Owning Your Own Holiday Home

Holidays can be quite an expense, and so very often we do not get enough of them in our lives. If we get to go away once or twice a year, that is considered good for many people. But with such busy and stressful lives that we all lead, we can very often need a break from the hard work more frequently than we would like. 

When it comes to going away for a short break, very often, the biggest expense is the accommodation. But, if you wanted to make some big savings on your accommodation costs, then one thing that you may want to consider doing looking at caravan for hire holidays in Cornwall or buying your own holiday property.

This may mean getting a caravan, holiday home or cottage, or even getting a camper van. One of the best things about holidaying in your own place is that you are able to make the place feel like your own home by decorating it in your own tastes and fill it full of your own home comforts. 

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Buying a Camper Van

Seeing the world from the comfort of your home on wheels will provide you with lots of freedom. You can go anywhere that you want to go, assuming that there are roads wherever you would like to go!

If you want to go abroad, you can do this, but just check that your driving license permits that you have adequate insurance and breakdown cover too before you set off. 

Of course, camper vans can be quite costly purchases, and if you do not have enough money spare or saved up, then this is not too much of a problem as you can always take out a loan or get the vehicle on finance from a camper van dealership. 

If you want to get a return on your investment besides the obvious freedom to holiday when and where you like, then you may want to look at renting your vehicle out. Research campervan hire options and see where you may be able to make your money back by renting yours out when it is not in use. 

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Buying a Caravan

Caravans offer the opportunity for regular traditional holidays. Often situated along the coast, caravan parks very often have static vans for sale. Visit a few showrooms and find out what you may be able to buy. Some caravans have so much room and luxurious decor, you will definitely be able to enjoy your stay whenever you are there. 

If you are getting a van on a caravan site, then you will need to find out all about some essential things such as any ground rent, electricity and water charges that you may be required to pay. These areas can be costly, so be sure you know exactly what you will be paying out each month in total before you buy your caravan.

You can, of course, rent out your caravan once you have bought it. You may want to try and let it out during the peak periods when you will be able to charge the most rent, and then try and use it yourself during the weeks where you would not be able to achieve the highest prices. That way, you will be able to cover the costs of ownership quite easily, meaning your holidays will essentially be free.

You will need to clean the caravan between guests, but if you are not able to get there yourself, then you could make use of local cleaning service to ensure that a professional finish is left throughout the van before the next guests arrive. 

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Holiday Homes

Buying a holiday home will mean that you will get to have somewhere comfortable to stay whenever you go away. You will most likely need to take out a mortgage to pay for the property, but again, if you rent this out, you will be able to get a good return on your investment. You may find that you can earn as much in a week from renting it out as it costs for your monthly mortgage repayments. 

Again, as with caravans, if you are unable to get to the house to clean between visitors, then you will need to hire a local person to come and clean and do any odd-jobs that pop-up around the home. 

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In addition to the rental income, and the fact that you will have on tap holidays, owning a holiday home is a long-term investment that may well come in handy when you retire.

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