How To Stay Stunning When You’re Actually A Broke Traveler

Today, I just had a conversation with my high school friend and she told me that maybe I should post some tips and tricks about how to look great even when I'm broke during my travel. And honestly, it was a great idea since I kinda ran of ideas to write on this blog.

Before I start, this might not be the usual tips to travel for some female travelers but I'm quite sure this could be suitable for some others.

I know there are some people out there who will associate girls (especially those female solo travelers) on the road with girls who don't give a fuck about their look.

The truth is, not all of us enjoy carrying backpack and sharing room with others.

Some of us, we want to have some space for us to do our make-up to feel good about ourselves. Even better, if we can also find some potential guys to date on the road.

So if you don't mind to take things a little extra along with your humble lifestyle under the cover, this one is for you!

Being once a trolley dolly myself, trolley bags are essential.

Like I mentioned earlier, not all of us are gifted with the ability to travel light.  I don't know about you, but I wasn't born with that kind of gift myself. I have to bring a little extra stuff during my travel and I can never find myself traveling with just a rucksack.

Before you get shocked with this picture, these bags were the combination of things my roommates and I brought for vacation back in my flying days.

And for exactly the same reason, checked-in baggage is my essential during my travel. I know some of you budget travelers who are kind of anti-checked in baggage, but if you were like me, then I'd suggest you pre-book your checked-in baggage if you use a budget airline for your travel.

Why? Because I used to work for a budget airline myself and most of my tasks was to assist passengers at the check-in counter and despite the fact that I would have gotten some bonus if I charged those who haven't to check in their baggage, some of you all passengers are not so understanding with the company's policy.

Before you travel, please be aware of your traveling style. Better prebook your checked-in baggage than having a necessary debate with the guest service assistant at the counter.

I usually prebook 15kg for my outbound travel from my home base and 20kg for my return flight. For a start to see how many kgs you spend in your average, you can follow my direction. You'll thank me later. 😉

Choose the accommodation with the lowest price, preferably the one with single room available. 

You see, the problem with traveling in style but low budget is that you simply can't have it all. Pretty much like life. You need to sacrifice something, and from my side, accommodation is something that I have to cut off for the sake of staying on budget.

The good thing is that I'm not considered myself as high-maintenance. I'm quite good with any accommodation possible as long as I have my own private room with low price. So far, I've only had one bad experience about the accommodation, because the rest was fine.

I don't always choose the accommodation with the lowest price possible, as I would check the one with the most comfort despite a few pennies difference. As long as it suits my budget, I'll go for it. Except when it's not, then maybe the cheapest one would be the best.

If you can't find an accommodation with single room available, choose the one with twin room if the price is lower than the standard room.

I will return this to everyone's favor because I'm quite sure all of you have your own style. Those who are probably more well-organized compared to me.

But the reason why I usually prefer the twin room when I go traveling solo was that I could actually use the unused bed for my random stuff like makeup or when I tried to decide which clothes that I would wear.

I picked this habit since I started flying when I would not be able to choose what type of room that I got during my layover.

Think of it like this, one bed is for peace (sleeping yeay!) and the other is for the disaster you make to look great outside. 😛

Please don't lie, I know some of you out there are as superficial as I am. Haha.

Unless somebody would treat you for dinner, try to avoid eating out at some fancy restaurant.

The perks of being Indonesian is that I rarely have problems with food anywhere I go. It's like, I love street food and street food loves me. It's just meant to be, alright? So, lucky for me.

Midiye is my most favorite street food in Turkey. You can buy it as much as you want, and it has rice on it. And it tastes damn delicious.

This suggestion might not work for some of you who have some potential digestive problems, so better avoid street food if you're one of them. But worry not, when in doubt, you can always choose McDonald's.

However, if you're a vegetarian, I apologize that I probably don't have much to recommend you. Maybe you're just not my target readers. Peace out! ^^

Always stay on point with your makeup skills.

You see, the thing about wearing makeup during your travel is that it's not necessarily the heavy one like you want to go to wedding or something, but at least try to use some basic stuff like mascara, blusher, and lipstick. Maybe do eyebrow as well.

It's always good to look good on your travel, because people tend to help you when needed if you look great. Admit it, people judge people on the cover. It's just unavoidable.


Although my navigation skill is better than some of my girlfriends, I also get lost at times and sometimes I have to thank my sweet smile to get me out of the trouble from getting lost.

So, those are some tips from me on how to stay stunning during my travel, no matter how broke you are.

Well, with the economy being so fucked up, you can't really avoid being poor. But then again, it's your choice to whether look as poor as you actually are or better.

For me, I'd choose the latter.

So give me a shout if you're on my side and cheerio! 😀


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