3 Ideas for Working Abroad

Working abroad is a brilliant way to see more of the world without blowing your budget or spending all of your savings. If you love to travel, and you’d like to explore, have you thought about getting a job overseas? If you like this idea, here are some suggestions to consider.

becoming a tour guide
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Tour Guide

Working as a tour guide offers amazing opportunities for people who want to combine travel and work. You’ll be earning money while experiencing new places and cultures and meeting different people every day.

There’s a huge range of options available for guiding, including city walking tours, active adventures and long-distance bus, coach and boat trips. Think about your interests, your experience and where you want to travel.

If you love history, for example, you could look for jobs in historic cities like Rome, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Venice, Athens, Berlin or Prague. If you have a passion for action and adventure, you could get a job on a boat in Spain or Portugal, or join a tour agency based in Reykjavik, the Alps or Tromso. 

Ski Instructor

Do you love the idea of zooming down the slopes and enjoying a healthy dose of après-ski while boosting your bank balance? Seasonal ski jobs are a great option for those who want to earn while they travel and embrace living overseas.

Being a ski instructor will enable you to meet new people, make a positive difference by teaching them new skills and giving them confidence and become part of a team. Sites like Anywork Anywhere offer amazing opportunities to find winter jobs in destinations like Canada, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Estonia is also known for its e-residency program that enables so many digital nomads to register their businesses remotely while traveling elsewhere. But, did you know that you can also get a digital nomad visa in Estonia and the country is also known for some of their off-the-beaten-path skiing trails?

If you’re not an experienced skier but you want to enjoy a ski season, there are other options available. You could work as a chalet host or chef, a resort nanny, a driver or a ski rep, for example.

become a ski instructor at a ski resort.
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Holiday Rep

Are you full of energy and enthusiasm? Do you love traveling? Do you enjoy getting to know people? Would you love to play a part in helping people to enjoy the best holiday ever? If so, have you thought about getting a job as a holiday rep?

Holiday reps work for airlines and travel companies and they take on a diverse range of roles. One day you might be meeting and greeting at the airport and taking guests to their accommodation. The next, you may be going out on a tour or organizing trips for travelers.

There are different types of agencies you can work for and you can choose between holiday types, for example, group tours, private trips and 18-30 holidays. If you work as a holiday rep, you can travel around your chosen destination and save for other trips once you finish work. If you’re based in Greece, for example, you may want to go island hopping before you head home. The same goes if you relocate to Panama, you may not want to miss visiting Panama Canal when you're there!

Working abroad is a fantastic way to travel without worrying about how you’re going to fund your plans. There are lots of jobs you can do overseas and you can look for short and long-term opportunities. If you’re considering working abroad, why not look for jobs like being a tour guide, ski instructor or holiday rep?

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