How to Spend a Week in Sri Lanka as a Couple

Sri Lanka has long been on the radar of romantic roamers, and its reputation is only continuing to flourish as more people discover this sparkling jewel of the Indian subcontinent.

Its breathtaking beaches, ancient temples, wildlife, and lush landscapes make it an ideal off-the-beaten-path escape for adventurous couples looking for culture, relaxation and exploration.

From the surf towns of the south coast to the cultural cities in the center and tea plantations of the hill country, this island nation offers a spectacular variety of sights and activities packed into its relatively restricted borders.

In this post, we’ll share three things you can’t afford to miss off your itinerary when spending a week in Sri Lanka, especially if you travel with your partner. Keep these things in mind to help you maximize your limited time on the island and fall even more in love with this magnificent country.

Best Things to Do in Sri Lanka for Couples

Sri Lanka is known as one of the best romantic places to go in Asia, making it one of the best Valentine's Day destinations in the region. The country offers a diverse range of landscapes, whether you and your partner love mountains or beaches.

For couples seeking adventures, Sri Lanka also offers various outdoor activities, from hiking to scuba diving. For those who love myths and urban legends, Sri Lanka is also home to Adam's Peak, the mountain where many people believe was the place where Adam set his first footsteps on earth after getting kicked out of Eden.

So, here are some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka as a couple!

a couple sitting in front of Sigiriya rock in Sri Lanka.
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Travel around

Sri Lanka is only a small island – less than half the size of England – meaning you can explore lots of different parts in just one trip.

If you’re planning to see as much of the island as possible, it’s always a good idea to set up camp in a central location. With this in mind, one of the best cities to stay in is Kandy.

If you’re flying into Colombo Airport, the central city can be reached via road or a three-hour train ride.

In its own right, Kandy is a beautiful city of historical significance that’s well worth exploring. It’s also an excellent set-off point to discover other major cities and coastal regions, with strong transport links connecting Kandy to the rest of the island.

A bird's eye view of the road in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
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Take a gastronomical deep dive

The best way to savor the unique flavor sensations of Sri Lankan cuisine is quite simply by getting stuck in at any opportunity you get.

For foodie couples, there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to try out some new dishes to broaden your culinary horizons on holiday, and this part of the world certainly isn’t short of tasty offerings.

Sri Lanka is popular for its curries, often served with rice, that celebrate local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Expect to find lots of meat-free curries that use a vegetable as the core ingredient, or lentil curries which are particularly popular across the island.

You may even stumble upon some new recipes and flavors to take back home with you to impress your friends at your next dinner party.

Sri Lankan traditional dish.
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Discover the beaches

Oftentimes, a couple’s holiday is all about kicking back on a beach and doing absolutely nothing – together. If this appeals to you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to melt into your sun lounger on some truly world-class beaches in Sri Lanka.

No matter where you’re staying, you’ll never be far from the seaside, but depending on the sort of vibe you’re looking for, certain parts of the country will be better suited than others.

If you’re dreaming of retreating to your own corner of paradise, the remote beaches of the East Coast will be perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Trincomalee, where you’ll find the storied Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches that offer both beauty and serenity by the bucket load. More popular amongst local fishermen than fellow tourists, an overwhelming feeling of peace and quiet awaits you here..

If you prefer your beach days with a little more going on around you, you’ll have no problems finding a sandy stretch on the south coast.

Complete with all the amenities needed for a memorable day at the seaside, Mirissa in the Matara District is a real crowd-pleaser. If you visit in the early spring, you may even see some blue whales parading in the Indian Ocean waters.

A beach in Mirissa, Sri Lanka.
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Keep Sri Lanka in mind when planning your next couple’s retreat. From the bustling cities to the peaceful beach resorts, romance surrounds you in this captivating country, and if it’s your first time visiting the island, it surely won’t be your last.


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