Review: A Short Quarantine at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin, Bangkok

Can you believe that it's been almost three months since I published the last post about my Indochina trip, talking about the first-class train from Nong Khai to Bangkok?

When we talk about where to stay in Bangkok, Bangkok as a city is so big that you'll never run out of options for accommodations depending on the type of environment you want during your stay. From the budget-friendly hotels in Khao San Road for party-goers, to the more high-end area like Sukhumvit.

So in this post, I will talk about my experience of staying at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin, Bangkok. I stayed at the hotel for around a week after spending my self-quarantine at Sengphachanh Hotel 2 in Vientiane.

Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin, Bangkok

Last year was my second time to be in Bangkok because I was there a few years ago for my birthday trip.

I stayed at Khaosan Road the last time I was in Bangkok, and I knew that I wanted to stay elsewhere. My experience of staying at Sawasdee Bangkok Inn Hotel a few years ago made me sure that, after falling ill in Laos, I was planning to rest rather than travel around Bangkok. And Khaosan Road doesn't seem an ideal place to rest.

At first, I was planning to stay at Asok since most Indonesian travelers suggest the area for accommodation in Bangkok. But then since I went to Chatuchak market on my first trip to the city, I decided to find one around the Chatuchak area… And that's when I came across Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin.

At the time, I wasn't really planning to go to the weekend market. But I knew that I wanted to stay in Bangkok for quite some time, and I figure it would be convenient if I got the mood or energy to visit Chatuchak market on the weekend.

Standard Double Room at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin
Standard Double Room at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin, Bangkok.

Standard Double Room at Livotel Hotel

I also ended up booking Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin in Bangkok because it looked convenient in the picture, and they also served breakfast. I really thought I would barely go out when I was in Bangkok due to my situation as I hadn't felt 100% well at the time, so booking accommodation that guaranteed breakfast was a good decision.

The night rate for the Standard Double Room was around IDR 289,036 (around $20 USD), and I was actually amazed by how affordable it is compared to my real-time experience!

The room was clean and spacious, and there was even a small balcony where I could dry my clothes for a bit. The location of the hotel isn't really bad either. It's within walking distance to several 7-11 stores, and there are so many eateries around the hotel as well!

Since I stayed there for a little over a week, it was such a relief to find a self-service laundry nearby! Honestly, if I could go back to Bangkok to stay at Livotel Hotel again, I would!

Yes, the area is a bit farther from the city center. But it's not too far from the nearest BTS station. The hotel is somewhere between Bang Khen and Kasetsart University, and you can easily book a Grabbike to get to either station. If you're up for an adventure, you can even walk to the station for around 20-30 minutes from the hotel.

Breakfast at Livotel Hotel

As if I wasn't satisfied enough as the hotel has everything I want from the accommodation, the breakfast menu is also terrific!

They serve a buffet breakfast, available from 7 to 10 AM every day at their restaurant on the ground floor. From my 1-week stay at the hotel, I figure they kinda switched the main breakfast menu every day. But the general menu is pretty much the same, and they're not so bad!

Even their orange juice, although they don't serve fresh juice, it doesn't taste like Tang or some other low-cost artificial juice!

Needless to say, I was generally happy with my stay at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin. And if I ever go back to Bangkok, especially with my family, the hotel would be my #1 option for accommodation in the city!

My Verdict at Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin

I arrived in Bangkok early in the morning, and I was afraid that I couldn't get checked in early because I felt so exhausted due to my condition at the time. But thankfully, I could get a room right away even though I came to the hotel at around 9 in the morning!

I don't know much about the areas in Bangkok and which one is more popular for tourists. Still, if the central location isn't your priority for choosing accommodation in the city, I could assure you that Livotel Hotel should be considered in your option!

It's affordable, and it offers everything that you look for in accommodation! 🙂


  • $20 USD with breakfast almost feels like a luxury on the budget, especially when the food is also tasty!
  • The room is super convenient. Despite booking a standard room, I find it spacious and comfortable even for a longer stay. 
  • Everything works properly! From the wifi connection to the fridge, I've got nothing to complain!
  • The room is minimalistic but functional. There's one corner in the room with a small desk and a chair where I can conveniently work on my stuff. 
  • They have a small balcony too! Mind you, I stayed in the ‘standard' room!
  • If you're not the kind of person who brings your own toiletries, you don't have to worry as they provide everything for you. Although if you're the kind of traveler who collects hotel soaps and shampoos, there's no chance you can come home with some since they have it in a big container that you shouldn't take home! You see? It's environmental-friendly! 
  • It's close to eateries, convenience stores, and BTS stations too!


  • Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin in Bangkok might not be the best place to stay if you're looking for accommodation in the city center. With the traffic in Bangkok (which is typically the capital city in Southeast Asia!), it can take hours to get to the city center from the area. 

So yeah, if you're planning to go to Bangkok and trying to find the best accommodation possible for your stay… I'd personally recommend Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin in Bangkok!

Do you have any favorite accommodation or area to stay in Bangkok? Share your two cents in the comment below, and cheerio! 😀


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