Review: Focallure 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette (Neutrals) & 3 Pcs Lip Crayon Kit (#2)

Hello pretty ladies who are not as pretty as me… *lol*

If you follow my Instagram account, I suppose you remember that I uploaded a pic of some makeup products from Focallure last week. And like I said earlier on my Instagram post, I am going to post a review of this precious finding. An 18-color eyeshadow palette and 3 pcs lip crayon kit that cost me less than $15!

See, if there's anything you need to know about my beauty routine, I love my makeup like (most) people love me: cheap, but quite well-presented.

And I swear, Focallure has this kind of characteristics. I mean, 18 colors are something to die for in an eyeshadow palette. And given the fact that the price is less than $8 with such a high quality, I think we all agree that even though you may not like the product, it's worth to try for in the first place.

Shall we go deeper to talk about this beauty product? Let's go!

Review: Focallure 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette & 3 Pcs Lip Crayon Kit - The BeauTraveler

Why Focallure?

You probably noticed by now that for a blog that claims ‘beauty' on its main title, I only review beauty products outside Around The World With The Beauties once in a while. There are a few reasons why.

First of all, I kinda suck at taking photos of the products. Second of all, I mostly use local beauty products from Indonesia that is probably hard to find if you live elsewhere. Given the fact that most of my blog visitors come from the United States, I suppose you won't see the value if I review them.

Focallure is not an Indonesian local beauty product, it is a Chinese brand and thanks to Jack Ma, you can always purchase it online through Alibaba. At least that's what I've done. The shipping cost is not that expensive, especially when you purchase a lot of products all at once. πŸ˜‰

18-Color Eyeshadow Palette (Neutrals) & 3 Pcs Lip Crayon Kit (#2)

However, with so many bad stereotypes about Chinese products, especially when it comes to fake cosmetics and all that, I decided to do a rather deep research before purchasing some products through Alibaba. I mean, I wanted to make sure that it's safe to use since I'm gonna apply it all over my face.

First time I heard about the brand, it was because so many Indonesian local influencers swear by it. So many good reviews about the 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette, especially for the Bright Lux as they claim that it's the dupe ofΒ Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadow Palette.

However, the one that I purchased is not it since I'm anti-mainstream. Like, I think there's enough number of bloggers out there who have written the review of Bright Lux palette so I gotta try the other one that is less popular: Neutrals.

As for the lip kit, I actually just chose it randomly as I never say never to try new lip products and adding some other products won't hurt. I mean, the price of each product is not that expensive, but still, it applies international shipping, there is no way that I pay 100% to ship just one product when I can actually minimize the ratio of products and free shipping by purchasing more products. #womenslogic

A Little Something About Focallure

As I said, I had to do some deep research to make sure that this beauty product is legit so I could try it without worry. And I'm glad that I could easily find some details about the product throughout the internet that ensures me to purchase it immediately.

Sure, there are a lot of bad reputations when it comes to the products made in China. Especially the fake ones. However, Focallure is quite legit since it's their own brand. They undergo strict quality testing in order to get premium quality, and it's cruelty-free as well as only use safe and effective natural ingredients.

The beauty products are inspired by French makeup and skincare products, in which Focallure wants to follow the lead. The plus point about Focallure though, is that it is much, much more affordable than most French brands. In fact, the price per item is even lower than most of your drugstore makeup items. So, it's totally something to bargain for!

The packaging of Focallure 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette and 3 Pcs Lip Crayon Kit.

This 18-color eyeshadow palette and lip kit are not the only products that I've purchased the last time. I suppose, I can post some other products on my next review, so hang in there! πŸ˜€

Now, now… Let's start to review each one of these products! πŸ˜‰

Focallure 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette (Neutrals)

The reason why I chose the neutrals shade of this 18-color eyeshadow palette was that the colors provided in the palette are quite ‘safe' for every occasion. Also, I bought some other eyeshadow palette with smokey color options, so I think this one would be my go-to for rather some effortless yet flawless makeup.

Because I rarely find any review for this color since almost every blog that I've found writing about the brand, they would be about either the Bright Lux or Twilight shade. Seeing the other options other than the one I purchased, I honestly consider buying both after I tried the neutral one.

But since I rarely use eyeshadow in my daily makeup, then maybe later. However, I think this would have been my temptation should I still work in aviation industry where makeup is required. πŸ™‚

My First Impression

The color options in the Neutrals eyeshadow palette.

You see, the color options are pretty ‘safe', especially for those of you who don't really fancy bold colors. As for the packaging, although it looks quite decent in the picture, the packaging seems to be made out of ‘lux' cardboard or something. It's pretty light, and it looks quite good as well although even on the first touch, you know that it's quite cheap. πŸ˜›

And pretty much like most of Chinese products, the packaging comes with some not-so meaningful English phrase that we're not quite sure what this is all about. On this one, it says “We Care Your Favors”.

I got this product for only $7.09 through AliExpress. Not so bad for the 18 color options in the palette, and since I'm not exactly a worshipper of decent packaging, I personally couldn't care less about how cheap the packaging feels like. For all its worth, I'm the kind of person who seeks for the beauty on the inside. πŸ˜›

The Swatches

Swatches of each color option in the palette.

The 18 colors inside the palette consist of matte and shimmery colors. But if anything, all the colors are kind of safe and soft. I mean, you may not be interested to have it if you're more into bold colors. But this palette is perfect for those who like natural look like I do.

Pretty much like common problems with eyeshadow, the shimmery colorsΒ tend to be more pigmented than the matte ones. But then again, the matte one is quite great for the crease, I suppose. Although according to my experience, you may find it hard to get the matte colors into your brush if you use a synthetic brush.

However, it does its job perfectly well if you don't mind to put some dirt a bit in your fingertips. So, really, who needs brush when you've got fingers to experiment? *no pun intended πŸ˜›

I rarely use eye primer, but the last time I tried to use the product, the colors stay in my eyes for around 5-6 hours perfectly. And the colors get better with time to be honest. My most favorite color combination is the mixture of deep peach, sunset, and smokey topaz.

I normally go with bold colors, so I am seriously considering to try Bright Lux or Twilight because of the fact that I'm extremely satisfied with this Neutrals shades.



  • This is super affordable! With 18 beautiful color options in one palette, it only costs you less than $5. For all its worth, it won't really hurt you to try the product and see if you'll like it.
  • The color options are so pretty and pigmented. I mean, I choose the neutral ones, when really I usually prefer bold colors. But I still find it quite useful, especially if you look into some occasions that require some flawless and elegant makeup. If you're on budget, you could totally consider this on your next purchase! πŸ˜€
  • It's quite light, and packed securely that I suppose it's quite safe if you want to take it with you during your travel. Although it's highly recommended not to separate the box from the packaging for this.
  • Easily blended, and it stays quite long for around 5-6 hours without eye primer.


  • I'm not exactly a fan of its packaging, although I couldn't care less about it as long as I can use the product pretty well.
  • The texture of eyeshadow is not matched with a synthetic brush, which I normally use.

Focallure 3 Pcs Lip Crayon Kit (#2)

Out of the 4 options, pretty much like the eyeshadow palette, I also picked the one with most neutral colors so I opted for the #2 shades with 3 of them come in the nudish shade of colors. The shades that come in the package is Fuzzy Wuzzy, Nude Desert, and Chestnut.

I decided to go with lip crayon as I loved Menow Kissproof lip crayon, and surprisingly the texture of Focallure lip crayon is beyond it and I really love it. One of the shades that come in the package looked a bit pale but it turned out great when combined with a great makeup combination. So I don't regret anything about purchasing this lip crayon kit.

My First Impression

From left to right: Nude Desert, Chestnut, and Fuzzy Wuzzy.

You can get this lip kit for less than $5 USD! Can you believe it?!

Yes, this lip kit only costs you $4.60 USD on AliExpress and even if you don't like the shade of colors that I've got, you can opt some other options that suit better to your liking. It's great!

What makes it better than Menow Kissproof is the fact that you don't need to sharpen it from time to time. You can just roll it to get more of it, like a regular lipstick but more practical packaging and size. It's so travel-friendly by size, and I love it even more when I tried the product.

As for the packaging, it comes in a plastic matte packaging with the cardboard that looks quite lux although you know that it's low-cost when you touch it. But hey, it's still great so I'm not complaining.

This lip kit is incredibly great, with mild formula that you could comfortably wear even without lip balm. Honestly, I think each lip crayon comes with lip moisturizer as well, and I'm saying this because my lips are normally quite dry!

The Swatches

Swatches of each shade available on the lip kit #2.

The first time I swatched the color, I really hated Nude Desert because the shade is so bright and it was just not something that would come well in my skin color. Like when I tried it the first time on my lips, I looked so pale that I totally freaked myself out.

But then after some experiments with the color combinations and all, the Nude Desert shade will be perfectly combined with some glittery eyes and some pink blusher focusing under my eyes. If you're familiar with the Japanese hungover makeup trend, that's what I do with this Nude Desert and it goes quite well.

As for the other shades, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Chestnut, I think they're suitable for any occasion. I mean, this could actually be the shade I wear when I'm too lazy to put any makeup at all. So, it's great!



  • Each lip crayon glides perfectly on your lips.
  • The travel-friendly size!
  • This lip crayon is the kind of lip crayon that works best without any lip base such as lip balm beforehand, but it has a moisturizing effect even when you wear it without lip balm.
  • It's longlasting! I could still have the shade on my lips after meals. It's quite rare to find a lipstick like that, knowing how much I love to eat.
  • This is so cheap, it is barely $2 for each lip crayon!!!!


  • None

The Overall Review

Before and after using Focallure eyeshadow palette and lip kit. Eyeshadow: the mix of Wine, Cosmetic Latte and Glamping. Lip Crayon: Chestnut.

This barely costs me $10 USD in total. And I love everything about these products. I even consider buying more products from Focallure, since their highlight looks amazing as well.

And as I said, I've also purchased another palette as well as their lip cream when I bought this eyeshadow palette and lip kit. Should I also make a review out of the other Focallure products that I've got on a separate post?!

Let me know what you think, and feel free to share with me if you ever try any of Focallure product in your beauty routine. Cheerio! πŸ˜‰


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    1. yup, i got a little paranoid when it comes to anything made in china to be honest. i’m sure they’ve got the quality, but whether it’s safe or not, i don’t wanna gamble myself, especially not when it comes to touching my skin. πŸ˜›

  1. I’m always looking for a bargain when it comes to makeup, I too hate spending a lot of money on such items. I especially love the lip shades and I appreciate that you researched the brand. Love the makeup you applied to your lovely face (looks beautiful). Great post!

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