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Hello beautravelers! 😀

I suppose some of you are already familiar with my weekly feature The Wander Lover Series that I publish every Friday, and if you didn’t know this already then I tell you what, I’ve gained a lot of positive things through collaboration with other fellow bloggers and I want to expand the opportunity to connect with more of them.

So this time, I’ve got an idea to create a new feature on this blog: Around The World With The Beauties! 😀

As you know, there are three things that create The BeauTraveler – Beau * Beauty * Travel – so I figure that maybe I can create a feature that may be helpful for all beautiful women out there who are pretty much like me: they love traveling as much as they love lipstick. 😛

The idea itself comes from the treasure that I’ve found in Kuala Lumpur back on my flying days. It’s just a drugstore product, but I think this product is one of the best serendipity ever and it could only remove my blackheads! 😛

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For those who don’t know, I was talking about Watsons’ Nose Pore Strip. It’s one of the beauty products that I accidentally found when I was traveling. It’s not exactly a local product, as I found it the first time in Malaysia, but the thought of it is so intriguing that I just want to know more about what beauty products that I could try when I travel, especially the local products.

Needless to say, the thought of it led me to the idea of Around The World With The Beauties! 🙂

What is Around The World With The Beauties?

Around The World With The Beauties is a new weekly feature that will be published on The BeauTraveler every Tuesday.

Basically, I am collaborating with other bloggers to write about the recommended local beauty product in the country they currently live in. Like, who knows about it better than the locals, right? 😀

If anything, any good beauty product can be a treasure for those who love makeup and skin care like I do. And it’s also great to know the new things if your passion is anything related to beauty.

Why Around The World With The Beauties?

I mean, I know some fellow flight attendant who once got some panic attack when she forgot to bring her deodorants from our home-base back then.

The amount of time spent to find a good deodorant for him? A little too long than expected.

Because of this, I hope Around The World With The Beauties could avoid the same situation so that you can find out some recommended local products that can be the alternative as the substitution of your favorite product at home.

Also, it won’t hurt to just try it, if it’s good then voila, serendipity like what happened to me and Watsons’ Nose Pore Strip! 😀

When and Where is Around The World With The Beauties?

Every Tuesday, I will post at least 2 products from 2 different countries as I hope it may be helpful for women (or men!!!) like me who actually love to try some good beauty products.

All the posts will be published here on my blog TheBeauTraveler. 🙂

Who will be involved on Around The World With The Beauties?

I have collaborated with some travel, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers in some countries for this feature.

Now I am compiling their post to be scheduled for the feature, and hopefully I will be able to meet and collaborate with more bloggers so that I can cover more countries with their recommended local beauty products. 🙂

Once in awhile, if I find any good local beauty product from Indonesia, or any country that I’ve visited, I will also write something about it to share my knowledge and experience.

How can you contribute for Around The World With The Beauties?

I am totally open to more collaboration with you all, guys! The more, the merrier… And that’s what applies to this feature as I don’t want this to be redundant.

If you’re a blogger who’s interested to leave a piece of your thought on a local beauty product from wherever you are in the world, or if you know any who is, feel free to drop me a message through e-mail at

In exchange for your piece, I will give you a backlink to your blog or social media channels. Pretty simple. 🙂

Or if you’re a local who wants to recommend me your local beauty products for my next destination, then I’m all ears. Drop your comment below and cheerio! 😀

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