Rosegal Floral Dresses: Because Beauty Is Not About Your Age Or Weight

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On this opportunity, I’m so excited to write a post in collaboration with Rosegal, one of the leading global online shopping destinations who not only understand the passion of their customers in terms of fashion, but also dedicate their professional service to customers by offering free shipping around the world!

What I (and maybe you will too!) love about Rosegal is that not only do they focus on fashion in general, but they also combine two things that I personally love: vintage and plus-size dresses.

I love vintage dresses, and although I can’t consider myself as a plus-size, I have a few best friends who are and yes, they struggle to find cute dresses in their size. And Rosegal, Rosegal has it all! 😀

Rosegal Floral Dresses: Because Beauty Is Not About Your Age Or Weight - The BeauTraveler

About Rosegal

RoseGal was started by a group of friends, in which they share the same passion for stunning clothing and fashion.

They create the fusion of vintage and modern apparel, as they believe that not only does vintage have its understated simplicity and elegance, but it is also a uniquely timeless fashion statement.

And when it comes to apparel sales, sometimes it is a bit tough to get the stylish and sexy plus size dresses out there. And this is where Rosegal comes for the rescue. They are here to provide them for you plus size ladies out there!

If you ask me why I like Rosegal already, the fact that they offer free shipping worldwide is quite tempting. And in addition to that, they’ve also got some other things offered apart from the clothes. Makeup is included. Enough reason for me to love the platform, eh? 😛

Rosegal Floral Dresses

If you know me personally, especially those who know me since college time, you probably know how much I love vintage dresses.

Chances are, you already know that I have more dresses than jeans in my closet. But not only that, because I also love to shop in the flea market to find vintage dresses!

Occasionally, I still go to Gedebage in Bandung to find some hidden gems to wear. And with my personal style, as I’m quite girly by appearance, floral dresses are definitely my go-to clothes to wear.

So on this post, I want to share with you my wishlist that is available on Rosegal, in the form of floral dresses. Be it for regular size or even plus size. Believe me, those dresses are the cutest! 😀

1. Embroidered Mini Bodycon Dress – $23.87 USD

Embroidered Mini Bodycon Dress – Rosegal

This is simply the kind of dress that you can wear in any occasion.

Like, you can wear it when you go out for a date on a Saturday night. But then this is also the kind of dress that you will grab the first when you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear for work.

And if that’s not good enough, it comes in black color. I’m sure so many of you could relate on how important it is to have a little black dress. 😉

And if you don’t like black dresses (which I doubt you don’t!), you can also opt some other color since it’s also available in blue as well.

The dress is available up to size XL, so you may want to consider buying this for some kind of multi-function floral dresses. Also, I love the ribbon accent around the waist.

I also love the boycon model of dresses because I’m a curvy lady myself so I think this will look great on me. So feminine, and despite the fact that I grew up as a tomboy, I really love anything girly nowadays so yeah!

Also, don’t forget the fact that it costs less than $25 to buy this dress. I mean, so much yessss… 😀

2. Plus Size Embroidery Floral Tulle Tea Length Dress – $35.37 USD

Plus Size Embroidery Floral Tulle Tea Length Dress – Rosegal

This dress starts with size XL, so this one is definitely for plus size ladies out there that somehow make me so utterly jealous for not being able to have it as I’m an average size and the dress doesn’t come with my size.

No kidding, the model looks like it comes out of a fairy tale. And this definitely is something that I would imagine wearing for a party when I was a kid.

I love the tulle, and the length of the dress is quite modest, but it still gives you some sexy look with some exposed neck behind the tulle.

Honestly, the detail looks really pretty that I think $35.37 USD is worth the money for this dress.

Of course you may not want to wear it when you get invited to someone else’s wedding because it’s white, but you can definitely wear it in some other occasions like your special date.

Or even some family gathering so your annoying aunt could focus on how beautiful the dress is instead of getting busy to find out about your personal life or whether you will tie the knot anytime soon.

If you’re Asian, I know how much the pressure you could get when it comes to putting on some little weight. Shut them up with this beautiful plus size dress!

3. Flare Sleeve Off Shoulder Embroidered Mesh Dress – $20.38 USD

Flare Sleeve Off Shoulder Embroidered Mesh Dress – Rosegal

If you have read some of my previous posts that are related to fashion, you may probably know that I’m obsessed with anything off-shoulder. And truth be told, it hasn’t stopped. At least not when I saw this dress on Rosegal for the first time.

I love the transparent sleeve with some embroidered flower around them, and the fact that it comes in black just makes it look even better. 🙂

And of course, it’s off-shoulder so definitely something I’d die for. The only shortcoming is the fact that the dress looks a little way too short.

However, I checked on their website and I see that they’re coming in a few size options up to 2XL. So if you’re considered a plus size up to 2XL, you can definitely look into this dress for an option.

Also, it only costs you $20.38, and this one could be your go-to for some party or even just going out with your friends for a drink or something.

Besides the length of the dress, I think everything looks great on this one. What do you think?!

4. Plus Size Floral Embroidery Shift Dress – $19.58

Plus Size Floral Embroidery Shift Dress – Rosegal

It costs even less than $20 and being a big fan of off-shoulder dress myself, I just love this despite the fact that it is not available in my size. 🙁

It’s off-shoulder, and I love the floral accent around the shoulder that gives me some kind of ‘Olympics-like’ model. You know, it somehow reminds me of that Olympics diadem if it even makes sense. But anyway…

This one is a plus-size dresses, and the dress is available starting from XL size up to 5XL size.

Although it is not available in other colors, I think the fact that it comes in black is just the safest thing since truth be told, everyone looks great in black. And so does this dress!

I mean, there’s something about black that feels so right when combined with red. And this dress is something like that.

These are only a few dresses on Rosegal website that you can opt to purchase whenever you feel like shopping. The good thing is that they’ve got more options that you can find there. For more dresses option, you can click here for more details.

So, have you heard about Rosegal before? Or maybe you even purchased from them previously? Let me know what you think about them and their collection. Cheerio! 😀


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 


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