Jareena and Ari of The Barefoot Backpackers: Why You Should Give Love A Second Chance!

You may notice the slight difference that I’ve got on this week’s Wander Lover series logo. Why pink? Why not purple as usual?! 😉

First of all, it’s February and Valentine’s day is approaching. Second of all, I’ll do something different for The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. for February. This month, I’ll be focusing on the couple who are both bloggers and travelers.

And this time, I’ll expose their love story and share their advice so you can apply it next time you plan to travel with your partner!

So, the first couple that I will feature on February Wander Lovers are The Barefoot Backpackers, the blog run by Jareena and Ari. They are an American couple traveling the world to create a life full of first time experiences, meeting new friends, and adventure. Who are they and what is their secret to travel the world without hassle with their partner?!

About Jareena and Ari

Through lurking on their blog, I found out that Jareena is from Los Angeles while Ari spent a good portion of his younger years in Oregon. However, they met each other in high school through a mutual friend.

barefootbackpackers (2)

Jareena and Ari are probably one of a few couples that could teach us how important it is to have a second chance at everything.

Why? They were high school sweethearts until Ari moved away his senior year. According to Ari, the first time they met, he immediately wanted to get to know her and they hit it off right away. At the same time, Jareena thought he was super cute and they ended dating a little in high school.

After reconnecting over 5 years later, they got back together and did long distance for a bit before they reunited to travel the world. Yeay! 😀

Jareena and Ari as a Couple

Being together for quite some time, as well as knowing each other since they were teenagers, I suppose they know the best what kind of things that they like and dislike from each other.


What she likes about Ari: We have the same morals and perspective on life. We are like-minded, so it makes it easier to be together.

What she dislikes about Ari: I don’t think I have a particular trait that I dislike about Ari. We are so alike and enjoy the same things. We get along very well!


What he likes about Jareena: Her drive to follow her dreams.

What he dislikes about Jareena: Nothing. It’s the collectiveness of everything that makes her the person I love.

Everybody’s got their shortcoming and as a couple, it’s their job to tolerate because sometimes the flaw from our partner can even strengthen our feeling for them instead of being a reason to stop you from loving them. 🙂

And that, my friends, is what has happened to this couple!

All About Romance

The definition of romance and romantic can be totally different from one couple and another. I mean, romantic for some people is fine dining with some jazz in the background at some fancy restaurant. But for me, romantic is when my partner made me a sandwich when I got hungry in the middle of the night.

So, what is the romantic thing they’ve done as a couple?

Each one of their answers made me smile, because this is why John Gray got his book for Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus book the best seller. 😛

While Jareena can’t think of a specific moment, she thinks that traveling in general can be romantic, especially in certain cities. They really enjoyed their experiences in Japan and there is no doubt that Japan itself is their favorite country. Walking around temple grounds and the beautiful parks when the cherry blossoms were blooming is a very memorable moment that Jareena likes to reminisce on.

And how about Ari?

Ari’s answer has nothing to do with traveling because he finds romance in Jareena’s support and effort to take an interest in the things that he enjoys. It’s such a humble answer, and I agree. In fact, reading the answer kinda makes me miss having a boyfriend. *laugh miserably*

“Souls tend to go back to who feels like home.”

-N.R. Hart

According to Ari, he loves to play video games and on their first holiday season living together, he remembers her sitting down hit him, and they played video games for like 10 hours. And that is what Ari finds romantic. 🙂

As for the romantic places that they’ve been to as a couple, Japan remains the answer for both, as they grew as a couple and learned more about each other as they traveled there. In fact, they are returning in September to make even more memories in this Hello Kitty land! 😀

However, according to Ari, despite the fact that traveling this past year created a lot of memorable places that they will continue to travel as a couple, nothing could beat going to their favorite vegan restaurant by their old apartment. That place has become somewhere special that just the two of them can share together.

And by reading the answer, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that Ari is the romantic one out of the two. 😛

About Their Plan

As they don’t know what future holds, well… No one does, but their current plan is to visit as many countries as possible in the next 5 years or even more as they want to travel as much as possible and experience as much of life as they can. 🙂

They are lucky to have each other along the way, and blogging about their experiences together has helped them look at themselves both as an individual and a couple. Apart from that, when they eventually settle down, they would like to start a non-profit animal sanctuary and rescue all types of animals and give them better lives.

As an animal lover myself, I totally support the idea and wish nothing but the best for them now and in the future. 🙂

Recommended Place(s) to Visit as a Couple

There are actually so many beautiful places in the world to experience as a couple, but then where would they recommend other couples out there to go?

According to Jareena, such places would all depend on the couple since some may enjoy the cliche Paris atmosphere, while some other probably enjoy snow-capped mountain tops. Although the location may have a part in making an experience romantic, it all comes down to being with the person that you love and enjoy spending time with.

Fair answer, btw! 😀

Ari agrees on that, however the island of Santorini in Greece really impressed him as it was truly as beautiful and romantic as it is advertised, as well as very affordable. Well, no wonder so many people come to Santorini for honeymoon nowadays, eh? At least a lot of rich people in Indonesia do.

About The Barefoot Backpackers

While traveling, they also run The Barefoot Backpackers tomorrow with Jareena is mostly in charge of anything on the blog such as design, photography, content, etc. Ari is more like the GoPro guy as a lot of the videos are what he has created through their journey.

While both write the contents on the blog, Ari mainly writes on destination-specific content with Jareena acts as an editor. Apart from that, Jareena also leads the charge on their social media campaign. One of their channels that I follow in routine is Instagram btw. 😉

They take a lot of really nice pictures on their Instagram feeds!!!

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Tips for other couples who aim to travel together

Are you a couple who are on the road to travel the road together? Or are you considering to travel with your partner but not sure how to do it? Then Jareena and Ari has some advices for you. 😉

First of all, COMMUNICATE. Yup, it’s in capital and bold, because strong communication is key, in general, for couples whether you’re home or abroad.

You need to be able to tell each other how you feel, what you’re thinking, and what you want to plan. If you’re feeling uneasy about a certain place or want to travel to a new town, you need to feel comfortable enough to share this with your partner and they should also be able to listen and understand.

But above all, relationships are also great when you’re with someone you care about. But then again, they can also be hard and not always sexually. 😛

Traveling with someone can put stress on that relationship, so always remember that the two of you are going on this amazing adventure together. Take in all the beautiful moments, all the fun adventures, and just don’t forget to tell your partner how grateful you are to share this with them! 🙂

The BeauTraveler on The Barefoot Backpackers

First of all, I love the new layout of their blog. It’s more friendly-user than the previous design, so I suppose I should say… Well done Jareena for doing a good job! 😛 

As creepy as I could be, I actually found out that their first post was published on February 3rd last year… Now that it’s 2nd of February, happy anniversary in advance to The Barefoot Backpackers! 😀

Through lurking on their blog for a couple of hours, I found the post on vegetarian food in China is one that I like the most. Not sure whether it’s because I feel like having some snack in the middle of the night, or the pictures that are just mouth-watering. Like everything in the pictures look so yum!

Also, since they mentioned about the receptionist in the hostel who helped them to write their dietary restriction in Mandarin, I was curious about this hostel they stayed although unfortunately, they haven’t written any review about this hostel. Maybe next post? 😛

I just gave you two an idea to write the next on content, Jareena and Ari… So you are welcome. *lol*

As I’m writing this post, Jareena and Ari have only written about some destinations in Europe and Asia. However, since they have begun their nomadic life, I can assure you that there’s more to come on their blog so feel free to check out their blog here! 😀

That’s a wrap for the first February wander lover series… Next week, I’ll feature another couple travelers so stay tuned and cheerio! 😀

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