7 Unique and Affordable Personalized Gift Ideas for My Brother (and Maybe Yours Too!)

July is my brother’s birth month. And when it comes to birthday, I always remember my birthday a few years ago when he was still a small boy. He made me a bracelet and left me a card wishing me happy birthday and apologizing as he couldn’t buy me anything for the birthday gift.

I literally cried when I received it, because I think that was probably better than any purchasable gift.

However, when the other way around, buying gifts for my brother is not always easy as I’m not as creative as he is. Like, I swear to God that the DIY skill God gives to my family, it’s been only given to my mom and my brother and not to the others. Not my dad, me or my sister. 😛

But then, I love the fact that nowadays, there are so many options to give personalised gifts without having to be someone who’s creative on my own. It’s personal and memorable, something that my loved one will keep because it means something to them.

So, here’s a list of unique and affordable personalized gift ideas that I’ve got for my brother, that you can also use for yours! 😉

Travel Photobook

I think I’ve mentioned several times that despite the fact that I prefer to travel solo, I would never say no to the chance to travel with my brother and my sister as they’re the best traveling partner that I’ve ever had.

The last time we traveled together was to Singapore last year. And despite he got shocked with how expensive the things in Singapore could be, he’d still consider Singapore to be one of his favorite trips.

Also from that trip, we’ve got so many good pictures as we traveled from Kuala Lumpur all the way down to Singapore. I could totally compile the pictures taken from Batu Caves, Malacca to Singapore and make them into a beautiful travel photobook.

If your brother has got bitten by the travel bug, then this could also be the perfect gift for them. You can be sure that this will be something he will treasure.

Personalized notebook

A notebook can be personalized too, and this is perfect for a busy brother who always has his agenda full.

As for my brother, with his talent for art, he likes to doodle up and notebook is definitely something that he’s always got in hand. The good thing is that now, we can design the cover with anything that we desire, and that includes our favorite photos as the cover.

I literally think of making a notebook with my close-up picture as the cover just to troll him. 😛

Custom city map

A custom map is great for wall decor, and it can be personal if you choose a place that means something to him. It can be his hometown, the city where he goes to college, his favorite city in the world, or his dream city. You can buy an illustrated map or a graphic map, whichever suits his taste.

For my brother, he’s been living in Bandung for his entire life.

So I think it’s a great idea to actually give him a custom city map, one that could show him the place where he was born, the schools he’s gone to (in which literally there are only two, as he went to the same private school for like 17 years!), the place where an accident happened in his childhood, etc.


If they have a hero or someone that they are fond of, this is the perfect gift for them.

Find a poster of his favorite hero to hang on his bedroom wall, or create a poster with his favorite photos. You can also make a photo collage poster.

My brother adores Birdy so much that he’s got her album cover pinned up on his bedroom wall. I could totally try to consider using her photo for the poster, although I’m quite hesitant. I’m just kind of afraid that it will be used for fapping reference though. 😛

Business cards

So, my brother has been quite passionate about his Youtube channel. And I encourage him to maybe grow his channel through connecting with some other youtubers. Business cards sound like something that will come handy for that part.

However, I suppose I’m not going to order this for him as he’s better at design and everything. Well, maybe I could ask him to create his own design for me to proceed? Otherwise, there’s a lot of business card design ideas to use if you think about giving him a surprise. 😉


Something practical and useful is always good for a gift, and a mug is definitely something that he can use in his everyday life.

I mean, if there’s anything you need to know about my brother, it is the fact that he’s definitely one of solitary gods. He likes to be left alone in his room to do whatever the thing he does there. And he only comes out to get some snacks and refill water in his mug. So, a customized mug is surely something that will be handy for him.

I suppose, maybe I can customize the mug with my photo again to troll him. Say, if you were my brother, would you appreciate it or kill me after? 😛


A gift is not complete without a card, and this is something that you can personalize very easily. For me personally, I think if there’s something that could make me stand out for the gift, it would be my ability to write with words. From something that could make him teary to even cringe. 😛

Cards are definitely something that I should include for the gift, and I think a customized card using my photo or his favorite meme would be appreciated.

7 Unique and Affordable Personalized Gift Ideas for My Brother - The BeauTraveler

If you came across this post because you’re trying to get an idea about what to give to your brother or your beloved one, you can definitely give him a card with his favorite meme. 😀

So yeah… Those are the ideas that I’ve got to give a personalized gift for my brother. I haven’t decided yet on what to give to him, but I’m planning to get it from Photojaanic. Not only that, because they also have more options for personalized gift you can give to your family. Not just for your brother, but for other family members and friends.

Say, if you were me, what item would you buy for my brother?! I’m all ears to the idea, and cheerio! 😉

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  1. I love your gifts ideas for brothers. I find them very unique and special … everyone should be happy to get such presents from a sister. My brother is a kind of a person who is most happy about money in the envelope (ugh), but he is one of a kind! 😀

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