I Put Beau in the Beauty of Travel

This is probably a sole reason why I make beau, beauty, and travel as the concept of my blog. Because I actually put beau in the beauty of travel.

For those who have read my post about my sudden date in Saigon, maybe you understand how I had a good time having this random date with Aaron getting around Ho Chi Minh City while eating banh mi. But Aaron is not the only guy I went out with during my travel.

There are a lot of other guys, although Aaron is probably the most special one as I had a good time with him that involved more meaningful conversation than just slobbering each other’s mouth.

From a classic friend with benefits, almost relationship, no strings attached or flirtationship, no matter how you call it, I think I’m good at it. In fact, I think I’m great being it.

If I think about it, from all countries that I have ever visited so far, half of those countries, I shamelessly admit that I was in most places with a fling. And they were my fling(s) for various reason, some I met on my travel like Aaron through dating apps, some other I accidentally met on my way somewhere that led us to hook up, while there was also one who was just there for the sake of being with me.

Some might respond to this behavior negatively. Some other thought I’m brave, while a lot of them think I need to calm down. Here’s my secret (that is no longer a secret now that I admit it), I’ve hooked up with guys from 5 different continents. I may have not been to those 5 continents, but I have been with guys from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and that infamous friendly neighbor Australia.

For my friends who know me well, instead of judging me they would ask me sincerely whether I regret my decision to sleep around. Frankly speaking, at some point of my life, I did regret what I have done in the past. But I think at this time of my life, I accept life the way it is. And now, instead of regretting my past decision, I’m actually glad that I’ve done it.

Some people asked me whether I was dropped on my head or something, but really if there’s anything that I don’t know of, it is the regret I have in life. It’s like, the only regret that I have in life is not having that much of money to travel more and explore. But anyway…

I don’t know many people who have lived pretty much as I have. Frankly speaking, I met people who get paranoid over the simple things more often that I met someone like me to the point sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in this world who can accept myself the way I am with my quirks and flaws.

The way I see it, when people say that traveling can help you to find yourself, I think it’s true. It helps me to find myself the way I am now.

I’m lucky to have my beloved ones’ support as I got a chance to explore a small part of the world, take a breath and actually live. I know how tough it could be living in Saudi Arabia or how to deal with a guy from Kosovo while you’re actually obsessed with Croatia.

No kidding, I used to date this Kosovar guy for a year and often we had to fight just because I was drooling over Niko Kranjcar. Stupid, but worth the hassle. 

But above all, I know how it is to act like Indonesian woman. Honestly though, I don’t forget my roots that easily because that’s how my parents raised me.

Some think that I’m too powerful or too tough as an Indonesian woman, but they are wrong. Indonesian women are tough. We have a way to blossom around the patriarchy, and if it is not tough, then I don’t what is.

And just like those common Indonesian women, I am also longing for the man who can not only be my best friend, but also my partner, my lover, and my enemy at the same time. I don’t need a Romeo to my Juliet. I need a Minke to my Annelies, and a Barrack to my Michelle.

And I don’t mind to find him through this journey.

So far, if I know something about myself, like I said, I am great being a friend with benefits. And if I have to find a Philip to my Elizabeth II that way, then why the hell not?

After all, life itself is a journey and being a traveler as I am, I sure hope that one day, I could combine everything in one.

Beau. Beauty. Travel.

Because after all, the only goal that I have in life is to find a beau that could be my traveling partner in order for me to see more beauties in life.

And believe me, I could never be wrong in this one.

All the best!

-Marya the BeauTraveler-

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