How To Be Basic on Social Media (According To What I See on My Feeds)

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It’s been awhile since the last time I virtually make fun of people due to the fact that I got a problem with my iPhone since a few months ago. Guess what? I just bought a new phone and now I’m back to my toxic activity that I find hard to get rid of: judging people on social media.

It’s not that I didn’t get an access to my social media at all when my iPhone broke, it was just I didn’t bother to check my personal social media account or what’s on the feeds outside The BeauTraveler when it happened.

And now with my new phone, I’m back to take a look at what’s on the feed consisting a lot of accounts that I’ve been following from my personal account. Those include the celebrities, the football players, and the old friends that I haven’t seen in real life for years.

And geez, those people could successfully make me cringed at times. In a good way, cause thanks to them now I’ve got an idea to start working on this post.

Yup, so I’m here with the topic that you would either hate it or love, agree or disagree. Whatever it is, never forget to be yourself because that’s what makes the world go round. Yes, even when you’re being basic! 😉

How To Be Basic On Social Media (According To What I See on My Feed) - The BeauTraveler

People That I Follow on Social Media

Well, if you’re following me on my personal account which is supposed to be a secret account but whatever, you know that I’m following thousands of account. From meme pages, online shops, to even some celebrities that I just can’t help but to gossip. 😛

See, I’m not even sorry… I’m mean and proud.

Imagine if each type of celebrity has their own audience, then those who are outside it will either give no fuck on what they post or simply become haters. Well, to balance things up, I follow everyone just so I know which one suits my liking and which one that I want to secretly (but loudly) make fun of.

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How To Be Basic on Social Media

Before I begin, let’s be clear over here that I’m not trying to discourage you from doing what you usually do. Honestly, I don’t care what you post on your social media accounts, it’s just I have to admit that I simply don’t suit the audience of some people that I follow on social media.

If this helps, then I’m the kind of person who religiously follows Collective Noun and Foil Arms and Hog because I think they’re freaking genius and hilarious. Those people are the kind of people that I look up to.

So, what can you do to be basic on your social media account? There you go! 😉

1. Post Your Best Selfie with A Motivational Quote to Humblebrag.

This is pretty easy.

You just need to take hundreds of selfie before choosing the best one to include some random motivational quote you’ve found on the internet as the caption.

Bonus point if you’ve got what people think #summerbodygoals because now you can even include your torso in the bikini and encourage people out there to believe in themselves.

To be fair, there are also some other types who would also voluntarily tell us about their struggle as well as give us the hints that it’s so hard to satisfy with their life or body.

Source: Pexels

As if I’m not struggling to get just half close to your good look, Susan… 😐

2. The Gratitude Post that Really Just Hints to Show Off What You Have which Others Don’t.

This is easy if you don’t worry about money.

Being religious as your image is also an advantage to be this kind of basic, because now you can praise the Lord on this particular post instead of actually go to church, to express your gratitude for your new Gucci bag and all that.

Source: Pexels

In a way, as a follower, we’re glad that you live a happy life. But did it ever come across to you that maybe your gratitude post about that Versace dress could cause depression for me, in a way that I start to question what went wrong with my life that I can’t even afford to buy the imitation?! Hmm.

3. The Yogini with the Passive-Aggressive Promotion about Living A Healthy Life.

From encouraging others to change their diet into anything organic, to impose the necessity of yoga in their daily life… Some even take the shortcut like the #1 step that I mentioned, showing their half-naked pictures if not all the way mooning people through their pictures to show the result of all the hard work through yoga.

Source: Pexels

So yeah, I accept that you choose a healthy lifestyle to keep your body and mental health in balance. But don’t do it passive-aggressively in a way it makes us feel guilty for loving fried chicken. 🙁

I mean, if that’s the case, isn’t that some kind of soft terrorism?

4. Use Official on Your Username, Despite the Fact that People Doubt that Anyone Would Create A Fake Account with Your Name.

I don’t know though, maybe that’s a thing in the era of influencer? Where you just gotta validate your account into something ‘official’, even though you’ve only got your friends and family as your loyal followers? Hmm.

Source: Pexels

But yeah, it’s a choice for everyone to get what kind of image to be perceived by their followers on social media. If anything, it has something to do with marketing itself as it’s the self-brand they’re trying to achieve. The market is there, and they’re definitely trying to master it.

Again, it’s not exactly a critic for those who I consider basic… After all, aren’t the basic people nowadays usually the one with lots of money? Look at Kylie with her ‘self-made’ millionaire title to begin with, or anyone from the family.

So, this is an unpopular opinion… But the way I see it, sometimes being basic can get you far. Very far.

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