Review: Two Moons Hotel Kampot in Cambodia

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I had been quite swarmed up with work in the past few days that I didn’t even have time to start writing about more things for my last Indochina trip. Now that it’s Saturday night and work has been quite slow, I’m so glad that I could finally get back to my writing mood!

So, after my last few post on the mini bus from Ha Tien to Kampot, this time I’m gonna share with you my firsthand experience of staying at Two Moons Hotel in Kampot. The hotel was the accommodation I chose to stay for 3 nights in town.

Well, how was my stay in Two Moons Hotel? Let’s check this out!

Two Moons Hotel in Kampot, Cambodia

If there’s one thing that I noticed about accommodation in Kampot, it is that the rate feels so expensive compared to most hotels in Vietnam.

In fact, if I gotta be honest with you… Coming from Vietnam, almost everything in Cambodia feels a bit pricey even though when I convert it to my own currency, the price is actually quite normal. LOL. I don’t know, it probably has something to do with the fact that they use USD for the daily transaction.

So, I booked Two Moons Hotel through Traveloka. At the time, I got IDR 150,000 off so I only had to pay for IDR 1,964,508 (around $140 USD) in total for my 3-night stay in Kampot. I booked a deluxe double room without breakfast for that price range.

The night rate is less than $50 USD, but after spending less than $30 USD for some hotels in Vietnam, the rate for sure sounds a bit pricey for me. But then again, it’s probably the average price of a hotel room in Kampot.

For sure you can find more types of accommodation such as Mad Monkey Hostel, which is located not so far from Two Moons Hotel. But, at this point I feel like I’m no longer interested in staying at hostel so I decided to just pay more for a decent hotel room instead.

My First Impression

The location of Two Moons Hotel is really nice since it’s situated by the riverside. You could easily stroll around the river, and all the eateries and street food stalls are just by walking distance.

It cost $2 USD to get to the hotel with tuk-tuk from the bus stop not so far from Durian Roundabout, the landmark in Kampot.

When I reached the hotel, my first impression was that this one was a really cozy hotel. I was greeted by a hotel staff who’s so friendly and assertive. As I already paid my booking through Traveloka, I only had to check-in and the staff accompanied me to the room as he helped me with my big luggage.

Mind you, there’s no elevator in the hotel. The good thing is that I got the room on the first floor.

Two chairs and a table in front of my room.

Deluxe Double Room at Two Moons Hotel Kampot

Even since the first time I arrived at the hotel, I could tell this hotel was cozy. But when I reached the room, not only is the hotel cozy, it’s homey too!

In front of each room, they provide 2 chairs and a table for you to hang out when you’re bored in your room, but too lazy to get to the pool.

Well, I figure the chairs and the table would be a romantic spot to randomly talk about life with your plus one if you go there with your partner. However, since I went there alone, I had no choice but used the chair to dry out my body and bikini after swimming. 😛

The Room

I love everything about the room at Two Moons Hotel. It’s fantastic! I even sent a pic of my room to my mom and she was amazed with the interior design.

The only thing is that since I’m quite short, I had a hard time to easily get into the bed. Like I couldn’t just jump on the bed without hurting myself. LOL. But other than that, it was great!

Apart from the tea pot, they also provide a small fridge so I bought some soft drink in the nearest supermarket so I can enjoy it cold on the hot day. Mind you, Kampot can be sooooo hot in January!

Also, there are a lot of windows around the room. This could be both a plus and a minus, since it’s good to get the sun light to your room if you believe in Feng Shui (I kinda do!), but then with all the windows, you need to be more vigilant when you’re the kind of person who likes to get around naked in your own room. LOL

Seriously, though!

The Bathroom

If there’s one thing that I noticed about the room that I stayed at Two Moons Hotel, it is that the room feels so spacious. Including the bathroom that feels like bigger than most of the hotels that I stayed in this Indochina trip.

Outside the bathroom, they also provide us with a clothes hanger with enough sun light from the window, so I could just hang my wet clothes there to dry up without any anxiety that someone would steal my underwear and shit. LOL

They provide both shampoo and shower gel, as well as the toilet paper. The only thing is that since there’s like a ventilation with a bit of sun ray through the bathroom, I somewhat felt anxious that somebody could see me from outside when I took a shower.

Other than that, I really had nothing to complain about my room at Two Moons Hotel.

Other Facilities

Apart from the standard facilities at the hotel, there’s also a laundry service at Two Moons Hotel for $2 USD per kilogram. I used the service since I brought quite a lot of dirty laundry from Vietnam.

However, if you’re looking into a cheaper option for laundry, I think you could just google the nearest laundry service available in Kampot. I’ve found a few that only cost $1 USD per kilogram.

The wifi connection in the room is quite good as well. The only down side is that they didn’t have any electricity socket around the chair inside or outside the room, so I had to just do my work on my bed since they have a couple of sockets that I used for both my phone and my laptop.

Living that semi digital nomad life be like…

Apart from that, I also love that there’s a swimming pool available at the hotel. I went swimming at the pool after I joined the tour to Kep only to find out how the beach was so crowded as we went there on Chinese New Year’s holiday.

Also, the swimming pool is usually full with the owners’ friends and relatives in the late afternoon. So if you’re like me and you want to avoid any physical contact with people in any circumstances, you’d probably want to use the swimming pool in the off-peak period either in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun isn’t so healthy for you. 😛

The Restaurant at Two Moons Hotel

Although I wasn’t eligible for breakfast menu at the hotel, the hotel has a restaurant with various kind of food in the menu. From Western food, and local delicacy in Cambodia. There’s a special discount for the hotel guests, so all you need to do is just give away your room number and they will give you a special price! 😉

I mostly went out and had meals elsewhere. But on my last day in Kampot, after checking out I had lunch at the Two Moons Restaurant. I even got in touch with the restaurant staff Anette now that we’re friends on Facebook.

All the food in the menu cost under $10 USD, and you still get the special price if you stay at the hotel. It’s such a bargain!

For beer, everything is under $3 USD and the restaurant location by the pool is such an ideal place to just spend your time alone. Be it to just people-watching, or just doing your work in the laptop.

On my last day in Kampot, I tried their signature Khmer food for $5 USD when the normal price is $7.5 USD. Unfortunately, I thought the menu was written in the menu list I took a pic of. It wasn’t. I forgot the name of the menu, but I will update it once I got the answer from Annette.

It was delicious! They used the famous kampot pepper, and I really loved the taste of this Khmer food. It was hands down the best food I had in Cambodia as long as I remember.

Final Review on Two Moons Hotel

I had a pleasant stay at Two Moons Hotel! When I checked out, Monica even gave me their business card so that I could contact them by e-mail so that they could give me a special price for my next stay.

Well, I’m not sure when I will ever get a chance to come back to Kampot, but I sure enjoyed my time in Kampot. If anything, it’s probably the place that I enjoyed the most in Cambodia.

So, here’s my final verdict when it comes to the hotel! 🙂


  • It’s located in a strategic location. It’s by the riverside, and it’s also quiet enough to spend the night even though it’s not so far from the party hostel Mad Monkey.
  • Two Moons Hotel is absolutely a family-friendly accommodation in Kampot. You could tell as by late evening, there are so many kids coming to the hotel for swimming.
  • The room is so convenient to stay for a few days in town. The night rate might be not so affordable for some (it’s not really for me!), but it’s worth it!
  • Laundry service is also available with timely delivery. It’s recommended.
  • They also provide some tour options available around Kampot for an affordable price that I will write on my next few posts.
  • The people in the hotel are super friendly! They’re so helpful, and they really made my stay even better that I wish I could just go back in time and spend more time in Kampot.
The pool view from my room.


  • There is no elevator in the hotel. So if you’re planning to carry a lot of stuff with you, this might not be the best place to stay for you. Although you could always add a special request to be placed in the room on the ground floor.

Honestly, I’d totally recommend Two Moons Hotel since it really was a comfortable place to stay for a few nights in Kampot. Plus, I started wondering whether the name Two Moons actually came from a good place for two, since I feel like this hotel would be even more suitable for those who stay with their plus one.

It’s also suitable if you’re planning to go to Kampot with your family!

So, have you been to Kampot? Do you have another accommodation in town that you would recommend there? Share your two cents below, and cheerio! 😀


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