3. Dear Alyne

Some of you probably know her as Nas Daily’s girlfriend. And I could have picked Nas instead of her on the list that I follow. But this video about the visa trap is something that gets me perfectly, to the point Nas could come second on my list. 😛

Like, I’ve watched too many influencers, especially those from travel niche, who would suggest you to just quit the job and ‘travel’. For someone with a green Indonesian passport like me, I would laugh bitterly everytime that kind of line came up when I read some blog post with that kind of suggestion.

And I love how Alyne perfectly sums up the case to get other people with travel privilege awaken about the said issue. Also, although I’m not very active, I’m also a member of Girls Gone Global (By Dear Aline) on Facebook.

They just had some polling about where the meetup should be hosted next time and Jakarta is one of the list. I’m genuinely interested to join if they have it in the capital city of Indonesia. So, can’t wait to have it around! 😀

Well, that’s the list of social media influencers that influence me follow/unfollow them.

Do you have any social media influencer that gives a big impact on your social media life? Be it you can’t stand them or just simply love them? Tell about them, and cheerio! 😀

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