Not So Thrilled at Penang Hill


Last year, I was still on probation in April and the situation forced me to just stay in Penang for 2 days for Sya’s wedding as I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids. But since it was my first time in Penang, I thought that I still had to go somewhere that was not just the wedding to see what’s in there.

So this classic rookie who barely knows how to read a map eventually made some mistakes on her first visit in Penang.

So I booked the hostel around Georgetown area and after talking to this cute girl who was my Uber driver, she told me that I should have booked a hotel around Little India as places to visit can be reached by walking distance.

In my defense though, there are way too many Georgetown villas and hotels that are way too good to miss as options there.

However, being positive as I rarely am (lol), I decided that maybe it’s just a sign to revisit Penang someday to see more parts of the city.

Anyway, since the time was tight and I had to spend the whole day on Saturday to attend the wedding, I only had half of Sunday to explore since my flight back to Jakarta was at around 04.00 PM.

So after some suggestion as the legendary mural couldn’t be reached by walking distance, and neither it would be easy to get there by public transportation, I decided to take the bus from the bus terminal not so far from my hostel to Bukit Bendera, where the Penang Hill is.  FYI, I didn’t really use Uber if not necessary as it would have been hella expensive.

FYI, I didn’t really use Uber if not necessary as it would have been hella expensive. And as it turned out, Bukit Bendera was rather far to reach with Uber and it didn’t fit my budget. But anyway…

The surprising thing about getting to Bukit Bendera was that I randomly befriended this group of Vietnamese girls who were traveling together to Penang. We ended up adding each other’s facebook for a 30-minute conversation in the bus. It was epic since everything started when I found out they’re Vietnamese and I started talking about the fact that I love Hue. Lan and Phan are from HCMC, btw. 😉

As it turned out their flight to KUL was even earlier and they decided to stop somewhere around this temple when I continued my journey to Penang Hill. Anyway…

So, when I reached Penang Hill at around 9, it was already full of visitors with a lot of lines that got you confused at times when you were a first timer and foreigner. After asking here and there and kind of trying to analyze the situation, I found out that there are basically two types for the ticket to get to Penang Hill: the regular and the fast lane.

For regular visitors who don’t mind to queue, the ticket is twice cheaper than the fast lane ticket. However, since I had to catch my flight after Penang Hill, so then I bought the fast lane ticket for MYR 60 (for foreigner, for MyKad holder only MYR 30, the same as regular one for foreigner) and then went straight to get on the train for the sake of seeing the view Sya’s friends mentioned in the wedding on the previous day.

Honestly, there was nothing so special about the train except for the degrees we were in because of the height. And when I got to the hill, I was a bit disappointed as it was so touristy and for some places, they would charge extra so I ended up strolling around the park somewhere.

The only satisfaction that I got at Penang Hill was this banana chocolate ice cream that I bought in the cafeteria for only MYR 8. It tasted like heaven! 😀

There was this area at Penang Hill that tried so hard to be the imitation of Pont des Arts in Paris. I mean, sure… I wanted to put my name on the padlock as well, and hell I did, with Matteo Brighi! Hahaha.

But then the padlocks were so freaking expensive. The regular padlock could cost around MYR 30 when the love-shaped one could even reach 80 and even 100. So not worth it. So my suggestion is if you’re interested in following the trend by writing your name and your beloved one and locked it at Penang Hill, better buy the lockpad somewhere in the stationery shop or something.

Also the view that people were talking about. You could see the city view, they said.

It was so hazy when I got there that I couldn’t see anything behind the green from the trees. Lucky there were green from the trees, otherwise I’d probably be mad at myself for ending up there.

So in the nutshell, let me sum up my review about Penang Hill!


  • Maybe it would be better visiting Penang Hill at the right time, like around June or July. 
  • The food is alright! 😀


  • It was so touristy that I felt like everything was expensive there. 
  • With a rather bad weather, you couldn’t really enjoy stuff there. 
  • I would like to consider MYR 60 was not that worth the things I saw there. 

But then again, although I didn’t really have a positive experience visiting Penang Hill, I gotta say I’m glad that at least I’ve been there. So maybe next time I visit Penang, I can then focus on some other places that are worth more to see around.

After all, I know Penang has a lot to offer. Be it the places around the city, the food too are so mouthwatering!

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