A Few Travel Questions You Should Avoid Asking on International Travel Forums

Do you also rely on international travel forum on several platforms to get more information before you travel somewhere? Maybe it's some travel websites like Couchsurfing, or some travel groups on Facebook?

Well, since I do… I've noticed some pattern on several forums and that includes ignorant questions being asked by some people. I mean, it's not like I'm being the hard-ass who would get offended by a lot of small things in life. But guess what? I get offended by some small things in life.

So, I'll be here writing on my rants about a few travel questions you definitely should avoid asking on international travel forums.

Why? Because now that we're talking about international travel, no matter how you think globalization makes the world flatter than ever, you could still feel the gap in some parts of the world. And when I said flat, I meant it metaphorically. I'm not a part of flat earth society, I swear. I believe in science. LOL.

A Few Questions You Should Avoid Asking on International Travel Forums - The BeauTraveler

There's No Such Thing As a Stupid Question. Really?

As bitter as it sounds, I'd call bullshit on that phrase because there's actually such thing as a stupid question. I mean, I don't know whether it's because I used to work in the customer service industry and I had encountered plenty of stupid questions from customers that I swear some of them were just rhetorical.

In the era when Google is on the tip of your fingers, you actually can find the answer for any questions you have in mind. So yes, it's really stupid to ask who is the current president of the United States when the news about Donald Trump is everywhere throughout the internet.

Well, given the circumstance, my harsh opinion is solely for those who are privileged enough to have some decent internet connection. So, when you can actually post a question in some international travel forum, whichever the platform is, I'd assume you are also privileged enough to use Google.

I mean, even if you're currently based in China, aren't you able to also look for the answers on Baidu and whatnot?

3 Questions You Should Stop Asking on International Travel Forums

So, what kind of questions that I think you people should stop asking on international travel forums?

Remember, my piece here is all based on my personal opinion. So, if you have yours that might be opposed to mine, it's the free speech. Let it all out!

1. “Is it safe to travel to XXX (insert the name of the city or country here)?”

Look, I understand that you probably try to be more vigilant since it's gonna be your first time to visit the place. But the question is really not necessary to ask. First of all, the question screams so hard about the stereotype. Second of all, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. And such situations actually apply everywhere, no matter in which part of the world you are.

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Trust your instinct before you ask that question. Because when you feel like a particular place is not safe for you, most likely it won't be safe for you. Why? Because you fill your thoughts with the negativity about how the place would be dangerous for you.

Sure, some would say that it's always fine to take precaution before you arrive in some particular place. Well, in that case, why won't you change the question to be something like, “What should I expect if I go to XXX?”

The answers to that question, of course, could vary. But at least the question won't be black and white about whether the place is safe or not. You can be safe or not safe in any place in the world.

2. “I have the budget of $ XXX (insert the number here), where would you suggest me to travel?”

The reason why I get triggered so much with this question is probably that I'm so jealous with the person who could actually ask this question. I mean, how much of privilege have you got to be able to ask such question?

I'm holding an Indonesian passport, and traveling spontaneously is something that would be hard to do because of visa restrictions to enter some countries. You know, visa applications and other shit like that. So, really… I can't relate to that kind of question.

But nope, even if you hold one of the privileged passports that enables you to travel anywhere in the world promptly, the question still doesn't feel right. Why? Because it's an incomplete question, where you can add some more information to let people help you in your distress.

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For example, you could probably share what kind of traveling style you prefer. Are you a budget traveler who wouldn't mind staying at the hostel? Or are you a flashpacker who wouldn't mind to get on a budget as long as some other aspects are comfortable for you? How many days are you aiming to travel? What kind of activity do you like to do for the trip? And more importantly, where the heck are you based?

When you've got $1000 USD to spend on your next trip, the answer could differ depending on where you're flying from. I could tell you the budget would be more than enough to travel around Thailand, but say if you're currently in New Orleans and flying from there, the amount of money mentioned wouldn't cover the return ticket alone.

3. “What's the budget to travel to XXX (insert the name of the city or country here) for XX (insert the number here) days?”

Like the previous question, this question is incomplete. You should really elaborate your expectation to travel in the place you mention there if you want to get the ideas.

Sure, $1000 USD is a lot to spend in Thailand. But if you're the kind of person who would travel in some luxurious way and choose a private resort for yourself as accommodation and get around with a hired car along with the driver, the amount of money mentioned might be not enough.

Source: Pexels.

Before you ask such question, I'd advise you to ask the god Google or any other search engine to get some insights. I mean, it's 2019 and you can easily find the night rate of some accommodation around the world. You could even pre-book some entry ticket for some activities in advance. What's your excuse?!

Do You Have Any Annoying Question You Could Find on International Travel Forum?

Okay, maybe I am actually a snowflake who couldn't take easy in some particular issues. But damn it, I think it would be beneficial for all of us when people stop asking stupid questions like those above on international travel forums.

So, do you have any annoying question you could find on international travel forum that might disturb you a little? Or maybe you found some ignorant question from other fellow travelers?

I want to hear from you. Drop your comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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  1. Heh! Those questions would annoy me too! To be honest, I have not looked at international travel forums for yeeears. I have a feeling they will annoy me when I do.

    When I was a teenager I used them much more though. I hope I didn’t ever ask too dappy questions back then!

    1. i’ve been a part of several travel forums now, and i think i’ve been there quite a long time that i know some particular forums that are just plain toxic with some unnecessary questions as well as comments within the members. 😛

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