How to Choose the Best Body Shaper for You

Whether you call it body shaper, bodysuit, or shapewear, you may wonder how you could choose one that fits the best for your body. In a world where we often feel insecure to wear a body-fit outfit when you have a beer belly, picking the right body shaper shouldn't be so hard.

If you consider getting one to maximize your feature in the right outfit, here are some simple tips for choosing the right body shaper that works perfectly for you!

1. Know your size, and pick one that perfectly fits yours.

The essential part of wearing a body shaper is to wear one that actually fits your size. That way, the bodysuit could emphasize your natural body shape, while you can also wear it comfortably.

When choosing a body shaper, you certainly don't want to wear one that is too small. Wearing one that fits your body can make it slightly harder to breathe; wearing it too tight could be a catastrophe while wearing a loose one might get you paranoid that it could fall down.

Measure your body size, and get a body shaper accordingly. If you're a petite size, avoid purchasing the medium-sized simply because you think you may gain weight later. The point of a body shaper is to enlighten your body's curves or give some hints of curves if you're not a curvy lady.

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2. Emphasize the best feature of your body.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is knowing your own body. Identify the best feature of your body, and highlight it using the right body shaper to emphasize it. 

For me, I know my best feature would be the shoulder to the chest area, so my go-to is wholesale waist trainers to work on my waist to stay curvy beautifully. 😛 

If you're more like my sister, whose best feature is her rear-end, then maybe you could try on the body shaper buttock lifter that could highlight the area.

3. Choose the right material for your body shaper.

The best material for your body shaper is cotton spandex. It has a lighter texture of fabrics, which offer subtle overall smoothing that can be stretched and adjusted to your body.

Suppose that's not convincing enough to pick a good body shaper for you… In that case, the fabric is also relatively still comfortable to wear even if you have to wear it the whole day.

4. Tone the legs by wearing tights.

Now that you've picked the right body shaper for your upper body part, don't forget to make it perfect by wearing tights so you can shape your legs too!

Confidence is the key when you wear a bodysuit, so why not mixing a body shaper and tights once in a while?

Are you a fan of bodysuits? Or can't you stand wearing a body shaper? Share you two cents in the comment below, and cheerio!


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