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Hello beautravelers!

I don't always go to the movie, but when I do… It's Spider-Man Homecoming! 😀

As a fan of Spider-Man, I've got a lot to say about the Homecoming movie since I've been waiting for quite some time after getting disappointed by the whole Amazing Spider-man. Bare in mind, SPOILER ALERT!!!


I gotta say, Tom Holland is the perfect fit for Peter Parker out of the three actors for the role. Now that I've seen him as Peter Parker, I gotta say Tobey Maguire's Peter was way too mellow when I've never approved Andrew Garfield for the role since the beginning.

I have nothing against Andrew Garfield, but he's way too hot to be a Peter Parker! -_-

Then why do I think Tom Holland is the fairest of all? The answer is because he's got enough wittiness and awkwardness combined for a Peter Parker!

And just like everyone else, I also thank God for knowing that Uncle Ben didn't have to die for the third time. I mean, sure a lot of movies need some ballad scene but then you'll jinx it to do it for the third time. Not necessary.

And… Liz's character since it's kind of an exciting twist for me!

Like sure Liz character wasn't exactly the Vulture's daughter in the comic.

BUT, BUT, BUT, if you think about it, the character is actually a twist that I've been waiting for so long.

And what is it that I have been waiting for so long? It, my friends, is the character of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in the movie.

I was way too excited hearing this random woman introducing herself as Felicia on the last Amazing Spider-man since I knew that Gwen Stacy would pass away in the end. Ask me again why. 

To make it easier for everybody, let me enlighten you. Well, Liz in the movie is the main villain's daughter who also plays as the love interest of Peter. But Liz Allan has never been any villain's daughter in the comic.

In the contrary, Felicia Hardy (or the Black Cat in some other time) IS actually Walter Hardy's daughter. Walter Hardy, known as The Cat is actually the villain since he's a burglar. And by the end of the day Felicia plays the love interest of Peter.

If you can't put two and two together, then my mind was wandering and came with one conclusion: Liz in Spider-man Homecoming is actually the twist of Liz Allan and Felicia Hardy combined!!

I could try hard enough to think that maybe Liz came from FeLIZia. LOL.

But what really bothers me is the irony when Michael Keaton as the Vulture started telling Peter about how the rich like Tony Stark don't care about people like them. I was like, shut up Michael. You were Bruce Wayne. You were Batman. You used to be the rich as well. What about stop telling people off?

Well, the list goes on and on about how much I love this movie, but I think it's fair to say that this movie is kind of a healer after the 2 disappointing movies of The Amazing Spider-Man!!! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Review: Spider-Man Homecoming”

  1. I love how fresh this movie is and yeah I agree Tom is the best actor for Spiderman so far, but I didn’t really like how Peter is so reliant on his suit and a pet of Tony Stark. At least in the original trilogy he’s his own person… I know there’s a part in the comics where this protege relationship happens but it seems too early, and obviously Marvel only made it this way so they can incorporate Spiderman to the Marvel universe.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you on how Peter acts like being a part of The Avengers is everything, but I’m glad to see the ending if you know what I mean. I’m just a fan of Spider-man with lack of knowledge about the whole Marvel franchise myself. I have never even watched The Avengers movie, so I couldn’t put two and two together but well.. 😛

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