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I remember back in the day when I was so stressed with work that my hair started falling out. It was almost everyday that I had to deal with bad hair day. Not to mention that I also had to throw away my falling hair everytime. Needless to say, that’s not exactly what I would say ‘good time’!

Other times, I remember my friend told me that her sister who’s got breast cancer came home after a chemotherapy as her hair gone bald because of the medication. The woman had one heck of a spirit that she insisted to buy wig afterwards.

So this time, I would like to introduce you to Divatress, a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products.

About Divatress

Divatress is committed to becoming the most loved and trusted wig retailer on the web by enjoyable shopping experience, fast delivery and also exceptional customer service.

Apart from that, Divatress not only has wigs to offer, but they also have other beauty and hair products on their website. I mean, sure they’ve got various kind of wigs that you can choose if you’re seeking for the Rachel’s hair wig. But you can also get Adele’s cat eyes-like with the eyeliners sold on Divatress as well! 😀


If you think it’s not legit enough, just know that Divatress is also reliable that a lot of professional stylists and beauticians also use their service. 🙂

Free Your Stress with Freetress Equal!

Now that you know what kind of hairstyle you want to get and you’re considering to find a good wig to wear for your special occasion. Or maybe you’re thinking about trying on a wig just to see if you’ll look good if you cut your hair that way?

Why don’t you try Freetress Equal for a start? Why Freetress, you say?!

Not only that Freetress has a sophisticated collection of everything. Weaves, wigs, half wigs, braids, and ponytails. You name it and it has got them all. They’re like Pokemon, gotta catch them all! 😛

Now that you know what Freetress is, Divatress is a place that makes it easier for you to browse through their collection. And their collection is not only sophisticated, but it’s also available in various colors too!

My Favorite: FreeTress Equal Wig – Charlie


Given example one of my favorite on Freetress collections, Freetress Equal Wig-Charlie. I love the style as I love the pixie hairstyle but I’m never brave enough to actually cut my hair that way. I prefer medium hair all the way, and hair wig is probably the only way for me to have pixie hair.

And if you think it’s good enough, it also comes with a lot of hair colors that can be matched with your preference.

They have everything from jet black to even ombre kind of colors, you name it and they have it! 😀


Why is Divatress the easiest way for you to get the Freetress?

Because it comes handy and they ship everything worldwide! 😀

Also, you can use various payment method from credit card to even Paypal, so if anything that’s super handy!

If that’s not enough, you can also return the thing you buy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase within 31 days with the terms and conditions applied. I mean, that sounds like a win-win, right? 😉

You can visit the freetress page to browse the whole collection on Divatress, and continue to the purchase if you find something that you like.

So, what are you waiting for? Because when you’ve got a hair bad day, you may want to keep calm and just wear a wig instead. Cheerio! 😀

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