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Kefalonia, otherwise known as Cephalonia, is the biggest Ionian Island. It is well known for its natural beauty and idyllic atmosphere. If this sounds good to you then read on to discover all you need to know about the island.

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Whereabouts in Kefalonia Should You Stay Whilst Visiting

When visiting a new country, a lot of people experience trouble when deciding what town to spend their vacation in. After all, if you have never been before then how are you supposed to know where the best place to visit is?

The main town in Kefalonia is Argostoli; however, the most popular tourist area is Skala. Other popular tourist places include Lassi – this is situated close to Argostoli, and Leibatho – situated to the south of the main town.

Another location worth noting is Agia Efimia. This is a sleepy fishing village and a lot of people enjoy taking a day trip to the area.

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Finding the Best Kefalonia Accommodation for Your Stay

When visiting the island you need to pay extra special attention to the Kefalonia accommodation you choose to stay in.

After all, the island boasts the most scenic views and you should take advantage of this. There are stunning villas that lace the beautiful beaches and provide you with a blissful retreat.

All you need to do to find such villas is search Kefalonia accommodation on the Internet. After all, just imagine waking up every morning and looking across the sea. This is a truly magical experience.

Discover More About the Travel Options on the Island

First and foremost let’s discover how you will get to Kefalonia. The main airport is located near the chief town of Argostoli. You will find that most flights take place on a Tuesday or a Sunday.

Nevertheless, if you are enjoying a vacation in a nearby country – such as Greece or Italy – then you will be able to enjoy one of the frequent ferry trips running to and from the island.

If you want to explore Kefalonia and take a trip to different towns whilst on holiday then you will need to hire a car. The bus service is not very frequent and so it is not advisable to rely on this. A lot of people also do Greek Island tours, so that they can explore the other islands surrounding Greece. This comes highly recommended.

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What to See Whilst Visiting Kefalonia

The island is well-known and loved for the stunning natural beauty it boasts.

The Melissani cave is well worth a visit. It is an underground lake that was formed as a result of land collapsing during an earthquake. The result is purely magical waters that are surrounded by dramatic cave walls.

The twinkle of the lake projects against the rocks to create a dazzling effect. And if you are a fan of the beach then Sami beach is probably the most loved one on the island. The water is clear and the white stones work to create a picture perfect setting.

Hopefully this article will have given you a greater insight into the beautiful island of Kefalonia!

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