Review: Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick Set 2 & 3

Recently, a new store opened around my apartment. And surprisingly, they sell make-up and accessories in such affordable price and excellent quality!

For people like me who easily get distracted by lipstick even though I probably have a lipstick in similar shade back home, this store is paradise. It’s called Brun Brun Paris, and despite the brand has Paris on it, they actually claim as a platform to nurture local communities and provide french inspired design in their goods.

After some research, I’ve found out that their manufacturer is PT. Sophie Paris Indonesia. The name might ring the bell for some of you, but for those who aren’t familiar with Brun Brun Paris, then this one’s for you! 🙂

First time I visited the store, I was attracted to their display as they’ve got make-up, accessories and even food section in this small store. But then my first go-to was indeed the make-up section because of who I am as a person.

So at this time, I want to write a review about one of their products: Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick.

What attracted me the most about Brun Brun Paris, especially their make-up section was the fact that they actually sell the mini version of their lipstick variants. They have this magic lipstick that could transform the color based on your body temperature, as well as this matte creme lipstick.

Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick

I decided to purchase Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick Set 2 and 3 because I loved some shades I tried at the store. And I chose the mini lipstick set because it was so cheap with such a cute packaging. Plus, it’s so travel-friendly, I just can’t skip this one.

Honestly though, this mini lipstick set only costs IDR 19.900 (around USD 1.5) and with that price, you can actually get three shades of color. I mean, excuse me but we all know that it is impossible for women who love make-up to ignore this fact to start with.

Actually, since I live upstair (the store is in the LG floor of my apartment), I tried the lipstick first and only bought the product the next day when I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. LOL.


  • They come in such a travel-friendly packaging. I mean, if it doesn’t represent my alter ego as a beautraveler, then I don’t know what does.
  • The mini package with zipped lock makes it really easy for you to take it anywhere.
  • The lipstick texture is so soft that for those who don’t have much problem with their lips, you can even just wear it without lip balm. For real! It doesn’t apply to me though, as I have this chapped dry lips. 🙁
  • It’s probably the most long lasting lipstick that I have ever worn. Like I could eat chicken and it’s still there. No lipstick could work like that on my lips with my appetite. LOL.
  • 3 shades in 1 set. Enough said.
  • Less than USD 2. You can literally buy all variants without feeling broke when you go out of the store. 😛


  • Some shades work better than the others, and those who work well on your lips might not come on the same package in this mini lipstick set.

The Shades

To compare how the shades turn out on my lips, here’s my picture with my bare lips.

As I’ve got a problem with my dry lips, I really rely on lip balm before the lipstick application. Beside, prevention is always better than cure. Even for your lips.

These Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick Set 2 and 3 are dominated with the shades of red and pink. So those two sets might look similar to each other. Even when you try to swatch it on your hand like this.

Since they also come out in a normal size package, the code on the right side is what you refer to if you’re interested to purchase the regular-sized lipstick.

I was expecting the result to be dry as it’s supposed to be a matte lipstick, but the result is rather pseudo-matte. Especially when you wear lip balm as a base before you apply the lipstick. But the color looks vivid, and when it suits your skin color, nothing but great is how to describe this lipstick!

Above (right to left): BBMCL3 (Unicorn), BBMCL5 (Bittersweet), and BBMCL9 (Carnal) ; Down (right to left): BBMCL1 (Alpha), BBMCL8 (Checkmate), and BBMCL11 (Crash).

My favorite shade is BBMCL9 (Carnal) as it looks fresh on my face even though it doesn’t look THAT good on the picture. But that’s the shade that I like the most, while my least favorite is BBMCL (Unicorn) as I feel like I’m not as confident as Nicky Minaj to actually wear that shade for my daily activities.

You can check out Brun Brun Paris on their website or their official Instagram account. This Matte Creme lipstick is just one of their many make-up products, as they also have the liquid lipstick as well as some face mask and nail polish.

Since Brun Brun Paris is a local product in Indonesia, for those who dropped by on my blog and interested to try this product, feel free to contact me as I consider to sell some of Brun Brun products on eBay as well. Cheerio! 😉


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