LexieAnimeTravel, The Anime Lover Who’s Also An Explorer Around Europe

Back when I was young and stupid, I gotta admit that I used to have this prejudice on my friends who are obsessed with anime. Often I questioned myself why did they try so hard to be Japanese when they’re not?

Now that I’ve grown up and although most of the time I act childish and still stupid, now that I’ve become more tolerable and tried hard enough to mind my own business because a lot of people find passions in something different with what I do. 🙂

So when I met Lexie from LexieAnimeTravel, I’m glad that there is more to her than just an anime lover. Why? Because we also share the same passion too: to travel.

LexieAnimeTravel: Why Is It More Than Just Anime Lover?

You might have yourself figured out on why the blog itself is called LexieAnimeTravel, because yesss… It is actually derived from three different things that you think of!

  1. Lexie, one of the nicknames that the blogger has. A short from Alexine.
  2. Anime, because she loves anime and I could tell that she loves Hunter X Hunter from one of her posts on Instagram. Also because I lowkey had a crush on Kurapika back in my younger days. 😛
  3. Travel, because just like me, she’s also very passionate about traveling.

Originally from the Philippines (the strongest race! 😛 ), Lexie has been living in Brussels, Belgium since 2011 although her journey of travelling has begun 3 years before then when it was her first time to go abroad.

Just like the name of the blog, the content of this LexieAnimeTravel is full of posts about anime and travel. However, Lexie initially started blogging in 2011 when she first moved to Belgium and focused more on nature and the rest of environment.

Until recently that she realized that she has been traveling in the past 5 years with so much of experiences. So then she decided to write about her recent adventure through a narrative story.

And not only traveling, because as reflected on the name of her blog, she also occasionally posts articles about anime and cosplay, two things that she fonds of. 🙂

A Compilation of Traveling Stories Through Eurasia (Europe and Asia)

Being a Filipino living in Europe, her content strength is focusing on Europe and Asia, especially in the Philippines.

The funny thing is that before we got engaged to this project, she actually once commented on my post about Bangka Island as she thought I was writing about her native canoe, the Bangka language. 😀

Since she’s been traveling quite well throughout those areas, she mentioned that amongst all of her experience, the most memorable experience that she had was in Disneyland as it was her first time to see all those magical fantasy and characters.

When I read her answer on the interview sheet, I kinda felt the regret as I skipped Disneyland when I went to Hongkong earlier this year. Should I go there next? Will it be worth it if I go there alone?

I mean, if you don’t take a pic of yourself at Disneyland, does that mean that you’ve been there at all?

Like I wanted to go there, but then Disneyland sounds like some place that I didn’t want to go to all by myself. And I wanted to take a lot of pics at Disneyland, say if I go there alone, there’s no way because I’m not really into taking a pic of myself alone and neither I am a big fan of selfie stick.

Apart from that, she also mentioned that the other one would be Paris as it was the most romantic place ever! She’s been there with her partner and they took a ride on the ferry enjoying French cuisine with the majestic glimpse of the city.

Talking about Paris, French food and riding on the ferry with her partner… There’s a weird feeling on my tummy. Not sure if I’m feeling hungry or lonely. *lol*

One word that sums up what travel means to Lexie: JOURNEY

What’s Next? 

By the time I’m writing this, Lexie is probably on a road trip from Brussels to Vienna, because it is one of those countries that she’s always keen to visit but never really had time to explore.

Meanwhile, she also wants to recommend any of you who’s thinking to visit Brussels with limited time. So if you’ve got Brussels for your transit point in-between flights next time, and you want to see around the city half day, you can check out the details here.

The BeauTraveler on LexieAnimeTravel

If back when I was young and stupid, I usually judged people who are anime lovers, this time is actually different.

Why? Because even the first time I landed on Lexie’s page, I actually love how the concept is totally unique with some posts focusing on anime and cosplay.

I mean, not so many travel bloggers have similar concept on their blog so I think it is something that makes LexieAnimeTravel stand out compared to the others! 😉

And it’s not only that, because she also has series on the interview with cosplayers around the world. She actually personalized this blog into something that she’s actually passionate about and I like that! 😀

Apart from that, I love how the blog has got a lot of information that we can easily get through the main menu. From itineraries that divided into each country of destination, to guide and tips as well as reviews for some firms she has used throughout her journey to travel.

I mean, not only that LexieAnimeTravel has a unique concept, but the information shared on the blog is valuable too! Especially for those who are keen to explore Europe. 😉

So, are you also into anime and keen to travel more? Or maybe you’re seeking more information about traveling in either Philippines or Europe?!

Go check out LexieAnimeTravel right now, and see you next week on the next wander lover series! 😉

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18 thoughts on “LexieAnimeTravel, The Anime Lover Who’s Also An Explorer Around Europe”

    1. i know, right? i don’t know about in the united states, but here in indonesia, back when i was a teenager, people who like anime would randomly japanese term in the middle of nowhere. i think that’s what made me think of that. as the time went by though, i started to understand that it’s just them being enthusiastic of what they like. 🙂

      pretty much like me when i started talking about soccer. 😛

  1. This was a fabulous interview! She is a great person and I love to read all about her travels and her blog is fabulous! I’ve definitely learned a lot from her. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to introduce us to a great travel writer — LexieAnimeTravel. One of the things I love about reading travel blogs (in addition to getting some great ideas for future travels) is to see the unique views each blogger has. Lexie certainly has a unique view that comes out through her interests in travel and anime.

  3. I can remember being young and stupid, but I don’t think being grown up is all that it’s cracked up to be. I think the biggest change is that I stopped being “always right” and started to realize that other people could be just fine, even if they are different from me.

    I have watched my daughter’s voyage in anime with a combination of interest, concern, and curiosity. I just don’t know if it’s right for a 19 year old to be coveting a sewing machine. It gets her out into the world and meeting people so, in then end, I’m happy.

    Thank you for showcasing Lexie and I’ll be on the looked for her.

  4. I really don’t know much about anime but my kids really loved it growing up! How cool to live in Brussels, I’ve heard amazing things about the city. I’ll definitely check out Lexie’s blog, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. wow, the strongest race! 😛

      i know right? such a really unique niche for a travel blog. i’ve seen the cosplayer featured, and i can’t tell if it’s still ‘play’ anymore as it seems they really take things seriously with the make-up, costume and all. well done! 😀

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