Around The World With The Beauties! – (Mongolia) Lhamour Nettle Hair Oil & (South Korea) Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea

Hello everyone! 😀

First of all, I apologize for it's been almost a semester since the last time I published something for this supposed-to-be monthly feature.

Here's the thing, I realized that it's quite challenging to find some beauty bloggers to collaborate for this series. I mean, based on my experiment, I suppose it's more difficult to collaborate with beauty bloggers compared to travel bloggers. Prove me wrong, but that's all I've got.

So anyway, now I'm not gonna make this Around The World With The Beauties a monthly feature. Instead, I will feature some beauty stuff once in a while when either I have something new to share or I have some fellow blogger who is willing to collaborate with me for this series.

Today, I'm going to share with you two beauty products from two countries in the eastern part of Asia: Mongolia and South Korea.

Around The World With The Beauties: [Mongolia] Lhamour Nettle Hair Oil & [South Korea] Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask - The BeauTraveler

The Relation Between Mongolia and South Korea

So, my intention when I first launched this Around The World With The Beauties is to feature two local beauty products from two different countries with a correlation that makes one related to another. And that's what I do when I decided to give you some local beauty product recommendation from Mongolia and South Korea.

Firstly, I got a chance to try some of the best products from Lhamour as I won a giveaway from April Magazine last month. I initially planned to write one product that I've tried, along with some local beauty product that I got from Malaysia. I was thinking to connect the dots between the name of the countries, which start with M and end with A. Like my name.

I tried this local beauty product that I got in Malaysia during my Borneo trip, which was supposed to be the one that I write here. However, when I tried the product, I simply wasn't a fan of this product so I couldn't bother to write about it in this series.

But then again, it's quite easy to get K-beauty products around here. So I figure that maybe I could write something that works on my skin. FYI, despite having Asian skin, so many K-beauty products that simply don't work on me. So, I tried to experiment a few products before choosing the one that I like the most. 🙂

Also, when I finally decided to write a local beauty product that I recommend from Mongolia and South Korea, I also googled something that might connect both countries to each other. Surprisingly, I've found this fun fact about how South Korea is the home for the biggest number of Mongolian living abroad.

Yup, the population of Mongolians in South Korea exceeds the number of those living in the Americas, Japan and Europe combined.

Lhamour | Nettle Hair Oil (Mongolia)

The packaging of Lhamour Nettle Hair Oil.

The Product

Lhamour is a local Mongolian beauty brand that claims to produce healthy and high-quality personal care products. Their products are handmade, sustainable, and made from various natural ingredients. In their business practice, they commit to ‘give back' to the world and environment through many local and global programs.

When I first received the package, I thought the hair oil is a product for the after-hair washing time. In fact, I even had to check the direction in their packaging to find out what this product is all about.

Basically, you could apply the oil before shampooing. Gently massage the oil through your scalp and leave it for around 20 minutes before you rinse it with water and shampoo.

Since I got the product as a gift, I checked their website and Facebook page to check the price and everything.

For Lhamour nettle hair oil itself, according to their page, it costs around 15,500 MNT (around $6 USD) for a bottle of 110ml. If you're in Mongolia and interested to try this hair oil, you can check the availability at their offline store in Shangrilla Mall in Ulanbaatar.

The Verdict

(1) My hair before using the oil. (2) My hair when the oil applied before I washed it. (3) A few hours after I washed my hair and dried it naturally.

Since there was nothing written in their packaging about the benefits of this nettle hair oil, I had to check out their website to see their claim about this product first before talking about this further.

And based on their intro for the product on their official website, this oil is a nourishing hair treatment that promotes hair growth while soothing the scalp and leaving hair healthy and shiny.

If you could see the picture, then maybe you know by now that I've got such thick and dry hair. But no, it doesn't make me immune from the hair loss because if anything, I think the more hair you have, the more hair you lose daily.

And that's what happens to me. Imagine you have to collect the hair fallen everytime you brush your hair. That's exactly what happens to me every day.

Well, even though I'm still yet to see the effectivities of the product to reduce the hair fall, I definitely could feel how my hair looks shiny and even feels softer after I used the oil. Like, my naughty hair is easier to manager in the after use so this hair oil definitely works the job. 😉

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask | Green Tea (South Korea)

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask – Green Tea

The Product

So, here's the thing… Despite the popularity of so many K-beauty brands and products, I am still yet to find some good products that actually work well on my skin. If you previously read my review on Etude House cushion, you probably know that I'm not a fan.

In terms of skincare, I've tried some K-beauty products too but the result wasn't that amazing to the point that convinced me to change my skincare routine. Some failed terribly that it only convinced me to stop everything all at once. So I stick to some local skincare for my routine, but at the same time, I occasionally pamper myself with face mask, face scrub, and everything.

For the sake of writing something for this feature, I've literally become a hoarder of K-beauty sheet masks. Still got like a month supply on my skincare stash in fact. 😛

Since I got the K-beauty products that I've got on my stash now from some online shops in Indonesia, I had to check the price of this product on Innisfree Korea Facebook page to find out how much it costs for this My Real Squeeze Mask.

From there, I see that the price of the product is only 550 KRW (around $0.5 USD) per piece in Korea.

Of course, the price of this product was higher when I got there, but it's still affordable. So, if you by any chance are currently anywhere in South Korea, I guess you could stop by the nearest Innisfree store if you're interested to try this one.

The Verdict

(1) After I washed my face. (2) When I applied the sheet mask. (3) After using the sheet mask and adding some night cream.

I tried some of the sheet masks that I've purchased prior to trying this Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea. But so far, I think this one is the product that works the best on my skin.

I think the only problem is the size of the mask that is somehow too big for my face that is considered ‘wide'. Although it's big, the texture is thinner than some face masks that I've tried so far. If you remember my post on Cherimoa, then the texture of this My Real Squeeze Mask was actually thinner than that. But softer.

It literally closed the upper part of my lips, but then again my lips are tiny so can't blame on the product really.

However, there's some cooling and relaxing sensation when I first clung the mask to my face. It was great. And the essence was more watery so it didn't stick like some other sheet masks that I tried previously.

Moreover, it moisturizes my skin so well that I could feel my face getting smooth when I woke up the next day. This is something that I didn't catch from the previous sheet masks that I tried. So, this Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea is my favorite so far! 🙂

Have You Tried Any Beauty Product from Either Mongolia or South Korea?

Well, if you haven't, then I suggest you try either Lhamour Nettle Hair from Mongolia or Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea. For the latter, I suppose there will be no problem to find it anywhere out of South Korea due to their expansive engagement with the international market.

As for Lhamour Nettle Hair or any other product from Lhamour, they're actually expanding their market internationally as there are some distributors in a few countries available like in the USA, Canada, and even India.

To find out more about products from Lhamour or Innisfree, you can check Lhamour or Innisfree official website.

Have you ever tried the beauty product from either of the countries? Well, let me know your experience in the comment section, and see you on the next Around The World With The Beauties series! 😀

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