Mid-Year Flashback to This Year’s Resolution (2018)

It’s early of July, which means that we’ve just past the first half of 2018.

Before I started running this blog last year, I used to blog on Tumblr and just like probably most of you, I usually post new year’s resolution every year. In addition, I will use some time after June to take a glance at my resolution and see whether it’s a success or a failure by mid-year. So to speak, that’s what I’m gonna do on this post.

Earlier this year, I’ve shared with you some of my goals to achieve this year. That includes things like my health problem and commitment issue. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m looking at myself while at the same time laughing at it too.

Mid-Year Flashback to This Year's Resolution (2018) - The BeauTraveler

So, let’s start to see how bad of me being a disappointment for myself this year! 😛

The Do’s

The things that I hope will go well this year. The thing that I need to do more and better.

See, the thing about me is that I’m not that ambitious. Like, I won’t bother to push myself too hard so if I actually can accomplish the dos on my list, then good. Otherwise, let’s face the fact that sometimes in life, you can’t get everything you want.

Correction, most of the time.

To get better soon so that things will be more flexible for me, in terms of time or activity.

Last year, I tried acupressure for my Bell’s Palsy therapy. And long story short, I had a problem with my therapist to the point that I lost my trust in her. So I had to stop going to my therapist earlier this year.

Since April, I’m taking Chinese traditional therapy through a herbalist that my Mom randomly saw on TV. Surprisingly, it has gone very well. I need to go for the therapy at least once a week, it is for a massage procedure basically and I consume some herbal medicines as the remedy.

And not so long after I started my therapy with the herbalist, I got invited by a local blogger community to try a beauty clinic in my hometown, Lineation. The first time I scheduled a consultation with the dermatologist, he was more concerned about my Bell’s Palsy. So he suggested me to combine acupressure and physiotherapy procedures instead.

A picture during acupuncture with Lineation.

From them, I found out that the problem is not just Bell’s Palsy, but I also suffer from facial tics. As a result, I also have to follow the procedure once every week.

So for now, what I do is to combine three kinds of therapy at once: acupressure, physiotherapy, and massage therapy with the herbalist. The result has been quite satisfying, although the tics are not completely gone yet.

But then again, I can only try to stay positive that it’s progressing. 🙂

To grow my own business, be it for BeautiQ or in terms of blogging.

Earlier this year, I’ve got some minor financial problem in a way that I actually started thinking to get back to work for a full-time job. That was because I could only rely on my part-time job as a copywriter for a local brand that didn’t pay much.

Surprisingly, sometime around April, I got another offering from 2 other brands that could help me pay my bills. And not only that, because now I’ve also got another job as a social media strategist for a local celebrity.

Source: Unsplash

My business with BeautiQ has long gone since I feel like it’s become a failure, and it’s probably not something that I passionately want to do.

However, I actually start earning money through this blog, so I’m quite satisfied as in… Well, you win some, so you probably lose some. And in this case, since I failed at my business, hopefully this blog can go even stronger than before. 🙂

To accomplish my ASEAN bucket list.

Well, I didn’t go to Cambodia or Laos earlier this year because I struggled financially around that time. That’s unfortunate, but life goes on.

However, now that I feel like I start putting my shit together, I rerouted my destination to Brunei first instead. In fact, I’ve already booked a flight ticket to Pontianak in October as I’m planning to explore Borneo by land. Yup, I’m planning to travel the whole month around that time and explore Indonesian and Malaysian part of Borneo, as well as Brunei.

Source: Unsplash

If I could keep things up, I’m confident that not only can I get to Brunei later this year, hopefully, I can also tick off Laos and Cambodia from the list on my 30th birthday next year.

To top it all, later this month I’m also going to Singapore to watch Arsenal’s pre-season game. Another one to tick off of my to-do-list.

To have a nice, actual date on 18.02.2018.

We can laugh it off at this part because nothing special came up on that date. If anything, I got this random hookup around that time with someone that I’m honestly trying to avoid in the future.

And no, neither did I meet Joseph Schooling at the invitation tournament of Asian Games in February. In fact, I follow him on Instagram and I’ve figured that he’s dating an American girl. But anyway…

Source: Unsplash

Move out of my parents’ house

It’s still on my plan, but maybe I’ll do it when I’m getting married or something. HAHA.

Right now, I’m quite content with the fact that I’ve got some remote jobs, and my parents’ house is a perfect place to do everything because of high-speed wifi. In fact, if anything, I should probably upgrade to a better laptop since a lot of times this one pisses me off.

But then again, no budget to upgrade yet, so for now I’m happy enough with what I’ve got. In fact, I’m planning to buy a new phone once I get this month’s salary as my iPhone has been off for a few months by now.

The Don’ts

Basically, these are the things that I wish I could do less and less in order to make me a better person. Lots of failure in this case, but men… I could only try to be a better person. As much as I believe that I’m flawless, I’m not perfect either.

And just like pretty much everything in life, what I wish I could avoid, sometimes it’s so hard for me not to do it. And that includes everything below. 😛

To hook up with random people from this online dating sites.

As silly as it sounds, although I didn’t exactly hook up with random people from the dating sites, I hooked up once with this random guy I got connected with through a freaking meme earlier this year.

A Croatian guy, who despite the fact that I’m obsessed with the country and pretty much everything about it, I’m just not really into him.

The chemistry wasn’t there, and I felt guilty after doing it for some reasons that I couldn’t even explain. I feel like enough is enough. But then again, I couldn’t ignore the fact that it happened.

Source: Unsplash

I’ve been on somewhat celibacy ever since. Of course it’s not that long since it’s only been around 5 months or so, but still… it’s something, at least for me.

To spend money on some unnecessary things.

I had almost next to nothing to spend earlier this year, and since I’ve gained weight… I had to spend some money on some necessary things: new clothes.

Not that I don’t want to take some efforts to lose some so my old clothes could fit well enough, but then again I’m not too naive to believe that it will only take overnight. And until then, I still have to wear clothes. *lol*

Source: Unsplash

I think in this part, I could consider myself as ‘succeed’ since so far, I only spent my money on some things that I really needed. And if anything, if before I usually ran out of money on my bank account, now I usually have some left due to the fact that I’ve got several sources of income nowadays. It’s actually great! 🙂

So yeah, I’m not here to brag that I could actually put my shit together, but I’m just glad to actually see some progress in my life. Even if it may not interest you, it’s still useful for me because it’s all about who I am as a person who has learned something each and everyday.

How about your new year’s resolution in 2018 so far? Is there any satisfying progress that you’ve done so far in this mid-year? Share what it is, and cheerio! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Mid-Year Flashback to This Year’s Resolution (2018)”

  1. Well done for being one of those people who actually follow up with their resolutions rather than forgetting about it after January. Great that you are planning to head to Borneo and Singapore. I love Singapore and have also visited Brunei briefly and really enjoyed it. Best of luck continuing on your resolutions.

    1. thank you so much, i know right? it’s so hard to keep up with the resolutions to begin with, but i need to reflect to check that i’m on the right track. so kudos for that, and i’m sure i’ll enjoy brunei as well… although as for singapore, i’m only planning to go there to watch a football match and nothing else on the itinerary yet. but we’ll see what i’ll do. thank you for commenting. 😉

  2. What a great idea to check on your new year’s resolutions. I think I’ll also need to do this to see which of my resolutions have already come true and which haven’t. 🙂

  3. yes yes yes. I am a slacker when it comes to my resolutions. GUILTY! I also would have never thought to take the time to check on goals.

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