KFC Cho Chicks, an Alternative For When You Can’t Afford To Buy Main Course and Dessert Separately

Is there anyone who always has to go to an American fast food restaurant whenever they travel? Like, wherever you go, you just have to go to either McDonald's or KFC?

Well, back when I was flying, there were times where I got flying partners who would choose American fast food chain over anything because they think the only halal food they could find is through this fast food chain.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I got annoyed traveling with people like this. Especially when they travel to Indonesia.

Like, what excuse do they have to refuse the local food in Indonesia? We are the country with the highest number of Muslim in the world. People will go ballistic when they find something haram in some food's ingredients.

Speaking of American fast food chain, although I refuse to eat fast food in every meal when I travel, I also like to explore the variety of fast food in each country that I visit. My motto is simple: “When in doubt, choose McDonald's.”

Are you planning to go to Indonesia anytime soon? Are you on budget to the point you can't afford to buy main course and dessert separately for your meals? Worry not, because now KFC Indonesia has introduced a new menu: Cho Chicks, your favorite fried chicken mixed with spicy chocolate sauce.

Yep, you heard me right. It's fried chicken with chocolate. All at once. In one plate. What's your first reaction when you imagine that? Drop me a comment below, please! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cho Chick. It's literally chocolate and chicken.

I found out about this Cho Chick menu recently on one of the groups that I follow on Facebook and my first reaction was just one: this is a blasphemy!

But then I was so curious on how it would taste as some of my friends tried it and the review was average, some even kinda like the combination of this Cho Chick. At first, I was like, no… The only Cho Chick that is good and I can accept is just Mel B and nothing else.

Wait, you heard the news about the genius behind KFC's social media right? Where they strictly only follow 11 herbs and spices, like their top secret?ย 

Despite the fact that I couldn't just act normal thinking about fried chicken and chocolate combined in one plate, I decided to man up and try it out myself just to see the fuss about this weird combination. So off I went with my Mom, although my Mom refused to eat the same menu as I did.

I decided to buy Cho Chicks Combo with french fries instead of rice, because I know that fries are great with ice cream. I just can't accept the idea of combining rice and chocolate. When it comes to food, I'm a conservative. *lol*

So I bought the Cho Chicks Combo with fries and Pepsi for IDR 35,455 (excluding tax, around IDR 40,000 in total) and I was a bit nervous about how it would taste.

My verdict?

It was okay. I mean, there's nothing weird about the taste at all. The chocolate sauce actually went alright with the chicken. And I still could taste the spicy part of the chicken despite the chocolate sauce. Combined with ketchup, it made a unique-but-still-good taste.ย 


This costs me IDR 40,000 for the whole combo.


Did I like it? Well, at least I've finished my meals. Then, I couldn't complain I didn't right? ๐Ÿ˜›

I mean, my take on this is kind of neutral. It tasted okay, but it's not my favorite either.

Next time, I suppose I would prefer to order the regular fried chicken instead of this one unless I'm so broke and in for dessert but can't afford to buy it separately from the chicken.

My two cents is that, this one could be a whole lot better if served with chicken pop corn or chicken strips instead of the whole fried chicken like this. Why? Because it would make a great snack to enjoy just for the fun of it.ย 

Now that I know the taste of this menu wasn't that bad, I'm still curious on how it would taste if served with rice.

I mean, the Cho Chick Combo with rice costs less than the one with fries, but then I still can't imagine the combination of rice and chocolate. It sounds like a nightmare for those gluten-free addicts out there.

What's gluten, really though?ย 

Btw, I know that a lot of fast food restaurant chain are really trying to innovate new menus that would look weird at a glance.

Not only KFC, I think I read somewhere about the Filipino big boy, Jollibee, that recently launched a menu of strawberry fries with strawberry tea float in the Philippines.

I mean, I am intrigued to find out how it tastes. Although I feel like that one might not be for me.

So, how about you? Have you tried any weird combination of food that eventually tasted just fine? Or have you tried the menus that I mentioned above? If not, are you interested to challenge yourself to try these things out?!

Drop your comment below, and cheerio! ๐Ÿ˜€

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