Review: Frizy Studio’s Soul & Precious Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Bar and Selene Infused Body Oil

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I know it's been a while since the last time I published a new post, but I'm still here… I've been quite packed with my new business that was recently launched. I'm trying so hard to find some time to write, but damn…

So, during the writers' block with a lack of time to write, I decided to write a review of some beauty products I tried recently.

I know, it's been so long since the last time I wrote a review of a makeup or skincare product too. If I got to be honest, this is actually a part of my blog that I restrategize when I rebranded a couple of months ago.

I realized that writing the review of beauty products isn't really my favorite… It's like, I realized that the only beauty I want to write in this blog is me. LOL.

So, after reviewing Herborist Olive Series earlier this year, I've finally decided to review another local beauty brand. And this time, it's a local Bandung brand with its products in the form of shampoo and hair conditioner bar, as well as their body oil.

Frizy Studio and Soul & Precious

My first encounter with Frizy Studio was rather a serendipity. I converted to shampoo bars since earlier this year. However, I initially used Rebrew's coffee bean shampoo bar when I checked their online shop and found out they ran out of stock.

You see, sometime last year I actually took some interest in making some artisan shampoo bars too… I've done a lot of DIY, but you know what? All failed. I don't know, it's like I was born to be a failure for handcrafts.

So, since my experience in my DIY shampoo bar failed big time, I didn't have a lot of hope when I tried the shampoo bar for the first time. But then Rebrew's shampoo bar worked perfectly well to my hair, so I was hesitant to go back to the liquid shampoo when I ran out of it.

That's when I decided to check some shampoo bars available in Bandung, my hometown. Upon searching, I found this Frizy Studio shop on Tokopedia. They have some shampoo bars available, along with hair conditioner bars and some other artisan body care products.

Even better, since the shop is located in Bandung, same-day delivery is available, so I decided to try their products just to see how it goes.

My First Impression to Soul & Precious Products

My first order for Soul & Precious products was their Honeybana shampoo bar and Sakura Clay Mask. I was super impressed by their packaging!

It was beautifully crafted inside a box with such a secure packaging and some cute Thank You card.

Unfortunately, their beautiful packaging isn't really consistent because the second time I ordered from Frizy Studio, the packaging was kinda lousy. No more Thank You card, and the grease of the products were all over the box when I received the package.

If you wonder why I'd only review the shampoo and hair conditioner with the body oil, but not the clay mask… Just so you know, I despise the latter, so I decided not to talk about it just to be fair.

However, I still find their shampoo and hair conditioner bar high-quality. Their body oil works okay too, so that's why I decided to talk about the products that I know working on my end.

When I tried Honeybana shampoo bar for the first time, I didn't use it with the hair conditioner. However, on my second purchase with Frizy Studio, I bought the combo of shampoo and hair conditioner bar Ocean Sea.

Soul & Precious Combo Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Bar

The first time I bought from Frizy Hair, I bought Honeybana shampoo bar as their claim for the product is quite promising. It's made for normal to dry hair, which is my hair type. 

Some of their claims also include: 

  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Colored hair-friendly
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Self-preserving
  • Natural colorant

The name Honeybana comes from its main ingredients, which are honey and banana. Blended with pro vitamin B5, olive oil and shea butter, they claim that the shampoo bar effectively avoids frizzy hair. 

And guess what? I was actually impressed that it actually does. For only IDR 40,000 (around $2.7 USD), the shampoo bar does wonder even without hair conditioner. And that's why I decided to purchase the hair conditioner on my second purchase. 

Soul & Precious Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Bar: Honeybana or Ocean Sea?

My second purchase with Frizy Hair, they ran out of Honeybana stock, so I decided to buy the other variant that works for dry hair… The name Ocean Sea also refers to the ingredients used for the product, as it's mostly made of sea plantations.

The Ocean Sea variant has spirulina, algae extract, keratin, and castor oil as its ingredients. When Honeybana comes in yellowish color, the Ocean Sea comes in blue. But there's one thing that distinguishes one and the other: the fragrance.

I figure I love how Honeybana smells better than the Ocean Sea. So for me, I like Honeybana better than the Ocean Sea variant. Although, for everything else, both share the same quality in which both work well for my hair.

However, I would say I'm not a big fan of their hair conditioner. I don't like the texture, because it's too slippery. The first time I used it, I dropped it because it couldn't get steady in my hand.

The shampoo bar is rich with leathers, which I like. While pretty much like the hair conditioner cream, their hair conditioner bar only makes the washed hair a bit manageable, and that's about it.

Soul & Precious Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Bar Ocean Sea.

For the combo package, which includes the shampoo and hair conditioner bar, it only costs me IDR 72,000 (around $4.91 USD). The shampoo bar could last for around a month, so I figure it's slightly more expensive than the regular one, but it's worth it.

Although now I tried the hair conditioner and didn't like it, I suppose for the next purchase I'll just stick with the shampoo bar to use hair spa cream occasionally for my hair care.

Soul & Precious Selene Infused Body Oil

So, a couple of months before I purchased Soul & Precious Selene Infused Body Oil, I tried a famous local Indonesian body lotion that I personally didn't like. That's when I decided that maybe I should try something new, and I came across the body oil at Frizy Studio to give it a try.

I was actually quite impressed when I first received the package of this body oil. It comes in a glass pumping tube, which comes quite handy even for travel.

Selene Infused Body Oil: Would I Recommend It?

The body oil came in the second package that I got from Frizy Studio where the box came with oil all over it. I'm not sure if it came from the body oil, but I suspect the oil came from the shampoo and hair conditioner bar since the body oil bottle wasn't greasy at all.

I personally love the packaging. The label that looks quite simple yet pretty, and the rose and chrysanthemum inside the oil makes the product look premium.

There were 3 (three) ingredients that Frizy Studio states in their shop on Tokopedia for this product, which include: 

  • Essential oil
  • 100% natural vegetable oil
  • No preservative

With rose, which is useful for antiseptic, anti-inflammation, and anti-microbial mixed with chrysanthemum that is relaxing for the skin, the body oil isn't just good for the substitute product of body lotion. The body oil can also use for massage or aftershave. 

I like Selene infused body oil because it's not greasy, even though I still prefer body lotion to this. However, now I use the oil before I go to bed. I love the smell as it's quite relaxing, and it works great when I try to sleep. 

I purchased Selene Infused Body Oil for IDR 70,000 (around $4.8 USD) for a bottle of 50 ml. While it might be considered pricey for some, I personally think it's worth the price, and I might repurchase once I finish the current one. 

Final Verdict: Frizy Studio and Soul & Precious Product

Now that I tried 3 (three) products from Soul Precious, I gotta say I like most of their products. Shampoo bar and Selene Infused Body Oil are my favorite, although I could really live without their hair conditioner bar and their Sakura Clay Mask.

Overall, I think I'm gonna stick with their shampoo bar until I'm in the mood to try another product. And I'm quite impressed with their body oil too.

In case you're interested in trying any of their products, you could check their shop on either Tokopedia or Shopee.

So, have you tried a shampoo bar or body oil that you actually like? Are you still using it for your daily care products? Let me know in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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