Review: Sunny Fine Guesthouse – Hue City, Vietnam

As I've done a road trip from North Vietnam to South Vietnam back in 2016, I get asked a lot of times about which city that I liked the best when I traveled to Vietnam. Without hesitation, I would answer their question with one thing: Hue.

Not so many Indonesian people I know have a special interest in Vietnam as I do, so it was only normal when they would question what Hue is in the first place. I don't know though, but with the news about VietJet Air and its bikini flight attendants opening a route to Indonesia, maybe it will start opening Indonesian people's eyes about the land of Uncle Ho? We'll see. 😉

Okay, back to Hue. In this post, I would like to write a review on one of the best guesthouses that I have ever stayed, Sunny Fine Guesthouse.

Although Toan, the host a.k.a the guest house owner actually asked me to write a review in Indonesian in order to attract more Indonesian tourists to Hue, but I think it won't hurt to also write it in English so that I can spread the good news about his guest house to wider range in terms of demography.

The reason why I chose to book Sunny Fine Guesthouse through was because of the affordable rate that was aligned with my budget. In addition, the rate given by the guests was incredible with a lot of outstanding reviews on the website.

I came to Hue with a bus from Hanoi to the last stop at a restaurant somewhere around Huong River. I went to Hue without a proper map with my iPhone map being useless throughout my travel. After I had my lunch at the restaurant, I asked the waitress for the direction to Sunny Fine Guesthouse's address. Surprisingly, the location was so close from the restaurant with only around 500 meters walking distance.

I took the bus from Sa Pa to Hanoi for a 4-hour transit and then continue to Hue with Queen Cafe VIP. 

Sunny Fine Guesthouse wasn't a big guest house, but you could totally recognize it from the board shown around the street. By the time I entered the guest house, a man greeted me with a smile and asked, “Marya, right?”

That was how I met Toan.

I got the room on the 3rd floor, and despite the stuff I brought with me, Toan helped me to take my bag to my room and show me around. By the time I got into the room, I knew that my decision to stay at Sunny Fine Guesthouse was the best thing I could do!

With the rate of VND 250,000 (around USD 11) per night, I got everything at once in the guest house.

Table of Content


  • The room is spacious with a comfortable bathroom attached. Amenities provided as well. 
  • It's an air-conditioned room, although it was winter when I came there. 
  • Toan and his family are really friendly as they assisted me with a lot of things. From the standard service as a business owner to their guest, to even help me to decide my itinerary spontaneously. Plus, Toan can speak English very well, that's a bonus!
  • They provide an all package tour, from DMZ tour, tour de Hue, to even bus ticket to several cities in Vietnam. All with affordable price! 
  • Laundry is available for VND 25,000/kg. The same price applies for a pair of shoes. 
  • The guesthouse is so homey with friendly vibes in its surrounding. They even have a coffee table where you could put your local money and testimonial. I did that with my left 1 SAR bill. 
  • Bicycle rent is available, for free! 🙂 


  • Barely, but maybe no elevator as they have at least 4 floors in the building. But then again, it's a guest house! 

If you are planning to go to Hue and seeking for a place to stay with a strategic location and affordable price, Sunny Fine Guesthouse is your answer. You could contact Toan at Sunny Fine Guesthouse with the contact details as below:

Sunny Fine Guesthouse
7/3 Chu Van An, Hue City Vietnam
Ph: +84 54 384 6658
Mobile: +84 914 066 029

Still considering Hue as your next travel option? What are you waiting for, do it! 😀

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