Around The World With The Beauties! – (Italy) Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder & (Romania) Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant

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Back to Around The World With The Beauties, and this time I'm excited to introduce you to two beauty products from two countries with some similarities as the country has got similar Latin-derived language: Italy and Romanian. 🙂

I swear it's only a coincidence that the good ol' friend with benefits that I got was a Romanian guy who somehow used to live in Italy and could only manage to speak it fluently for the sake of dating an Italian girl when he was there. Why so many coincidences and so hard to move on? *cray cray*

Anyway, this time I'm excited to cover some local products from Italy and Romania, thanks to Anastasiia Nokhrina of Diamonds Always Fit who recommends Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder in Italy and Iulia Falcutescu of the traveling tulip who's up to share her two cents about Farmec's Gerovital H3 Passion from Romania. 🙂

Around The World With The Beauties – (Italy) Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder & (Romania) Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant

Madina | Undetectable Pressed Powder (Italy)

Contributor: Anastasiia Nokhrina from Diamonds Always Fit

A Russian linguist who has changed her life and moved to Italy to study jewelry design. She is passionate about beauty and fashion, and travels around the world searching for inspiration and showing best places.

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The Product

Italy is known for its nature, food, fashion, and… beauty. There are a few brands not known worldwide, however the quality and price are surprisingly good. One of such brands is Madina Milano.

First, I heard about Madina from a popular makeup artist in Russia. When I moved to Italy, I've become a fan of their products. The last thing I'm in love with is their Undetectable Pressed Powder.

All this good product, and it only costs €12 (around $15 USD) !!!

The Verdict

I'm very critical choosing powders as I need a good coverage but it shouldn't look cakey. And Madina compact powder works exactly like this!

It's finely-milled and covers all imperfections, but at the same time it's very light and makes my skin soft and silky smooth. Once used, it will stay put for about 10 hours. But here's the secret… I use it with Mac Prep+Prime fixspray, and my makeup is locked down all day long.

The packaging is quite simple, however the only negative thing is that you can only buy it in Italy, like in Verona or Milan or order on the territory of Italy. But let's see the positive side. Maybe, it's time to plan your trip down to Italy: to see the ancient architecture, enjoy pizza and wine, and… buy Madina products! 😉

Farmec's Gerovital H3 Passion | Antiperspirant (Romania)

Contributor: Iulia Falcutescu from the traveling tulip

She absolutely loves to travel. She could never give up wine and she is incapable of having a normal conversation in the morning unless she drinks her coffee.

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The Product

Farmec is a well-established Romanian brand, which generation to generation of Romanian women have used.

In line with modern times, they are producing many types of cosmetics, from skin care to makeup. From body to hair.

My grandmother is a big fan of these products and it is from her that I found out about Gerovital H3 Passion antiperspirant, a product from Farmec.

Farmec products, along with this antiperspirant, can be found in any supermarket in Romania. They also have their own stores, which you can easily locate by searching after it online.

The price differs, as they have different collections of products – in which some of them are more luxurious. However, most of them are still affordable, as the target population is the normal, busy women.

As for Gerovital H3 Passion Antiperspirant that I love, you can get it as low as €2 (around $2.5 USD).

The Verdict

Even though I pack a lot of useless things, I prefer to travel light with just a carry-on most of the times. Therefore, I always need products that not only are light inside my bag, but also pass the security check in the airports. 🙂

A product that I never leave home without is the antiperspirant.

Some years ago, I discovered this Gerovital H3 Passion antiperspirant (produced by Farmec) – it is an amazing product that comes with travel pack size and is just perfect for what I need.

What I love about it is not only its size, but also how fresh I feel (and smell 😛 ) after using it. It does not stain my clothes and does not leave me with a dry sensation, like other deodorants do.

As I mentioned before about what led me to start this weekly feature project, one of the things that inspired me to create this feature was because I used to have a flying mate who got panic attack because she forgot to bring her deodorant in our destinations.

And there's no way you look pathetic or smell horrible in a country with such romantic vibes like Italy or Romania, right? So I'm glad to know some recommendation from both countries. Even better both products sound affordable, Euro-wise.

Any chance you encounter some horrible story about body odor with a person who's in desperate need of Farmec's Gerovital H3 Passion antiperspirant? Or do you need some less cakey but affordable compact powder like Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder?

Share your thoughts on the comment section below, and don't forget to reach me out if you have any recommended local beauty products from wherever you are. Cheerio! 😉

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