Review: Rose-Shaped Menstrual Cup Travel Pack from Sileu Cup

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If you've followed me on Instagram for over a year, I think you know that I've been using menstrual cup since earlier last year. I'm not saying that I'm some kind of an activist when it comes to menstrual cup, but I definitely recommend menstrual cup for all the women out there!

When I just got introduced to the cup, I actually wanted to write something about it on this blog. However, since I found almost nothing was written about menstrual cup from the user's point of view in Indonesian, I ended up writing it on my Indonesian blog. The written in Indonesian about menstrual cup definitely has gone viral, that some people approached me for either consulting or interviewing me for their research about menstrual cup.

I've already convinced some girls in my circle to use menstrual cup. My sister is now also using the cup during her cycle, even though she wasn't sure at first.

And just when I'm here to promote the advantages of using the cup during our menstrual cycle, Sileu Cup sent me a travel pack to be reviewed. I received their travel cup last month just a day after my cycle ended, so I just got a chance to try their pack recently.

So, how is it?

Review: Rose-Shaped Menstrual Cup Travel Pack from Sileu Cup - The BeauTraveler

Sileu Cup

As I mentioned before, this is not my first time using menstrual cup. Previously, I used the large size of menstrual cup from some other brand. So when I got a chance to try Sileu Cup, without hesitation I opted to take the one with the small size just to see the difference.

After all, I'm here to review the product from the user's point of view. I figure it's best to compare my experiences using the two.

Starting with Sileu Cup as the brand itself. When I checked their website, I was genuinely interested in their various shapes of cups. That's the first thing that caught my eyes since the menstrual cup that I formerly used was just a regular-shaped one. And even then, I know that I want the rose-shaped menstrual cup like the one I've seen on their website. 🙂

The complete Sileu travel pack consists of a menstrual cup, a case, a foldable sterilizer, and a little purse for the cup.

Sileu Travel Pack – Passion & Sweet

After checking out their website, I found out that not only does Sileu have various shapes of menstrual cup, but it also makes sure that they follow the strictest protocols of control and quality in their production. Their menstrual cup has been tested by Intertek, and they're free of toxic or any substances that can be harmful to the human body.

Since the rose-shaped menstrual cup is the first one that caught my eyes on the website, I picked the red-colored one. And I couldn't be more thrilled when I received it!

I've checked on their website, and the whole Sileu travel pack costs around 29.99€ (around $33 USD). With the price, you'll receive 4 items which include a menstrual cup, a case, a foldable sterilizer, and a small purse for the cup. 

If I gotta be honest with you, it is actually super affordable. Compared to some other menstrual cup brands, they cost you the same for a menstrual cup only. Sileu cup is currently based in Spain, so I think it will be super convenient, especially for those of you who live in the EU area.

The travel pack box.

What's in Sileu Travel Pack?

Now that you know what to expect from Sileu Travel Pack, let me take you to the closer look of each item and how I find it very handy!

1. The menstrual cup.

As I previously used the L-sized menstrual cup, the one that I received from Sileu cup travel pack is half the size I usually used. When I thought the menstrual cup would be rose-shaped, apparently there's just some rose pattern in the cup that makes it look like it's rose-shaped. Still, I really appreciate the innovative idea to make Sileu cup unique compared to other cups. 🙂

The menstrual cup, please mind that the hair around the cup is nothing funny. It's apparently my cat hair or you could say… Pussy hair. LOL #catladyproblem

So, since it's smaller than the cup I usually used, for some reason it's also easier to apply. The only thing is that during my early days of cycles, the cup could only accommodate me for less than 12 hours. But since it's a small size, it's kind of expected.

Overall, I couldn't really tell the significant difference between Sileu menstrual cup and my old one. It works pretty much the same, apart from the size of the menstrual cup.

2. The purse for menstrual cup.

The small string bag for your menstrual cup that comes super handy, especially when you travel. I had to buy a small bag separately for my old one, so it's really great that Sileu cup actually provides one included for this.

The purse for the menstrual cup.

3. The foldable sterilizer.

THIS!!!! This foldable sterilizer makes this Sileu travel pack very ideal to bring during your travel indeed. The shape of this sterilizer is pretty much the same as the foldable glass that recently gets the hype. I suppose the material used for this sterilizer is the same as the cup.

So, sometimes when I traveled I usually had a hard time sterilizing my cup since I usually couldn't boil water in my accommodation. You see, I often choose a hotel over Airbnb, so it's rare for me to be able to get a stove in my accommodation during my travel.

This foldable sterilizer is super handy since all we need to do to sterilize is to put some hot water inside with the menstrual cup. If you can find a microwave somewhere in your accommodation, just put it on high for a couple of minutes and there you go… Everything is ready to use again!

The foldable sterilizer.

The sterilizer comes with a cap with Sileu cup written on it. And since it's foldable, it also fits in the last item we have on the travel pack: the case.

3. The case.

It's a case where all menstrual cup, the drawstring bag, and the foldable sterilizer could fit in one place. It's so compact, and easy to take around. Everything in one case, plus the case has a beautiful design too.

The case comes with a rose-shaped design with a small ‘S' for Sileu in the middle. It's super lovely!

The case.

The size of the case is also small so you can easily take it anywhere with you. It's only a bit bigger than your compact powder, I promise. It won't take a lot of space in your bag or purse. And you can take everything with you in this case. Super handy, and lovely too! 🙂

Where to Get Sileu Travel Pack

Are you interested to try an eco-friendly menstrual cycle with a menstrual cup? Or are you pretty much like me when I started using the cup, just can't stand my own body odor whenever I use pads or tampon? Well, head over to Sileu cup website as not only is it available for worldwide shipping, the website is also available in both English and Spanish too!

They have some products you can just choose accordingly to your needs. It's really hassle-free to give menstrual cup a try. In fact, now that I've tried it, I simple don't wanna look back to either pads or tampons. I legit gave away my tampon stocks to those who needed it, because I was so sure that I wouldn't want to use it after trying menstrual cup for the first time.

Furthermore, if you want to find out more about Sileu cup, you can also stalk all their social media channels here:

Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Do you want me to write any other topic about menstrual cup that you're interested to know before transitioning to a menstrual cup? Let me know your question below, so maybe I'll create another content separately about the topic, and cheerio!


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

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