Girls’ Day (and Night) Out: How to Spend Quality Time with Your Mom as Adults

After our last staycation at Savoy Homann Hotel a couple of months ago, I recently just finished yet another staycation at another hotel in town. Again, my mom tagged along. This time, I planned out a visit to the new selfie spot in town with her.

As I uploaded a pic of me on Instagram, taken by my mom there, to my surprise I got some messages from my friends who somewhat got inspired to take their mom out too. They asked me what I usually did during the staycation. How to keep my mom entertained, etc.

Well, thanks to those messages because now I'm also inspired to create this article. Some content to give you an idea on what you could do to spend quality time with your mom now that you're both adults.

Girls' Day (and Night) Out: How to Spend Quality Time with Your Mom as Adults - The BeauTraveler

Mother-Daughter Quality Time: Strengthening Your Bonds as Adults

Me and my mom.

In case you didn't know, earlier this year I've lost two women that I looked up to in my life. My grandma and my aunt. The event hit me so hard to the point that I feel like I have to make some efforts to actually get closer to my mom.

I mean, not that we had a bad relationship in the past. We've always had a good mother-daughter relationship, that there are times when I feel like my mom is actually my bestest friend. However, there were also times when I felt like she didn't understand me at all. Yes, even now that I'm 30. To think that that shit would end during adolescence but nope…

Anyway, with me working from home most of the time, I barely had some quality time with her since I mostly spend my day (and night) working in my sanctuary on the second floor. We rarely have a quality conversation, as we seldom spend some time in the same room anyway.

But now, since I have enough time and money to take her out for a staycation or just a dinner… I decided to maybe treat her a little. While at the same time, strengthening our relationship as mother and daughter in the adults' perspective.

Things to Do for Quality Time with Your Mom

I was a bit lost in words when my friend asked the ideas to do for quality time with her mom. To be fair, you'll probably know your mom as both a mom and a person. You can figure out what kind of things that make her happy, and from there… You can plan out your way to have some quality time with her.

As for me, I'm basically a not-so-mini version of my mom. She likes to explore new things and gain more knowledge about a lot of stuff. Since my dad is not much of a traveler, she never really got a chance to travel. If anything, I bet you $10, I bet she wouldn't know what to do for checking in the hotel. That's how pure my mom is.

Basically, my mission to have quality time with her is also to introduce her to the world she's never known.

I mean, I could suggest you take your mom to the hair salon and pamper herself and such… But it isn't the kind of thing my mom would enjoy even though I know for sure that I will. So, bear with me cause if your mom is a similar kind of mom, then these are the things that I successfully did with my mom so far!

1. Gossip over Coffee or Dinner.

Roasted oxtail soup that we had at Braga Permai.
My mom at Kopi Djawa during our staycation at Homann.

If there's one thing that I got from hanging out with my mom during our quality time together, it was the fact that gossiping with mom is really a different kind of tea. LOL.

No kidding, like at this age she wasn't really hesitant to spill the tea about who's got the affair with whom etc. And the best thing you could do this is when you go over coffee or dinner.

As for my mom, she likes coffee as much as I do so she wouldn't mind spending some time with me at Starbucks while gossiping about things.

If you feel fancy enough, it's nothing wrong about taking your mom out for a fine-dining. I did it at Braga Permai, since it is one of the most legendary restaurants in town.

It was her first time visiting Braga Permai when we went together, and the satisfaction is real because I think she really deserves it. Not only because she deserves to try out one of the most recommended restaurants in town no matter how expensive it is, but the fact that you can actually let her do something for the first time kinda pays off.

Like, she's basically the person who's responsible for my well-being and how so many of my first times, I did it with her. I did it because of her. And letting her experience something for the first time is really a different kind of satisfaction I got when I did it.

2. Shopping.

Given the choice, what kind of shop are you going to if you go with your mom?

To be fair, I don't know if there's any mom in the world that won't find shopping enjoyable. Chances are, they'll love it. You can also try online shopping if you don't have time, with more info here.

I don't know about you, but my mom is the kind of person who would really get anxious about spending money. Typical Asian mom, I guess. Like whenever you spend money for something, she'd ask how much it is etc etc.

It could be annoying sometimes, but did she take what she wants? Yes.

So really, those kind of annoying questions are really bluffing.

3. Visiting Museum (or Any Kind of Place, Really!)

My mom at the Museum of the Asian-African Conference.

Remember the time when she had to teach you things at school? Chances are, she never really updated her knowledge ever since she went to school. But the thing about knowledge is that it expands. And sometimes things are a little different now. Bonus point if you're smartass like I am, and when your mom loves you for the smartass you are.

I mean, it's always good to update your knowledge about stuff. Then why not do it with someone who taught you things for the first time?

4. Just Be Each Other's Company.

Me during my morning exercise, while my mom sat by the pool enjoying the sun.
The minute we arrived at our hotel room, she wanted me to take a pic of her with this Bandung's landmark, Pasopati Bridge that could be seen from our hotel room. 😛

If anything that I've learned from the staycations with my mom, it was the fact that we could actually enjoy each other's company no matter what kind of things we do.

For all I care, I could still do my work with her around and she could probably just watch TV to entertain herself. Sometimes we also had some chit-chat about random stuff. One of the last conversations we had was actually quite meaningful for me.

It was something about marriage, when my mom asked whether my cousin ever told me about the guy he's dating or something. I mean, don't get me wrong, but my mom is nosy af. Sometimes I wonder if she ever minds her own business.

But anyway, I told her not to worry too much about my cousin since she's in her late 30s and unmarried. It was the society that my mom grew up in that thought that kind of situation was a tragedy.

I wouldn't blame her to grow up with the people who would glorify marriage and procreation, but women these days have choices and if being single is something that could make her happy, then who are we to question one's situation?

My mom's response for that was a bit comforting as she was like, “You know, I'm glad that we had this kind of conversation. I get so used to listen to other people, but it's great to hear it from your perspective so it can help me understand.”

For a split second, I'm so glad that I have a mother who's actually open-minded, and most importantly, one who actually listens.

How Do You Spend Quality Time with Your Mom?

So yeah… That's how I usually spend my quality time with my mom. Do you have any other ideas on how to do things together with your mom that actually succeed? Let me know in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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