Review: The SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet

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It's been a while since the last time I wrote something related to beauty category, so here I am back again with yet another review. Since my skin condition hasn't been very friendly lately, I've been taking extra care of it. By extra, I mean I use a face mask on my daily basis.

Once in 3 days, I use some organic facial mask with sheet masks in between. For the latter, I've collected sheet masks from various brands with mostly K-beauty brands. And one of the brands that I just tried is the SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet.

So in this post, I'm going to share with you my experience using this product and what my take is on the product. 🙂

Review: The SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet - The BeauTraveler

The SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet

I'm not exactly a big fan of K-beauty products, but if I had to choose one product that I trust on Korean brands, then it's fair to say that sheet mask is the only one answer to the question.

With so many variations of sheet mask out there from various K-beauty brands, I'm always keen to try something new just to see how it works. Especially lately, since I use sheet mask almost daily. So, even though the SAEM seems quite popular here in Indonesia, it was actually my first time to use any product from the brand.

The first product that I've tried is this SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet. They claim that this sheet mask is effective to cleanse the skin texture and provide healthy radiance to the skin. 

In Indonesia, I bought it through Shopee for only IDR 11,233 (around $0.8 USD) per pack.

Review: The SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet

If there's one thing that makes K-beauty products more appealing, that would be the packaging design. No kidding, from some classy design to even cutey cartoon design, they have it all. From all kinds of product.

For this Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet, in particular, the packaging looks quite appealing with the picture of apples in the basket in the front.

First Impression

When I checked the other side of the packaging, I just love how they provide the bilingual directions for this one.

I mean, I've come across so many K-beauty products that only have directions in Korean. So, I think the fact that the SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet provides directions in English, it should be appreciated. 

The packaging of the SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet.

They claim that this product has some smoothening and brightening effect in the aftermath, so let's talk about this later in the review! 😉

How to Use the Sheet Mask

After cleansing with my facial wash, I use skin toner prior to placing the mask on my face. I use this sheet mask for 20 minutes and then pat the essence before adding my favorite face oil and night cream. 

Yes, I usually use the sheet mask before I go to bed. And that's what I did with this Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet too.

My Verdict

I was a bit surprised when I first tore open the packaging and found the sheet mask in such a messy fold. Well, I'm not sure if it has something to do with their wide packaging so that they somehow have no standard in terms of folding the mask.

But truth be told, I usually find sheet mask neatly fold in the packaging so I was a bit surprised when I opened this one.

(1) My face after cleansing it with my facial wash. (2) My face with the sheet mask on. (3) After I tapped the essence and added facial oil and night cream.

The texture of the sheet mask is thicker than Cherimoa Karados that I've tried a few months ago, of course. It's actually thicker than some other K-beauty sheet mask that I've tried as well. However, it's fair to say that this one definitely works better than Syahirah sheet mask.

When I put the mask on my face, I love how it has some soothing effect that helps me to relax. And if there's something that I should take note about the pros of using this mask, then it would be the fact that it totally smells like fresh apple. 

I remember I used to wear Nina Ricci apple red perfume, and the smell of this Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet kind of resembles it.


  • The sheet mask has this soothing effect that you'd be thankful for if you put it while relaxing. 
  • It's super affordable, as I spent less than one buck for one pouch. 
  • It smells really nice. 
  • I could feel the moisturizing and smoothening effect from this product. 


  • While the packaging design is quite nice, I think it's quite bulky since it's quite wide in size. 
  • I am definitely not impressed by the way the sheet mask folded when I tore the pouch. 
  • This might be my personal problem, but I really hate the sticky feeling on my face after tapping the sheet mask essence on my face. And this one is indeed sticky.
  • Despite the fact that it claims to have a brightening effect, I couldn't tell if it worked on my face in particular. 


I'm not sure, since I'm still yet to try some other sheet mask brand and variations. Like, if I could compare this to Cherimoa, I suppose I'd go for Cherimoa instead. 

However, price-wise, it's not too bad and the benefit that I could gain from using it is quite great too. So of course, repurchasing is an option if I can't find anything that works better with cheaper price.

But overall, I would give 7 out of 10 since it has its downside too. 

Have you tried the SAEM Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet before? Share your first impression in the comment, and cheerio! 🙂


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