Re-SOUL-ution 2018

Before we start, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone! πŸ˜€

It's that time of the year again, when we start creating a list for ourselves so that we start fresh in a few days and know what we need to do more in order to be a better version of ourselves, as well as know what we need to do less for exactly the same reason: to improve ourselves from the previous year.

Yup, resolution time! Aren't you excited?

Hmm. No, not really. No? Okay.

So anyway, you've probably read my post here on what I have accomplished and what I haven't throughout this year. And like most of you probably know, this time I would ramble about the list of accomplishment that I need to put in mind for 2018. So, what are they?

The Do's

Since everything needs to start with the positive vibes, I'll start with the list of the do's for next year. You see, the things that I need to start doing, if not to keep doing it more and more to get a better version of myself whatsoever. What is it? And how am I planning to do it? Let's see! πŸ˜€

To get better soon so that things will be more flexible for me, in terms of time or activity.

If you visit my blog often enough, I suppose you'd probably know by now that I am currently on a therapy for my Bell's Palsy. Because of Bell's Palsy, I decided to quit my full-time job entirely in mid-2017.

Since I have chosen the traditional therapy for this, acupressure, my therapist couldn't tell me exactly how long the therapy is going to take until I am fully recovered.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-22 at 12
The good news is, it doesn't take long for me to take a decent pic of myself for some random beauty product review.

I mean, my situation has been improving compared to 3 months ago, but I have no idea how long I still have to attend the sessions in the future. πŸ™

Apart from the fact that I really want to be fully recovered from this Bell's Palsy, there is rather a problem when it comes to this: the financial burden.Β 

Sure, I'm looking at opportunities through BeautiQ here, but then I can't focus on it entirely. Not to mention that I barely have money when at the same time, I still have some bills to pay every month. That's kinda disastrous!

For this, I really want to get better soon just so I can think clearly on what I need to do next, whether I'll focus on my initial plan to run my own business or find another job. And that will take us to the next point.

To grow my own business, be it for BeautiQ or in terms of blogging.

To be honest with you, I kinda lose my motivation to do much effort when it comes to BeautiQ.

I mean, sure… I've been warned before, by some of my friends who have maintained their own business, and even by my Dad whose earning let me go this far. They said, you'd get tired of the obstacles one day and if that happened, whatever you do, keep trying and don't lose hope.Β 

Lately I'm on the high spirit to post more contents on my blog, both in English and Indonesian.

Well, I didn't know that it was easier said than done. Because it's been some time since I started my own business, and honestly… The number of guys that I slept with in the past three months is definitely more than the number of items sold from my business. πŸ™

However, despite the losing-my-motivation situation when it comes to BeautiQ, lately I've been quite motivated to work on my blog instead. Both this blog and my Indonesian one. Also, the good thing is that ever since I quit my full-time job, most of my income is from something that I love to do: writing.Β 

Not only it's because I got some sponsored post on my blogs, but also I am currently in-charge as a freelance copywriter for one of the local e-commerce websites here in Indonesia.

For this, I really hope I can write more and more stuff in 2018. Not only to gain my own exposure as a writer but also to earn more money. $$$

Come on, didn't I mention that I've still got some bills to pay but no job? πŸ™

To accomplish my ASEAN bucket list.

If you've read my to-do-list, you probably know that my goal is to visit the 10 ASEAN country members before I hit the age of 30. And just FYI, next February will be my 29th birthday. Ergo, I've only got one more year to accomplish my bucket list. Damn it, so much pressure! :/

Okay, since I won't have the usual birthday trip next year due to test event for Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, I'm actually planning to visit Cambodia and Laos in either March or April once the event finished.Β 

I mean, who knows maybe I can also visit Brunei later next year? A girl can only hope. πŸ™‚

Speaking of my plan to go to Cambodia and Laos, I particularly want to go to Choeung Ek, the Khmer Roughe killing fields in Phnomh Penh. A few days ago, there was this thread talking about the places that made us really emotional when visited, and I read this place as an answer, mentioning about skull, hair and blood.Β 

I can't imagine visiting the place for real, especially if I go there solo. I mean, I remember visiting War Remnants Museum in HCMC and I literally had to calm myself down after seeing some pictures of Agent Orange victims. I didn't see any skull, hair or blood, but I actually went to the toilet, trying so hard not to cry in the museum. I failed, btw.

One of the pictures displayed at War Remnants Museum, HCMC showing two victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Despite how I could be so sensitive when it comes to war and disaster, this kind of sites is usually on my must-visit list whenever I travel. Therefore, I am so looking forward to go toΒ Choeung Ek in Cambodia!

To have a nice, actual date on 18.02.2018.

For those who don't know, I had exactly the same thing on my resolution last year for 17.02.2017 but it didn't happen. Hmm.

I mean, despite the fact that I live such a good bachelorette life, sleeping with one after another, I kind of miss being in an actual romantic relationship. Being naive as I am, I really hope it can happen next year.Β 

On 18th February next year, it will be the end of test event for Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, in which I'll be in charge as a protocol assistant in the event. Since I have no one that I take seriously in a romantic way so far, let's just hope that the one that I'll have a date with by then is this random Singaporean athlete or official.

And by random, I really meant Joseph Schooling. πŸ˜›


Why Singapore, you said? I'm still consistent when it comes to being an opportunist bitch.

Dating a Singaporean could enable me to get a permanent resident in order to eventually obtain Singaporean passport, the current highest rank passport in the world!Β 

*PS. If I eventually date anyone from Singapore and he comes across to this post, please know that my intention is just a total joke… There's no way I date you for your passport! πŸ˜›

Move out of my parents' house.

I get so used to live far away from home that when I move back home, I often get in an argument with my parents. It could be the way I dress or the fact that I'm not married yet. It's so annoying.Β 

The only reason why I decided to come back home after quitting my full-time job is that I'm still on my therapy for my Bell's Palsy. So the reason why I really want to get well soon is not only because I want to be fully recovered, but honestly, I just want to avoid this unnecessary fights with my parents. :/

The Don'ts

Of course, there are always the don'ts. And for some reason, there's always some on the list that I am still yet to accomplish. Just like what has happened to this year. Hook up with me, anyone? πŸ˜›

Yeah, right… That's the one thing that has always been on the list every year, but ironically never been checked as the accomplished one. It's so hard to avoid your sexual desire when you need some touch, eh? πŸ˜›

To hook up with random people from this online dating site.

Who am I kidding? This thing keeps happening when you talk about me. How am I gonna do it next year? Only God knows.

I mean, it's obvious that the only thing that could stop me from hooking up with random people everytime is if I eventually involve with someone romantically.

I mean, yeah… I'm quite bold as a girl and never really afraid to try different dickΒ method to go out with some guys. But as far as I know, at least I don't cheat when I'm in an actual relationship. Hmm.Β 

That awkward moment when you share the same passion: casual sex.

I don't know, man… That's my only hope. So let's pray for me to have an actual boyfriend so I can stop sleeping around next year!

To spend money on some unnecessary things.

So now that you've heard about my financial struggle, I could actually hear some of you blaming me for what has happened. I mean, yeah… I sometimes just couldn't help to spend money on random stuff that is not even important.

2018: saving up!

Lipstick and food though, those things are evil for me… I just couldn't help myself from spending money on them.

I mean, besides the fact that some shades were actually similar, lipstick could only make me look better. So maybe not so evil. But food though? I've literally gained weight for having a little way too much fun with food. :/

I never really thought that I would have some concern when it comes to weight as I had never been the person who complained much about gaining weight, but nowadays? I started to have to buy new clothes just because my old ones no longer fit.Β 

The fact that I barely have money to pay my bills though, now I seriously need to stop spending money on unnecessary stuff like this random snack I found on the way to my therapy place. πŸ™

Okay, so those are my resolution for 2018. I think, above everything, it may sound cliche, but I just want to be a better version of myself.Β 

I want to be more mature when it comes to my personality. I know I could be so childish at times, but then I suppose the fact that I'm old enough, I don't need anyone to defend myself for being me? I don't know though.

So, yeah… This Christmas eve, since I don't celebrate Christmas at home, here I am spending some time to write my resolution. I hope you guys have had the wonderful year of 2017.

How do you guys spend your holiday? Drop me a comment, and cheerio! πŸ˜€

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34 thoughts on “Re-SOUL-ution 2018”

  1. Lol you definitely have a unique list of dos and donts πŸ˜‰ I hope acupuncture works for you! I tried it once for my epilepsy. It personally didn’t work but im so glad it’s working for you πŸ™‚

    1. lol yeah, that’s what happens when my life has been getting so fluctuating lately. πŸ˜›

      and i tried acupressure nowadays, tried acupuncture before too but it didn’t work that much either. i suppose this one was the best method that works so far. happy new year! πŸ˜€

  2. I smiled reading through this – good to have a sense of humor about things. Best of luck of your business and travel goals. It certainly isn’t easy – if it were, everyone would be doing it. Keep it up and stay focused – it will happen.

  3. Great resolutions. I liked the don’t (hook up with the guys online) hehe. I wish you all the health in the world so you can recover fully asap. Let your business grow and may your travels be safe and full of wonderful adventures. All the best in 2018!

  4. I think this is a great list of ideas. I think its important not to be negative about the year that has just passed. So many people write/say things like “Thank God that year is over” and do the same thing the following year. I believe positivity is a good thing for achieving our goals. Always be confident, even when scared to death is what i say. I hope you can complete your ASEAN goal and that your health improves in 2018 (plus you get that date!)

    1. haha, yeah.. i understand about those people who say things like ‘thank god this year is over blahblahblah’, but then if you keep saying things like that whenever the new year comes up, isn’t that just some kind of sign that you don’t spend your year to the fullest? it’s kinda sad. :/

      thank you so much for your kind support… and happy new year! πŸ˜€

  5. I am sure you will conquer the Bell’s Palsy very soon and rock in 2018. You have your goals clearly defined for the year which is great. I am sure you will scale new heights in the year and here is wishing your dreams flower into reality in the new year.

  6. I’ve never seen a year-end compilation post like this before with the dos and don’ts. I’m pretty fond of it. So sorry to hear about the Bell’s Palsy and I hope it gets better soon. Here’s to a fabulous 2018. Safe travels.

  7. This is an interesting do’s and don’ts post and it is a good way to reflect on ones own life πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about your Bell’s Palsy and I do hope the treatment works out for you. Here is to a bright 2018 for you!!!!!

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